How much corruption before Oblivion?


Forget the economic crashes happening, we’re in the throes of it right now. If ever you wanted to know how the largest economic crash in known history was being engineered and manufactured by unscrupulous people’s, then look no further than Israel. Link.  While we’re all running around chasing $$$’s and £££’s to live, the top squad, Jews, are implementing their own non sovereign money to attack the global economies more than currently being attacked. Link.

Obviously the Israeli puppets strewn throughout govt, without exception are the types who fuel things like this. Link, link, link, link. That literally is the tip of the iceberg, and news from just one day. How long can it be sustained before the real criminals have amassed more than enough to simply swan in and take whatever they want? This link I’m adding is in answer, by Yale University, to the Financial Crash of 2008, were Wall St was ran by Harvard Grads. Link.

Everyone is looking for sustainability before the imminent crash, I believe this is a false paradigm and an incorrect platform to view the current situation. For example in this interview, this former Greek Minister, Yanis Varoukis, spills the beans. While spilling the intentional beans he actually spills more beans than he gives people credit for lapping up. For example his take on politics is purely Zio-Marxist, yet he’s trying to talk common sense to a Swedish reporter. Link. In the interview he talks about Christine Lagarde, Angela Merkel and even the current Greek Finance Minister. It’s an interesting interview, but obviously they are not going to mention the eternal broker, the wandering Jew, Link.

I don’t write these blogs for the good of my health. Link. I write them as teaching methods to give people a leg up to understand the world’s economics and shortcomings in that from my perspective. I have worked on several multi-billion £GBP contracts and have more than 25 years experience bricklaying on both Civil Engineering Projects, Publically Funded Projects as well as small works. I’ve visited over 40 countries, having lived or worked in Spain, Sweden and Germany and speak 7 languages. I have also won medals for Great Britain at the highest levels and believe I have every right to air my views and for them to be take seriously, least not for the coming shit storm that literally 99% Western Europeans have no clue about. I spent about 15 years studying Asian warfare history and practice, and I’m telling you now, if you think you know this adversary that is lining up this planet for the kill, then you better know this tenet from the art of war.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.Link.

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