North Korea, North Korea, North Korea

kim jong un

How amazing that amid decades upon decades of UN sanctions, and utter dire forced poverty on a people who had basically been picked to have the phoney wars of Capitalism against Communism staged in their backyard, should be the “evil menace of the world”, but never Israel. I was just checking the google news feed when all I could see was North Korea, North Korea, North Korea, it so reminded me of the “Boy who cried wolf.” I mean can these “news” outlets actually print relevant stories as to help our people, rather than continue with the “Big Scary Monster, but not Israel” narrative?

I mean consider world news in the fashion of, there’s mega harvests all over the world and there’ll be abundance for years to come for everyone, or, the automation of industry allows all to have 100 days off a year. Then we can learn art, play music, dance, do what we want. Why aren’t these “reputable” publishing houses printing this?

I remember looking into fascism and I literally walked from Nice, which once belonged to Italy, to Genoa in order to learn, from reading in between the lines, because Italy is still so dipped in Communism post World War 2. I spoke to many, many people to build up the actual picture, and marry that with what I could actually see when in Italy and what remained of the many improvements by Mussolini’s Fascist Party. When living in Korea I used exactly the same model, as I’d studied modelling to high degree through mastering NLP techniques for use in industry, and for other than being some crazed psycho salesman type snorting cocaine, whoring and hitting the casino’s, as NLP is sold to the public for that.

Some further things have caught my interest lately, such as learning Java, and what one of the higher ups of the failed RBS banks board spoke about. He’d said RBS went on to take the plunge and go fully international. They did this by hiring the world’s best mathematicians and nuclear physicists to develop software to have for minimum effort and maximum profits. Here’s the documentary. Link.  I was reading a book on Java yesterday, actually Java for Dummies, 9 books in 1, and in it. It says that you need about 12000 pages and you have literally everything java has to offer, but you don’t need anywhere near that for everyday java use. Then it went on to say that the rest, some 10000 pages would be for the finer details of nuclear guided missile tech and the New York Stock Exchange. So just to be clear RBS did fail, and the NYSE and Nuclear Guided systems are using Java. I’ll just leave that there. Link, link, link.

Now to conclude the article and knit it all together and in context, please visit here. Link.

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