Travellers allegedly attack car outside Mosque

Selling the White Girl

After decades of strife for the travelling communities of UK and Ireland, the Muslims come flying in to jobs, cars and houses. The travellers nations gathered momentum as people dropped out of contemporary society due to the rave scene and the optional view of how living could be. Obviously since day 1 anything associated with not paying the Jews is outlawed and then Shanghaied back into contemporary society by the henchmen in Blue. That’s not to say many unscrupulous types didn’t join the travellers, they obviously did, but they were still produced by the Jewish hegemonic society that has ruled the educating and media systems.

So, why wouldn’t they have an intolerant opinion to the forced tolerance that the govt policies ensure the House of Saud and Israel? Why is it so bad to have a differing opinion to Saudi Arabia and Israel in Europe? I don’t remember voting to have endless streams of non Europeans flooding into Europe. Link. Isn’t it funny too all the “Muslims” attacks just after the UK vote ends? Link, link. And a teenage Muslim girl found dead in the great and beautiful State of Virginia. Link.

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