China, North Korea and Israel – A breakdown of the narrative.


Generally a punchbag would be between the holder of the bag and the puncher, ie the one in the middle. Now look at the order of the countries again in the title. Obviously templates for performance are useful, such as in espionage, corporate spying, restaurant recipes etc. So, what exactly is it that the “Evil” North Koreans have that the mighty new super power China need so badly from the 22 million North Koreans?

As “China looks to Israel” (google it) for solutions of industry, we look to what for answers of the incredible rise of China that literally fell out of the sky, with absolutely no help from Kissinger and his mob. Isn’t it amazing that no country can prosper, yet the narrative will dictate that the Chinese are now the rising super power. The US is basically playing catch up, as are France, UK and other “1st world” countries that “lead the way”.

The education curriculums of Communist China now being served to the rural farmers who have been enticed into Capitalist environments by the lure of modernism for their 1 child off-spring to “prosper” by. Israel sitting pretty as the new “economic miracle” that manages to prosper beyond all recognition in such a “hostile” environment and “hated” by their hosts the Palestinians. Think of it this way perhaps. Being a landless person. A man of no actual geographical nation. Who, in that scenario wouldn’t want everyone else to be in that position that you’ve literally mastered and then you can be kings of the hill by sabotaging all of their home countries?


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