Israel’s role in the Breast Cancer Industry

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Breast cancer has become a terrible scourge among women these past few decades. All ever so coincidently as the shock to the system from not having children now for these women. Well, I’m no genius, but as I understand it, breasts are for helping in the nourishing and nurturing of babies. Am I wrong, or did I suddenly just rewrite a couple of hundred thousand years of biology. No, breasts are for decoration, and showing off on porntube.

Make of it what you will, but as with any flourishing thing, there will be lots of them. They’ll be healthy and all contribute something to their environment that helps them at least keep a certain stability. What of the breast cancer stats, cervical cancer stats, and prostate cancer stats, not too mention, stomach cancer, leukemias, lung cancer and brain tumours. They do not appear to me to be signs of a thriving population that is kept happy with their existence. “Jews will be at the centre of that.” – Barbara Spectre Lerner, this quote maybe taken out of context as she oh so brazenly insisted Europe will become Multi-Cultural. Well, I don’t think so Ms. Lerner. It’s time we’re all going to rebel against you, and Jews, and lots of our children for a healthy, glorious future, and drag all Jws to Birobizhidan! Link, link, link, link.


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Far Right from the Right… Far-Right of Communism. The Right doesn’t preach homosexuality. The Right preaches family values, and strength through wholesome virtues.

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Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.


Breast milk is the natural way to keep cancer away, so obviously Jews will extract it and use it artificially. Link. Monsanto’s Jewish Supremacist History. Link.

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