Word Creation, MK Ultra, Tavistock and Israel


The toxic way of the Jew is all about meandering around, looking for weakness’s in their prey. As they are like tapeworms and parasitical in nature, so they are heavily invested in their form of parasitism. I remember hearing on the radio, and reading in the media, that the American Medical Journal can now define absolutely anyone as a”suffering” from psychological disorder. It’s a simple method, such as bi-polar, or autism, or dyslexia. How about memory loss, obesity, laziness, literally anything can be defined as being linked to “psychological disorders”.

This Jewishness way of thinking is again demonstrated further as an attack upon us, non Jews, by preventing the very traditions where these things were honed out, through hard work, learning how to think through repetitious educating and the like. Such traditional methods of educating in this (((post-modernist))) (Cultural Marxism) are devoid of any value, because the trades, crafts and handiwork are not supported. Whereas the “psychological disorders” have list after list of medicines to quell the symptoms, money available to collect sick money and finally the old proverb of “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is grossly undermined as there is no will being developed.

This is such an easy target for the pharmaceutical/medical industries, the media industry, the financial “industry” and the charitable industries all working cohesively, via the Synagogue, to attack, through subversion all that’s good of our societies. So, whereas apprentices may have been taken on for coach building, carpentry, masonry, not they will be “trainees” or “students” in no productive industries that are insured to carry only such liabilities as the governments can warrant. With these token governments of today that really isn’t much, because they are the root of the undervaluing.  Imagine a fox guarding the chicken coup for the wolves.

When the policies are trickled down through the societies by time they reach the “end-user” ie the one paying for it, then the shitty end of the stick was never shittier and free speech is Anti Semitic by order of the Jews. The order, as it gets further on down the line is to create such light liabilities that Jews have corralled the unsuspecting flocks of the nations under strict insurance policies that have no room for insuring family values, nor families, at government levels. So, the government policies will be such pitiful tokens of what actual political policies should look like that the very power of government is virtually a non power.

18813718_1333867533360698_7804703239819561356_n There will basically be only room for drones, and now the attack on the women looks much the same as the attack on the people as a whole group by those above listed inventions of psychological disorders. Now, in some way, predatory butch bull dyke lesbians will be trawling the many festivals, concerts, disco’s and all manner of public gathering to convince the trend following single ladies, and non single ladies, that they fall into branches of feminist agendas, that they can’t deny it.

It’s basically aggressive marketing, and it’s very predatory and honed specifically to a target audience that is a continuation of their schooling. So with all the buzz words in place, all the triggers set from the media onslaught of target audience aimed TV and Cinema traffic. then the work for the Mossad Agents is easy as pie. Just ask yourself what chance would your daughter, niece, neighbours child have in this maelstrom of anarchy all aimed at destroying the notion of a family, and especially any particular patriarchal family system.

U.S. President Trump gathers with Pence and Republican House members after healthcare bill vote at the White House in Washington

Obviously for the select few Jewish helps, as seen in the picture above, they, by securing for Israel the continuing hegemonies. Then their credit button will remain unpushed, but any rigmaroll out of them and down the pan their “credit ability” shall go.


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