Laws of convenience and Laws of Inconvenience

Mossad’s Tavistock-Stanford Psy Ops

As FM Alexander once said “the behaviour of children is quite natural, but most often an inconvenience to the adults”. Without being to harsh on FM I’d suggest children were simply more natural altogether those days in so much as the overloads of stimulants from the arrays of electronic gadgets and gadgetry were simply not invented at that time. The reason also that I make the quote, and the more important reason in respect to the title of the article here is that as we have seen generations of children develop as by-products of their environments so we see now that there are in fact less being born. Therefore the children who have come through the latest generations, with their modern ways of living in flats, two cats and a dog have not been assessed as to the psychological reason for lack of fertility.

Icke with all his horror stories of children being abducted, massacred, raped, tortured and more will never go further than to scare the pants of his target audience, the European blooded fertile  women. These women are generally scared of spiders, but are now being trained to be “strong independent women” who will basically run from the thought of making a sandwich, in the name of justice. All joking aside, the terror, Torah in Jewish, is all about implementing what was known as a hex. Every thought, action and reaction is acted out by Jews and their minions, of which there is an endless number, and I’ll get to that in a minute. If you will put yourself in the shoes of a fertile woman for a moment and have some empathy for their plight then I’m sure you can’t disagree with this assessment. Please leave a comment below if you have, thanks.

As from say the mid 1970’s until about the year 2000 now the current fertile women of our era are basically from these times. As we’re all products of our environments so shall girls who are growing to be women readying for family life, their credo will be based upon their life experience, not more. So, for example in the 1980’s children in the West were largely known to be bratty by their elders, because they’d grown up in the most productive time for capitalism and many advancements in technology were coming to fruition as from that time. Computers were basically the one revolutionary thing that was placed into the market place, and remember the computer, as we know it today, was rejected by Hitler during National Socialist Germany.

With strong focuses on healthy traditional living and with a looming world war if I am right putting it into this context I would have said that the computer would have obviously been the thing that would be very much in the future plans of a National Socialist Europe/World and was probably highly guarded so the Jews could not do what they have done with the TV and other entertainment mediums. Obviously the web is full of porn from a Jewish porn industry based all over the world. The gay porn industry also easily found, and for free, on the internet, in fact all of the things that are found for free of that nature are being funded by the Jewish bankers as part of a Mossad Tavistock Stanford Institute CIA Mi5/6 covert war operation. So when you see the young couple down the street walking the dog with no children they have been farmed to be who they now are. It’s political.

I’ve been doing a recent study to find out exactly what court papers are in existence from the National Socialist era in Germany and I have come up with not one court record at all. The courts are not supposed to be political, as the law is the law is the law, yet there are no records. The implications of this are that they are being kept from the Public at Large because of the many, many parallels of the gross corruption that Jews are involved in currently, see my prior article. I think the biggest bubble to pop in people’s minds is that we are not living under the protection of any form of law, other than we can muster, which is a Constitutional issue.

We have been indoctrinated to trust in the law, that the law is fair and just, but as the saying goes, always look what the left hand is doing when your being show the right hand. The Jews are the past masters of the sleight of hand trick, their industry of banking is top heavy with all manner of trickery and ullusion. They love it so much because it is their legacy. They certainly won’t be farming, building or any other manual tasks any time soon off their own backs. Why would they? Link.


So while the populations of Africa, Asia and other third world places boom. Our good girls who have had their ears bent right out of shape to the point were their innate biological functions are simply shutting down as survival methods due to the conditioning they’re receiving at school, on tv, in the magazines, shops and other targeted media tools. It’s hardly surprising that David Icke is taken seriously when it comes to terrifying the good lady folk. That’s his function, him and his witch doctor are there to come up with all sorts of voodoo quackery to stop Europeans(Whites) from breeding in healthy environments.


Our poor girls are getting the shitty ends of all the sticks, God bless them, and the Jews are now targeting pro-LGBT political stooges to be flown in direct from Africa, and these cases will grow. The resentments of the Israeli LGBT political movements will be, cunningly, attached to us, the Europeans. We’ll be seen as the weak link on the planet as the ardent anti-gays of the third world, who are governed by the colonial laws of their former rulers, even though I’m told they want to be more “open” or Jewish/Satanic. Link. Link.  Basically the whole Jewish charade of the world at present is as lawless as the wild west, except where the Jews want the things to be top heavy in laws, ie European blooded countries. Link.

The differences between our people’s may lay only in the will and pragmatically speaking the only way to sure up the will is through faith and belief and if nothing else the faiths and beliefs of the European have been attacked from every which from a long time back. Link.


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