UN’s Latest White Genocide Report


LGBT, a top priority of the UN, but only in White Countries.

Of course the UN who has literally waged a war, through benevolence, on “developed” countries by literally taxing their offspring out of existence then backing it all up with unapologetic reports of decline of the European Populous. It’s an absolute outrage that Africa, as a continent, India and China maintain there high rate of populations, but the West is in decline. What it amounts to is that the biological function of Europeans is being tampered with, and that the family unit within Europe is without support, encouragement or promotion within it’s own boundaries.

It’s physically sickening that the chutzpah of the Israeli led UN dare to publish such reports as if they’re written in stone. It’s basically a rubber stamping of the idea that Jewish Supremacy is very much in an advanced stage and has take a huge knock on it’s forecasted timeline with the panic button being pressed in Europe and European Blooded Nations. Link. Link.

Quote from page 7 of the UN Report in the first of the above links.

Snapshot of global population in 2017
According to the results of the 2017 Revision, the world’s population numbered nearly 7.6 billion as of mid-2017 (table 1), implying that the world has added approximately one billion inhabitants over the last twelve years. Sixty per cent of the world’s people live in Asia (4.5 billion), 17 per cent in Africa (1.3 billion), 10 per cent in Europe (742 million), 9 per cent in Latin America and the Caribbean (646 million), and the remaining 6 per cent in Northern America (361 million) and Oceania (41 million). China (1.4 billion) and India (1.3 billion) remain the two most populous countries of the world, comprising 19 and 18 per cent of the global total, respectively. 


Another goy destined for the garbage bin.


“Perfect” Role Models.

Falling for the Jewish tricks of selling your soul back to you with a contract made with the Devil comes as second nature to a Jew. Time after time we hear and see “celebrities” heading off to the oh so carefully managed rehabs. Is it any wonder why these “celebrity” types never cease to live that lifestyle, with very few exceptions. Is it any wonder why it’s such a sought after lifestyle too? Is anyone counting the options? Link.

The Power of Money Lending


I recently watched a film made in 1940 where a small nation is “saved” by the money lender, and the “evil patriot” is killed by his own. It’s not the first portrayal in this vein, as the House of Rothschild movie from 1934 carries the same weight. Here’s the 1940 movie. Link.

Travellers allegedly attack car outside Mosque


Selling the White Girl

After decades of strife for the travelling communities of UK and Ireland, the Muslims come flying in to jobs, cars and houses. The travellers nations gathered momentum as people dropped out of contemporary society due to the rave scene and the optional view of how living could be. Obviously since day 1 anything associated with not paying the Jews is outlawed and then Shanghaied back into contemporary society by the henchmen in Blue. That’s not to say many unscrupulous types didn’t join the travellers, they obviously did, but they were still produced by the Jewish hegemonic society that has ruled the educating and media systems.

So, why wouldn’t they have an intolerant opinion to the forced tolerance that the govt policies ensure the House of Saud and Israel? Why is it so bad to have a differing opinion to Saudi Arabia and Israel in Europe? I don’t remember voting to have endless streams of non Europeans flooding into Europe. Link. Isn’t it funny too all the “Muslims” attacks just after the UK vote ends? Link, link. And a teenage Muslim girl found dead in the great and beautiful State of Virginia. Link.

New LG G6 has 128GB memory


It’s a great thing to see actual rivals to the main companies, I like Acer and LG. I like LG after a Dutch guy showed me the panoramic shots he’d got atop the Champs d’Elysee in Paris. Then I saw a dock workers efforts at the Liverpool skyline using a similar LG phone. Again the shots were flawless. Link.

North Korea, North Korea, North Korea

kim jong un

How amazing that amid decades upon decades of UN sanctions, and utter dire forced poverty on a people who had basically been picked to have the phoney wars of Capitalism against Communism staged in their backyard, should be the “evil menace of the world”, but never Israel. I was just checking the google news feed when all I could see was North Korea, North Korea, North Korea, it so reminded me of the “Boy who cried wolf.” I mean can these “news” outlets actually print relevant stories as to help our people, rather than continue with the “Big Scary Monster, but not Israel” narrative?

I mean consider world news in the fashion of, there’s mega harvests all over the world and there’ll be abundance for years to come for everyone, or, the automation of industry allows all to have 100 days off a year. Then we can learn art, play music, dance, do what we want. Why aren’t these “reputable” publishing houses printing this?

I remember looking into fascism and I literally walked from Nice, which once belonged to Italy, to Genoa in order to learn, from reading in between the lines, because Italy is still so dipped in Communism post World War 2. I spoke to many, many people to build up the actual picture, and marry that with what I could actually see when in Italy and what remained of the many improvements by Mussolini’s Fascist Party. When living in Korea I used exactly the same model, as I’d studied modelling to high degree through mastering NLP techniques for use in industry, and for other than being some crazed psycho salesman type snorting cocaine, whoring and hitting the casino’s, as NLP is sold to the public for that.

Some further things have caught my interest lately, such as learning Java, and what one of the higher ups of the failed RBS banks board spoke about. He’d said RBS went on to take the plunge and go fully international. They did this by hiring the world’s best mathematicians and nuclear physicists to develop software to have for minimum effort and maximum profits. Here’s the documentary. Link.  I was reading a book on Java yesterday, actually Java for Dummies, 9 books in 1, and in it. It says that you need about 12000 pages and you have literally everything java has to offer, but you don’t need anywhere near that for everyday java use. Then it went on to say that the rest, some 10000 pages would be for the finer details of nuclear guided missile tech and the New York Stock Exchange. So just to be clear RBS did fail, and the NYSE and Nuclear Guided systems are using Java. I’ll just leave that there. Link, link, link.

Now to conclude the article and knit it all together and in context, please visit here. Link.

bush and blair