Communist China – The ‘New’ Darling of Israel

As America has been drained of trillions upon trillions, yet New York continues to deal in the quadrillions on the stocks and shares trade floor. So Israel’s new darling of the Pacific, and neighbour of “most evil Empire, North Korea” the “People’s” Republic of China can rustled up multi-billion dollar loans at the drop of a hat now. Link.  Sucking the very life blood out of one country/continent/nation, and transferring that electronic jibber jabber phoney baloney currency overseas is a bigger heist than an actual heist.


Imagine that, how Communism worked in Communist China take 2. Even though China doesn’t have any actual money, nowhere does, it’s all just a massive con, link. How can one understand the money con when one fails to understand the variety of forms that money can take? Link. For me it was a case of understanding this simple concept, and as a concept, but not a reality set in stone. There is no money. There is no money until such time as it is agreed between the parties as to what constitutes as the money used in fair exchange for negotiated like for like values.


Obviously as people farmed so livestock would create a simple exchange system, but it could vary depending on grade, or quality, of the stock and the expected yields. Currently traditional goods, though sold in the antiques market have lost much of their value, to create new stuff in that fashion has been priced out. This pricing out of the market is undermining the very bedrock that our society is built upon and has become a runaway train.


Who in their right mind’s will allow such crippling of our industries, debasing of our currencies and devaluing of the price of life of our offspring’s legacies? How exactly are we all being protected there by the big wigs who flaunt themselves in an endless diplomatic holiday of negotiating our lives away? Link. If I hadn’t have worked on a number of multi-billion GBP contracts then maybe I would not be able to connect the dots. As I have, however, connecting the dots is easier to pass on, and the waves of enlightenment gearing towards pointing the fingers well and truly where the fingers need pointing, Israel, Antifa, LGBT and the International Banking Community, all being under the Jewish umbrella of causes. They are minority causes defeating the majority causes which are being washed away with cries of Anti Semitism, when Semites are not the majority.


Is anyone assessing the risks involved here?



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