Plunder part 10 of 10 …. Summary

The tenth and final part of Plunder by Peter Quiggins wordpress, please read and share.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

The Kehellah

We are dealing with a ruthless creed whose survival is based on destroying all that represents decencyand nobility who’s objective is to create chaos while gaining specialstanding within all nations Ukraine, Germany, BirobidzhanEurope, Palestine and more etc. To achieve this they stampede all races into miscegenation becoming an unidentifiable global mix while their tribe remain separateas an ethnocentric sociopathic group occupying all these nations i.e. Jewish ‘eruv’ boundary around northLondon.Jews have always made the dealings of the goy their own business. Master ‘plagiarists’, corroders and ultimate exploiters of anarchy, hate and misery under the sanctuary of the charity method they feign compassion …… It is a Talmudic numbers game of problem, reaction, solution (the dialectic) also known as ActuaralScience in real terms calculating a win by playing both sides…Oy Vey!!


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