Did you think we wouldn’t notice?


The Jews, with their disgusting insistence into genociding the People of Europe by feeding Africans into our sports has got to stop. The transfer news for the Premier League for next season 17/18 looks like a completely African affair. It’s a disgrace. How these “athletes” can get means to get foney permits to work here while our own players, though much more skilled, are said to be more expensive, is an excuse that doesn’t wash any longer.

It’s time to bring racism back into football and protect our sport culture for Our people here.

Left to Right: Greece, Denmark and Spain

Now some African teams:

Left to Right: Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana

Now some Asian teams:

Left to Right: Japan, China and South Korea.

Now the transfers in the “English” Premier League.

Premier League

Ahmed Hegazi [Al Ahly – West Bromwich Albion] Loan

Yoan Gouffran [Newcastle United – Goztepe SK] Free

Cuco Martina [Southampton – Everton] Free

Liverpool seek Naby Keita from Guinea. Manchester United seek Tieme Bakyoko from Monaco, he’s born in France but looks as African as his name sounds. Liverpool have bought Mohammed Salah, who is North African by the sounds of his name. Everton are getting Loec Remy, another African.

What’s going on with Our game. England was the best of the best without cheap imports from God knows where breaking all sorts of employment laws that are definitely NOT protecting our infrastructure.

Celtic’s Moussa Djelembe from Senegal to Arsenal



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