The Jewish Question v The Question of God

Unlike the Jewish Question, as put forth throughout history with the Jews utilising their means to traverse from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, after inevitably being found out for their insatiable blood lusts as vampires. So God the ever pervading essence of nature and ultimate being in state rather than in conceptuality. The minds of men being easier to manipulate en masse from places of elevated sitting behind the highest, and most trusted, echelons of society. The hosts of God assembled on Earth in the ways that nature has brought them about, and the blending of them being forced or unforced. Link. Obviously it is not difficult to know the will of God when one is observant to God’s will. It’s a no brainer, nothing is missing in God’s tapestry.

This leads us to the Jewish Quest for asserting their enjoyed dominant position as rogues, reprobates and pirates pulling all the strings, causing confusion and mistrust. Why would it be easy to know where the Jew is navigating, other than where God is pointing the finger of their navigating, which is why Jews hate God. A Jew is always looking to subvert, and substitute by surrogacy, an advantageous position to their bent and finding that they can by force, so they do. Murder, mystery and intrigue always being the favourite methods, as I’ve written before. But, what of God then, what of the flowers and the bees, the birds and the trees, the air and the water?

How did these things exist in harmony without being insured by the good old trusted insurance companies? What damage can be foreseen and forewarned about in nature, without interference by the Jew? By the interference of the Actuarial Scientists, who barely anyone knows about? Link. Imagine a life without need for insurance, would that affect the way you approach life on a daily basis? How to stop the sky from falling in. Imagine making things to the best level of quality, best functionality and with the best vision for posterity.

I myself see a place filled with love for everything, as then the liability of the ensuring of stuff would be held with the people on a day to day basis. There would be little to no laziness, as things would need to be looked after. The need for more of our own folk to look after our own things would be of great importance, and less of giving it all away, as the govt of today is doing, without our consent. As the saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” So what of our African friends, our Asian friends, why are they not jumping to our aid in securing the plight of the “refugees”? Maybe to understand our own way we need to look at the ways of others to help reflect back what our way is.

I’ll suggest our way is not an Asian way, nor an African way, in the large part at least. Obviously we all have tradition and rituals that suit our geographical positions, but what of the Jews? What of the landless hordes of Jews, who never mention the Jewish Autonomous Region where they could farm, fish, make great by their own hands and join together with the Nations in making the Earth a heavenly paradise, of course after they pay for their crimes. As is often, even always said about Jews, they are brainwashing their children to become the hideous creatures that their demonic book The Talmud prescribes. It is not that conscience is a thing that cannot be taught, it has been taught long and well and cannot be governed by others when known.

The conscience is that piece of God that dwells within. That which we can call upon to offer us sound advice in so much as knowing what is the difference between right and wrong. What if we are far wrong? Isn’t it like a muscle that needs constant working out until it has become a part of our own natures, for common sense sake? Who could question a Jew and what they have in mind? I’m sure everyone, even more than those reading this blog know the beligerence of the civil servants, as being misled by the Jews.

What if I was so bold to write a thesis of tenets whereby we could live a much more harmonious life? What value would it be in a Jew laden ppolitical spectrum, even if based on a wholly positive working model that had functioned perfectly soundly before? What of Ghandi’s passive resistance? Why are the people not utilising their number to lever by force the Will of the People on the cronies that are bringing alive the Wonderland of Alice? We are being held as Gulliver by the Liliputians, it appears, but when you have torn the ropes and look further on in the story, so you become the lilputian and the Jews as if giants. Yet, ridiculously this is all happening in the Jewish world, whirled, which has stretched forth it’s hand into the minds and souls of so many. So much so that it is forming their realities, and the continuos feeding of it breathes it life..

This is not a God given life, but rather a barnacle on the butt hole of humanity. Always blistering further when not being allowed to suck blood for it’s own existence, with scant regard for the host it has leeched onto. The defining point of difference between doing in God’s world and doing in the Jewish world, is the cost. The paying into that system whereby in God’s way, we pay by various means. We are not bound to be anything than who are naturally are, in God’s world, but that differs in the Jew world. We are mechanical parts of a death machine piling on more and more of the blood lusts of the Jews upon us as that any unwanted hemorrhoid would swell to be.

In God’s world there is grace and forgiving, in the Jewish world there are insurance agents, assessors and brokers, nothing more. I know which I choose to live in, and the Jew is getting in my way. That is the way of a Devil to stop another enjoying the presence of their God. The Jew is the Devil incarnate, but that does not remove God, but more proves God, but in the most negative way. It would be something without a Jew, that would be God in fact, and what a wonderful place Earth can be without the Jews administering every least little thing, not least a complete genociding of races to become the diminished from God Jewish slaves.

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