Sweden’s Doom is Europe and Europeans Misfortune, Courtesy of Israel

Downtown Sweden 2020

There’s a new Jew in town, Annie Lööf, when Anna Kinberg Batra of the Conservative Party would have been a “better” solution for Sweden’s unimaginable destruction from within. There is talk of 45 million “New Swedish” coming to Sweden. At least that number is quoted for the amount required when considering cleaning up after the 1 million there so far. The destruction of Europe is the priority of Zio-Marxists as they have the promise from the Jewish Tribe of great riches and Leninist like positions for all of them within the infrastructure.

None dare say the name of the Jew in Sweden, as the Swedish have a top heavy Jewish media. The banking houses also are run by the Jews, oy vey, antisemitism. Link.

shlomos rise

Not understanding the Jewish issue will not allow you to see the (((Shadow Government))) who pull the strings for the puppets to wield their economic assassinations of our countries. Link. As one can imagine there is little known about this obscure Bilderberger in the English speaking countries, and I can’t speak for other non Swedish speaking countries. Link. I know this much though there was an Israeli in Sweden pointing out how to spot Anti-Semitism, and as long as that is allowed in any country where the Jews are minorities, then they will wield a virtually impenetrable weaponized victim card. Link. Link. Link.

Of course Sweden is basically at the whim of Internationalism, if not by the genuine wishes of the Good People of Sweden who have been royally swizzled by the team that plays both sides of the fence, the Jewish Community. Link. It’s absolutely treacherous to bring up the Jewish Question, not only was it in Mein Kampf, as an anti-thesis to Zio-Marxism, but also Karl Marx had written about it in the 1860’s when he himself was anti-Jewish. Even though, he was a Jew. The battle for supremacy lays at the door of the Jews, simply because that is their preferred status in any country they have representation, and even without too. Link.

Borders are racist.jpg

Unfortunately I am pushed for time so here are a couple of more links as food for thought. Link. Link. Swedish (((Leader))) Stefan Lofven, a product of the State, and a childless man opens a synagogue in Malmo. Link.



Why Jewish Rabbi’s must drink the blood from the 8 day old babies bleeding penises. Link.

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