That Question of Socialism – with and without baggage

What socialism, or which socialism, why socialism or how socialism. This thing we know as socialism is a new phase in our evolutionary process as People’s here on Earth. It’s a new thing in that there was no actual requirement for it before. The main of the thing is that people were nomadic, then farmers, then imperialists and now industrialists blending more into a true self-autonomous way by virtue of electronic access. With the serfdoms of large parts of Europe not ever reaching the parts of Germany where they have not known serfdom, or indeed equity. Then we look to their ideology of protectionism, localism and correct distributionism for answers on how to operate functionally as unit of people’s looking after one another.

The idea of socialism as put forth by great industrialists of the past, and not mere commentators such as Marx, who was in no way a socialist at all. Socialism is about doing together with, working together for and sharing spoils without war. Socialism is basically the anti-thesis of Pirates, who just seem to appear to share the same lack of morals and scruples as Jews. It’s not my fault they function as they do, but they’re a closed group plundering and sharing the booty among themselves for their own purposes only. That, sounds exactly like a pirate ship to me.

Again, why would they want to share, when they’re in the business of plunder? What boundaries do they care whether it be land or sea? Who is mad, the one doing the pirating, or the non pirate aiding the piracy? What working model would be something that could be a decent way for each and everyone, without a huge amount of baggage placed on that by certain unscrupulous internationalist banking Jews?

The baggage cohenveniently placed on socialism is that you can’t have any National Socialism. Link. So you say Communism ended… Right!

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