No Segregation – Only Protected Species But Not Whites


As the amount of security fences have grown, the policing weaponry and tactics too, along with the investment market profits. So the foreign People’s of the continents of Asia and Africa continue to move in a one way direction, ie, to Our homelands, so the minority groups grow in size and demands. The LGBT movements with their wild justifications of normalcy go through occupied government covert operations to be pressed upon the current generations and future generations in political swathes of never ending chaos.

The apparent uncontrollable chaos, in the name of social justice, always being overlooked by the traders on the trade floors, who just happen to move the government bonds, local and national, secured by the likes of the SEC and City of London Police. The speeds of the technologies in use far out pacing the speeds of the policing technologies in the White Collar sector. Link. When it comes to footing the bill, the triggers of point at the White Man are mobilised for the guilt stricken grief pantomime to follow.

The weaponised covert ops media backing up, via trending, any and all claims laid at the feet of the White Men for crimes unheard in Courts of Law, yet bound to pay. Where blood is not an openly acknowledged means of payment is taken via the Synagogue of Satan’s blood-lusting industries of finance and economics. When the cry of the LGBT defeats the cries of the sucker punched Union members whose lives are destroyed as a result of LGBT community financing. The oppressive White Men sacrificing all equity in their own work thanks to bent politicians on the take from Israel. Crime doesn’t pay, unless it has the kosher seal.

Even as far back as Lincoln, whose victory over slavery was said to be a win for Americans and Africans alike, in that the Africans would be going home to Mother Africa. Obviously that change in trading upset the Jewish hegemonies on the slave trafficking industries. Even the Chinese who later came to build the Great Eastern Railway, as a continuation of the work of the newly named Great Western, after all of the Europeans abandoned their jobs to hit the California Gold Rush. The Chinese were allowed no women and mostly died off, contrary to the rumours of San Francisco being something of a Val Halla for them at the time. They were often killed in tunnels with the dynamite blasts, as the workforce was plentiful and cheap at those exchange rates.

The ever present LGBT voice that calls all the shots, it welcomes the “refugees”, it champions the causes of homosexual marriages and the bringing up of non blood related children within that artificial “family” unit. If as a lad I should have come forth with such hubris then I’d have been justly defeated in debates for not even having an argument, unlike these days where the name of the game is based around the Israel pink dollar.

Much consideration needs to take place in rapid fashion to gain something of a means to segregate from this toxic minority liberalism that can only be funded by the same backers as the Jewish media, and that is the Jewish banks. It’s Open Season on White People apparently so get savvy and spread te word!

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