Capitalist Fanatics and Communist Fanatics


We hear oh so much these days of “Religious Fanaticism”, except Jewish religious fanaticism that could portray Jews in a bad light. We can hear of soccer hooligans as football fanatics, or separatist fanatics, but I’m yet to hear of Capitalist or Communist Fanatics, yet am surrounded by them literally everywhere. Most probably don’t know their consumerism is a strong form of Capitalist fanaticism, and that they’e probably been indoctrinated to accept Marxism as a representative ideology for them specifically.

What of Socialism, what of socialist template models that have been functional working templates and successful too? Where are those rallies among the political types that carry their own cross of what I’ll term “Economic Fanaticism”, link? Why aren’t they ratting out the saboteurs that are misspending and creating this unpredictable and disastrous economies? Sure, we may get piecemeal, but nothing changes. Link.

Is anyone in the media asking the meta questions of why aren’t the villains within politics being rounded up and carted off for medical experiments? It’s long been understood, at every level, how to furnish one’s life with enjoyment. As it has become the religion, and now carried as a pass-off religious State for a non racial identity group who may literally do as they please with secured tolerance from every nation they in fact govern from behind the scenes. Link, link, link.




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