Judaism = Disorder and Chaos, National Socialism = Law and Order.

hitlers world.jpg

Greed, jealousy, anger have all replaced over time the chivalrous values of the natural order of how people think about life and act it out. As the saying goes it only takes one bad apple to rot the cart. Obviously sayings like these come from long ago and good understandings of how life works. These philosophical ideas as they amount to, have been the things expected to have been taught in academia for the benefit of the society. Like on a ship a navigator would be expected to read a sextant and decipher any codes on maps and do cartography also.

Much like in the political arenas of the current situations we face right now on this planet with economic global uncertainty hanging on the lips of every news reporter any time of the day, except Israel. The values of posterity, conservatism, labour and all that good stuff have become defunct labels of new definitions for the new way post World War 2.


So the morphing in industry, education, entertainments and not least banking, to name a few of the inversions that have been created by the Jewish trollopes who’ve been busy behind the scenes lining themselves up to take over things that have not belonged to them. Either through marriage, business ties, then marriage or through out and out exploitative methods. Link.  Let’s take a while to do some reflection here:

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” Confucius

I would surely wager, and I’m not a gambling man, that almost everyone who reads this blog can relate to the bitterest means of learning wisdom. Being brought up from heritages that have no Jewish deceit and are honest, trustworthy and family first morals then to free fall into the Jew soup of what is called life these days is easy to discern how the differences between what we’ve been brought up on and what politicians have be corrupted by. The high handedness of those who control the public service offices, shops, services, charities, govt’s and courts, to name a few specifically demonstrate by the pugnacity that they are in opposition to what values we have been brought up by, whether they agree with them or not.

Originally the term “Jobsworth” grew out of this developing culture, were people who simply did not wish to do their job basically pushed Jewish Zionism right on to you and caught you on the back foot. As the the reactions came so did the security guards and the screens dividing people. All these means of denial of service, division and enforcements of corporate policies have undermined the status’s of a National to become a nothing, an object rather than a Subject, so to speak. Link.

Well, it may not be to you, but the whole thing to me seems like a mish mash of smash and grab politics that are based in Israel, funded from Jews in New York, who have looted the West and have elevated the Non-West into positions of grandeur, at least a large enough part to have become significant. These wombles from wherever who have bought into the Jewish Communist Global Take-over are the villains who run the money supplies post JFK and obviously treat their customers like their own slaves.

As has been revealed by the recent cases of Jews being caught out, link, link, link. The big questions to be asking are, why is it anti semitic to arrest Jews for Welfare Fraud when their history of that kind of crime goes back to at least Jesus chasing them out of the Temple on the Holy Day? And what of the Communist Manifesto, did that just evaporate, given the current economic climates?

Through new eyes we must view the “largest art heist in history” Link. What became of the money? Link. And as I cannot for the life of me locate not even one court document from the National Socialist era one has to question again what were the camps. Obviously any nation at war will have internment camps, but in lieu of any court documentations how can one view fairly what the camps where, in relation to the possibilities of the camps being prisons, at least some. It’s obvious to me someone’s hiding more than “Nazi Art” here. Someone’s put the lockdown on the court records of the National Socialist era for very good reason. Those reasons reflect at least two fold. One, from the era of Alexander the 3rd of Russia and two from the current time after the endless crimes we see Jews consistently being arrested for.  Link.

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