Hidden Homosexual Secrets of Africa’s Governments – The Israeli Connection

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As Netenyahu is about to meet with the leader of African State of Togo, amid that latest tour by Netenyahu of 7 African States, where the Ugandan leader insisted to call “Israel” by her correct name of Palestine. Link. Link. Link. Link. Africa has been a continent of endless resources, beautiful landscapes, romantic tales of adventure and sharing the land with the people harmoniously, until arms dealers target African lives for profit. Link. Link.

Nat trust
I asked the National Trust what is meant by “partial decriminalisation” without reply

Nat trust1

Nat trust2

A recent case here saw a Ugandan lesbian enter into UK, with the aid of Jewish MP Louise Ellman, under a refugee status. The claim was that her life may be ended in Uganda. The whole story seemed, and was later found out to be, a means for Jews to find ways to promote their LGBT, the homosexuality movement, in UK. This is not something people of UK have ever wanted, yet after World War2 and after the Kennedy assassination when the Vatican Council ll was established. That being the Jewish takeover of the Catholic Church, Jesuits and all. Were now the blaming of Jews from Christs’ death simply vanished into thin air. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.

So, after reading about this one case of the lesbian entering UK under the claim of her life being threatened due to State policy, I thought I’d call the embassy for an official statement. They told me that while it is currently a residual law from the former Commonwealth Colony,  the Ugandan government are wanting Uganda to be liberal and allow homosexuality. Call them yourselves and ask about it. The media is saying they, the government of Uganda, are prepared to kill people for that, yet when I spoke to the High Commissioner at the Embassy, he said it simply is not the case. What is the case though is that the promotion of homosexuality in Europe has reached unnerving levels, almost as high as the enforcement of multi-culturism. So, in turn the government of Uganda are basically admitting that they are not protecting their own citizens but are in fact living under Colonial Codes, which were the vary codes that were here yet have been (((partially))) decriminalised.

As we know over here in Europe the deal for homosexuality to be accepted as a societal norm is underpinned by Jewish political gains. Link. I’d bet my bottom dollar that Netenyahu’s visit’s to Africa do not promote publicly the LGBT issue. Link. Link. Link. It is and always has been a thing of Jews that they promote the unnatural and sinful sodomite way of life. Link.


Ok, so Tanzania, a long time stronghold of the Jesuits, who when in Europe actively promote LGBT, yet in Tanzania the leader there does not wish for (((gay rights))). He says cows may approve, and the Jewish word for cattle is goy, or goyim, which is what they call non Jews. Link. Link. In Morocco they do not like the Jewish bullying tactics and their leader wants Africa to remain neutral to the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Link. All throughout Africa Communist China, Israel’s new darling, is flooding their workers and their business ethics into Africa and creating discord by forcing the Africans to seek economic migration to a Europe that is still recovering from the past decade of two world wars.

Maoist Communist Xi Jinping tells China’s forces they are to be the elite army of the world.

The reason why Maoism is still alive in China today is because like it’s forerunner, Leninst-Maoism, it is a tailored to suit communism that works more effectively by increments. As after the Long March, which was styled to gain China for Jewish Bolshevism, then that model conveniently failed as the Cultural Revolution took it’s place in China’s long, long history. Now Israel is exporting the communist model of Trotskyism, which is in fact Marxism, and now Zio-Marxism further. Link. Link.

It is very naive at this late stage to think that Israel is without extremely weighty influence the world over in almost every corridor of world politics. The banks are funding the LGBT movement in UK, which have “young and old”, well it doesn’t have anyone I know supporting it, nor encouraging it, quite the opposite. “Guests include the newly announced Liverpool Pride Patron the Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes; Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram; Deputy Mayor Ann O’Byrne, Merseyside Police Chief Constable Andy Cooke; Mark Armario from Barclays, LGBT+ writer Linda Riley; and LGBT+ poet Gerry Potter.Link.

Such victimhood to be so criticised that the headlines, who not only give their position away, but by supporting LGBT seek to encourage it by taking up media space for the public at large. So, while good tidings could be brought for effective use by the public, that media space is given to minority groups to spread presumptions that “hate” is in every corner of the minds of people who simply wish to be heterosexual and have normal traditional family lives. “ ‘Seeds of  hate’ sown as Tanzania starts its crackdown on LGBT – Situation for the gay community deteriorates as ministers partially ban lubricants and restrict pro-gay charities.” Link.

Next we see the Jesuits, the so called “militant wing” of the Catholic Church promoting, by endorsing, an LGBT book written by a Jesuit and backed by Cardinals of Rome. This is not anything that the people have been given any choice whatsoever here in Europe. it has all stemmed from the Vatican Council ll, and we believe it has not yet reached it’s full agenda, not by a long chalk. Link.

VC 2a.jpg

Father James Martin of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, preaches to gay activists how “The Church should embrace homosexuality’s ‘special gifts’ ” Link. Well, excuse me, but I find that very offensive as I have witnessed the dilapidation of the Churches to become less than shells of what they were supposed to be. The politically correct stance now is to place minority needs first, oy vey anti Semitism, and put the democratic electorate spiritual needs on the back burner. As homosexuality artificially grows then so does the lack of will to have families, when all about are saboteurs of family values. These saboteurs, the sayanim, are Mossad’s ground troops covertly weaving their ways through our civilisations and with intricate networks throughout the political spectrum managed, like a virus, to be the cat sitting watching the mouse hole. Link.

So, whereas the European and African democracies historically, and currently, among the people always had homosexuality as an illegal activity. Then now the very institutions that had been set the task to ensure it’s non appearance are now the saboteurs from within. In UK the Church has been replaced on masse by a slew of off shore accounting money laundering chains of charities that usually rent the best offices in the City of London, where there are some of the highest rents anywhere on the planet. No wonder Europe is being economically crippled, as has been the case the majority of Africa, with the likes of the ANC, Boko Harum, the child fighters of Eritrea and Ethiopia, the drug addicted drug running children of Sierra Leone and so much more besides.

As the Jew boy Bob Geldof, the darling of the Jewish bankers, with his lucrative non for profit African charitable causes that net the likes of BBC, BT and the Jewish banks, wll they’re all Jewish concerns anyhow, because the Jewish stockbrokers are trading the insurances on the NYSE and London bonds market. “I don’t care who creates the laws, give me the control of the money supply” Mayer Amschel of the Jewish Frankfurt ghetto, who took the name of Rothschilds after it became fashionable for Jews to do so post the “liberating ” of Jews by Napoleon.drag

Flag_of_the_Jewish_Autonomous_Oblast open drag.jpg
The Jewish flag for their homeland created in 1937, some 2 years before the outbreak of World War 2.

The Jewish Autonomous Region is a place that could easily take in tens of millions of African economic migrants and refugees, and with the help of the mercurial Jewish people, they could help build their own paradise forever with good faith. No, the Jews continue to deny the Ethiopian Jews access to Israel, for the most part at least. The Jews would rather be unwelcome guests in a place that enjoys the superb climates and peaceful living. Now it is full of modernism, prostitution, drug trafficking and child abuse, which are cultural treasures of Judaism, and they have been foistered on all of us.

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UAF/Antifa fly the Jewish flag of paedophilia

Now as luck would have it, Angela Merkel has “voted” against same-sex “marriage” in Germany. “Despite her opposition, the Bundestag voted to legalise equal marriage by 393 votes to 226, and the Chancellor said she hoped the move would improve social cohension.” How the hell will it “improve social cohesion”? Well, she hope’s it does, and I guess it is only her hopes, and her bosses, that the 1.6 billion Europeans in Europe depend on. Not communism at all, not even a bit *sarcasm*. Link.


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