Understanding Israeli worldwide flim-flam, flip-flop politics

Here’s a great example of benign political propaganda at it’s best. What’s happened is that Communist China, who are currently invading Africa, thus the mass exodus from there into Europe, America, Canada and Australia. So, in Kenya, the first rail line has opened in over 100 years. Link. This is touted as being funded by “China” which is really Israel-Communist-People’s Republic of China defacto. Well, where did the “Chinese” get the “funds”, some $3.2bn (£2.5bn), apart from outside investment. Link, link, link. China was flooded with money from the joining of the WTO in an attempt to draw the children into academia from the rural areas, basically 70% of Chinese are rural people. Now the figure of Chinese in the urban constructs is ridiculously high, and annexing Africa for raping of her resources for Israel was key to spreading Bolshevism.

Interestingly searching for links about Bolshevism as it is today is as blind an alley as it is to find the source of Jewish money that everyone uses today. There is one book, called “How Russia shaped the Modern World: From Art to Anti-Semitism and from Ballet to Bolshevism. Of all the things that Mother Russia was known for under Communist rule, is it not amazing Anti-Semitism is placed on the list. That’s yet another example of the coding system, in plain sight, that the elusive obvious Jew uses to give the nod for the chutzpah in publications published. Link. Yet another baby for the Jewish media control to handle.

Here’s yet another despicable reference to a Jewish practice, this time blood lust. Link. And if you think the Jews aren’t active in the NHS, then you need to get your skates on over to here. Link. Yes another Jewish surprise is that at this level of reporting it is not a thing that will be pushed by the Jewish media, even though I can find Jewish ran media links all day long on thee types of stories, putting the dots together conjures up all sorts of cognitive dissonance.

The media is basically like a stick to a dog, one never throws the stick without a bit of playing with the dog to get the dog interested. All these tactics fall under the umbrella term of “Operant Conditioning“. Where would we be without our Jews misleading us, and keeping us in our places? Like Putin, what a patsy that Jew is. He’s done absolutely nothing for Russia, other than carry on the legacy of Bolshevism, and will continue to do so. This is wholly reflected in Trump now too. As Trump, the flump, enacts nothing of any actual value that will make the US a Nationally sustainable country. Even though it would be grossly obvious to a four year old that the US is wholly sustainable of it’s own accord.

In it’s outward growth, the US, with Israeli firmly attached at the rear, is promoting annexation after annexation by way of media propaganda. It’s a virtual propaganda war currently being waged. Bellum Agunt. You may ask how, and it’s a good question. Go and look up some definitions of words, and have a count of the different meanings attached to words. then have a look at this video and tell me it is not a war of propaganda, among other wars. Video. We’re not living in any particularly new time, as it is the Truth that is what the war wages on. Our defence of it, and the Jewish attack on it, we need to be more aggressive in attacking the Jewish narrative. Link.

Knowing the difference between what is what, and what is not I’m hoping can open doors to understand how the crazy mind of the liberal Jews, without conscience, serve up the evils they do for their advancement on destroying our societies.

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