Saving China


This article is aimed as a wake up call to all investment managers, pension managers, trustees, administrators and last but not least governmental consulates and ambassadors. All taking care of business in the diplomatic and commercial, money and investment markets. China is the slave of Israel, the number one treasure of the criminal hideout of the rogue State of Israel that exists without conscience(良心). Liángxīn, (良心) or conscience is not a concept that exists in the Jewish way of living, which is predatory Their equivalent is a thing within their humour called Chutzpah, link, link.  And speaking of Chutzpah as Illinois goes bankrupt, here we see Sayanim Jew London Mayor with Rahm Emmanuel, a Jew, talking about Smart Cities. Link. I add this to demonstrate the positioning of Jews and their donkeys strategically placed for the administering of bankrupt countries, as well as the engineering of such potential bankruptcies to their convenience. Link. Link. Link.

In relation to bankruptcies people could do well to understand what forms of bankruptcies there are. For example there is no bankruptcy statute in UK, it is the Insolvency Act, whereas in US it is in forms of Chapters, 7, 11, 12 and 13. Link. I am not sure which chapter the US is currently in, but it has altered it’s prior status into another. It’s been a while since I have studied that particular point, but basically the Dept of Transport is the trustee in the current bankruptcy situation. China is heading for this bankruptcy situation too. As each failed, and failing, economy follows the model China is following, so that will speed up and like in the Weimar republic of Pre-1933 Germany. People will be barrowing around mountain of cash for cups of coffee. And it will always get more rapacious, like Venezuela now.

This speeding up effect will affect differing countries, should they continue to exist, in various ways. Link. As people have taken for granted the existence of Nations, and the concepts naturally occurring from their existence. Contrasting to the artificial Jewish hegemony that siphons up all the electronic money to the point of ridicule of their morphed democratic system bent wholly to Israel’s favour. Then we need to find solutions and fast. So it’s not about saving China per se, China is just the current central hub in the whole mechanism that is being engineered, in time, to restructure, which is a bankruptcy term, the money supplies. Link, link.

Obviously it takes a great deal of effort to plot out the whole Jewish shabang in one particular article, so for brevity I shall use the template that has been found to be a successful template in understanding the reverse engineering of locally based industries, into one of Multi-National faceless conglomerates that, again, serve their, the Jews,  own purposes without conscience. Again, I could use the Chevron example in Ecuador, or the Congo thing with Dan Gertler, who is now having his collar felt. Link. I shall use a developed world example for credibility that the developed world is being deconstructed from within. Link. The link there is my twitter page and is not at all exhaustive of the means to dismantle the West. Link, link, link. Weren’t ALL Arabs nomadic about 30 years ago?

So, on with the task at hand, a description of my home town here of Liverpool and how the whole place has been hocked to Israel, via Max Steinberg, link, to broker deals that have seen the futuristic Pu Dong area in Shanghai constructed while Liverpool nose dives into a giant cess pool of engineered genocide. Link. Obviously Liverpool needs to be wiped off the map, link, as it has served it’s purpose ten times over. It’s original purpose was to annexe Ireland, as set up as a keep on Mann Island, now Liverpool’s Pier Head area, and offshore tax haven seemingly belonging to the land, but not. Link, link, link.

OUTWARD LOOKING china copy copy
Liverpool and Shanghai, twinned cities that Shanghai outbenefits Liverpool by a long chalk.

The story, this living story, basically revolves around business models. I’ve always done my best to be as good a housekeeper as anyone, and as no man is an island then seeking help from family, neighbours and friends etc is always a necessary. As we grow and discover our awarenesses of our surroundings then we come to learn about resistances, in-house politics we may call it. As I’ve sort of traversed along where it has taken me. I’ve always found that one group to be in all sorts of advanced positions of power at the very centre of where I would be looking for for Public help, for which I’d be refused 99.9% of the time. As I’ve written before I have won medals for my country here and in China, and I later studied modelling after moving on from sport, where I found it 1000% impossible to get support to set up schools. The idea being that as I had won medals I’d be reasonably placed to teach others how to make efforts to do the same, but no, not kosher enough. And one thing that struck me at the time while listening to Zio-Marxist President Correa’s interview at his former alumni, he’d studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he earned a Master of Science in Economics in May 1999, and a PhD in Economics in October 2001. Link.

He said that modelling was outdated and that understanding principles was the overarching and dominating method utilised most successfully these days. So I studied more about this philosophy and gained a great deal of knowledge, as I’d also studied economics at school and had worked self employed on and off for a lengthy time since leaving school.

One may ask what such an obscure country as Ecuador would have to do with such an article titled “Saving China”. Well, Ecuador has a growth rate currently of over 4%, much higher than UK and Us combined, and certainly higher than the EU. It even takes precedence over the most productive Western country, by far, Germany, who have been the most productive since World War 2, hint hint. Link. As with North Korea the distances spanning the Pacific are in excess of 5000 miles from the US to Asia, and it is less from US to the same Far Eastern reaches of land mass to travel over India, Russia and Mid East and across Europe and the Atlantic. It’s just a geographical fact. Link. Amazingly Ecuador, so near to Panama and the Panama Canal, link, and a gateway from ocean to ocean, is now basically also annexed by China. In the above link it talks about how Panama has cut links with Taiwan, the former Nationalist Rulers of China, the KuoManTing Government, in favour of the Communist Israel backed Princelings of the PRC. (People’s Republic of China).

One of two things that struck me very early in my life, while watching a documentary on the American support of the Nationalist government of China, prior to the Long March, was that the Nationalists had apparently enjoyed great wealth funding their effort. Yet, somehow the Marxist-Maoists won. So all the incredible wealth of China, the purported wealth of the former Imperial China, even if somewhat plundered by Japan, still would be an enormous amount of wealth by any standards. Yet, they couldn’t defeat the Jewish backed Bolshevik partners of the Allies the Communists. Well, the second of the two points then would be that also Hitler’s Germany was touted to be funded very much by the US, and indeed Henry Ford was a great supporter and admirer of a country who was basically now taking his dream and running with it, using the Feder model/principles. Even after the dissipated Weimar Republic had failed the German People they soon got their backs into it to do in just twelve short years what potentially lies in wait for every country on the planet, but which Ecuador seems to be the sole recipient of.

wjs china.jpg

From what I have learnt from the alleged funding of National Socialist Germany from the US was that everything was, or wasn’t as the case would be, had to go via Wall Street. Wall Street was actually funding the Communists, so an unwitting hardworking US labour force who had been drained of wealth took the 1929 crash as thing of accidental quality, but was actually a Jewish manufactured event by Roosevelt and his Jewish cronies. That great whore of Babylon that still haunts the world to this day. Link.


So, as Ecuador rises, China plummets, Russia is gone, link, link, US, UK, Canada, EU, Sweden, basically everywhere except Norway, just about, thanks to their oil reserves and knowing how to survive on the hard lands of the far North, all slave for Israel. Then what happens to the only single workable business model that can never be implemented? Link. People have been conditioned to believe that the mess of political and financial woes are merely parts of the capitalist system, yet I know, you know and everyone who wishes to figure this all out knows, that it’s all a big lie. There is no way that people can’t care for themselves, unless they have skin in the game not too, and those days of revealing the chameleon sabotaging camouflage chutzpah merchants are soon coming. I’d even say they’re here in many ways.

So no matter what people may have been conned to believe, there actually are remedies to this circus of competent incompetencies. Link, link, link LINK!

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