Franz Seldte


Franz Seldte was born on 29 June 1882 in Magdeburg. He studied chemistry in Braunschweig. After his studies he took over his father’s chemical factory and became a prosperous manufacturer. He fought at the front in an infantry regiment between 1914 and 1916, losing his left arm in combat and receiving the Iron Cross (First and Second Classes).

In December 1918 he founded (together with Theodor Duesterberg) the Stahlhelm, a nationalist veterans’ organization which was to become the largest para-military group in Weimar Germany, along with the National Socialist storm troopers. Seldte called on ex-servicemen to fight against ‘the slavery of the Versailles Diktat’, demanded ‘adequate lebensraum’ for Germany and decried Marxist internationalism and pacifism as enemies of the nation. Under his leadership, the Stahlhelm aided and abetted the Nazi rise to power – in spite of some organizational rivalries – by consistently undermining the stability of the Weimar Republic.

Following Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor, Seldte became Reich Minister of Labour, a position he held until the collapse of Nazi Germany. Labour Minister for Prussia, a Prussian State Councillor, member of the Reichstag and, from March 1934, leader of the ‘co-ordinated’ National Socialist German Veterans’ Organization, Seldte presided without demur over the dissolution of the Stahlhelm and faithfully served the Third Reich.

He died in Fiirth, Bavaria, on 1 April 1947.

Dual Passport Jew arrested for bomb threats

jcc louisville

A 19-year-old Jewish resident of Israel with both American and Israeli citizenship is suspected of being behind a host of fake bomb threats directed at Jewish institutions and other targets worldwide.
The cybercrimes unit of the Israel Police made the arrest on Thursday after receiving intelligence from the FBI and other foreign agencies. Police seized computers and other items investigators say helped the suspect evade detection.
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As funded by the Israeli Govt.

jew arrests

“Seven Jewish protesters were arrested in New York on Sunday afternoon as over 100 activists disrupted the annual Celebrate Israel parade. The event, which sees thousands of participants march down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue accompanied by elected officials such as Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, has received nearly $800,000 in funding from the Israeli government over the last seven years.” Link

Rabbi scams Public Welfare for $2 million

rabbi scammer

How the hell to scam $2 million from Public Welfare? Ask a Rabbi, that’s how. – “Seven married couples from the same New Jersey shore town, including a rabbi and his wife, now face charges that they misrepresented their income to get a combined $2 million in public welfare benefits they weren’t entitled to.” – Link

UN’s Latest White Genocide Report


LGBT, a top priority of the UN, but only in White Countries.

Of course the UN who has literally waged a war, through benevolence, on “developed” countries by literally taxing their offspring out of existence then backing it all up with unapologetic reports of decline of the European Populous. It’s an absolute outrage that Africa, as a continent, India and China maintain there high rate of populations, but the West is in decline. What it amounts to is that the biological function of Europeans is being tampered with, and that the family unit within Europe is without support, encouragement or promotion within it’s own boundaries.

It’s physically sickening that the chutzpah of the Israeli led UN dare to publish such reports as if they’re written in stone. It’s basically a rubber stamping of the idea that Jewish Supremacy is very much in an advanced stage and has take a huge knock on it’s forecasted timeline with the panic button being pressed in Europe and European Blooded Nations. Link. Link.

Quote from page 7 of the UN Report in the first of the above links.

Snapshot of global population in 2017
According to the results of the 2017 Revision, the world’s population numbered nearly 7.6 billion as of mid-2017 (table 1), implying that the world has added approximately one billion inhabitants over the last twelve years. Sixty per cent of the world’s people live in Asia (4.5 billion), 17 per cent in Africa (1.3 billion), 10 per cent in Europe (742 million), 9 per cent in Latin America and the Caribbean (646 million), and the remaining 6 per cent in Northern America (361 million) and Oceania (41 million). China (1.4 billion) and India (1.3 billion) remain the two most populous countries of the world, comprising 19 and 18 per cent of the global total, respectively. 


Another goy destined for the garbage bin.


“Perfect” Role Models.

Falling for the Jewish tricks of selling your soul back to you with a contract made with the Devil comes as second nature to a Jew. Time after time we hear and see “celebrities” heading off to the oh so carefully managed rehabs. Is it any wonder why these “celebrity” types never cease to live that lifestyle, with very few exceptions. Is it any wonder why it’s such a sought after lifestyle too? Is anyone counting the options? Link.

The Power of Money Lending


I recently watched a film made in 1940 where a small nation is “saved” by the money lender, and the “evil patriot” is killed by his own. It’s not the first portrayal in this vein, as the House of Rothschild movie from 1934 carries the same weight. Here’s the 1940 movie. Link.

Travellers allegedly attack car outside Mosque


Selling the White Girl

After decades of strife for the travelling communities of UK and Ireland, the Muslims come flying in to jobs, cars and houses. The travellers nations gathered momentum as people dropped out of contemporary society due to the rave scene and the optional view of how living could be. Obviously since day 1 anything associated with not paying the Jews is outlawed and then Shanghaied back into contemporary society by the henchmen in Blue. That’s not to say many unscrupulous types didn’t join the travellers, they obviously did, but they were still produced by the Jewish hegemonic society that has ruled the educating and media systems.

So, why wouldn’t they have an intolerant opinion to the forced tolerance that the govt policies ensure the House of Saud and Israel? Why is it so bad to have a differing opinion to Saudi Arabia and Israel in Europe? I don’t remember voting to have endless streams of non Europeans flooding into Europe. Link. Isn’t it funny too all the “Muslims” attacks just after the UK vote ends? Link, link. And a teenage Muslim girl found dead in the great and beautiful State of Virginia. Link.