Yentas All The Way Down

The very famous NLP book by John Grinder is called Turtles All The Way Down, and is supposed to be a metaphor of the giant turtles who know no limits when it comes to plunging the great depths of the uncharted oceans. The turtle being a metaphor of ourselves, and the oceans being a metaphorical unconscious mind. Judaism, as we know by their schooling systems that teach children Jewish supremacism and indoctrinate hate of all non-Jews by saying that every non-Jew, a Gentile, is “out to get them”. Thus confirming the hateful, fear based mechanisms of Judaism that are then grafted onto the host countries for ruling by minorityship.

kvetch 2

Every Jewish yenta is foul mouthed, brazen or non forgiving of a Christian who has an opinion. That’s fair, when judging on Jewish values, but as has been found time and time again, that Jewish Mystique just can’t help from showing it’s true nature. Link.


Imagine this, every free radical NOT slaving for the Jew, is now vulnerable as Jewish prey. Yes, there are just enough of them to feed on us, the Gentiles, so with any clean living society that has no rat problem, it is clean enough to keep rats out, because there is nothing for them to prey on. At the moment of course, the rats are ruling the ship as the crew are asleep. The women on board, and it’s said it’s always bad luck to have women on board, are not savvy enough to deal with the extent of Jewish mind manipulating tactics, as we know from Eve.


images (10)

The slimy sneaky Jews are doing their age old tricks. Tricks that we had no defences against since before the internet. It is going to take some will of our lady folk to also join together and scupper the plans of the Jew, for a better life for further generations. Link. As for the video attached on the last link, I’d just like to say that I’m not “Anti-Women” but I am Anti-Jews who are deliberately leading our women to their own demise and at their own unwitting behest. Why I’ve added it is to demonstrate the positions that people are feeling right now as we enter further into those Weimar conditions that brought about a glorious end to the usurping Jewish control.


When the rule of Anti-Semitism usurps the rules of any particular nation that hosts the Semites, then one need look no further than how Jews use every advantage to see who is at the centre of it.

barbra lerner spectre2

When I was in my late teens and found women and drink, some of the women I knew had hung out with the homos in the new homo quarter in Liverpool. I never knew anything about anything, being brought up in a traditional Catholic family of Irish/English heritage. Degeneracy and debauchery was still largely unknown and was something of the Upper Class Protestants, or rather the Freemasons, as it turned out. As it’s turning out now it’s been the Jews all along.


So, I thought I’d never been around Jews, but actually almost every film I was watching, with the invention of the dvd player, was Jewish. Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park with their Orgazmo, the whole Monty Python’s gig is all Jewish Chutzpah ridiculing Western values and civilisation. Woody Allen and Mel Brooks destroying every last piece of good in people through their twisted Jewish humour. It’s not that it may be didn’t warrant  a place in the cinema houses or on the shelves at the dvd stores, but the saturation and heavy advertising of the Jewish stuff far, far outweighed and still outwieghs any non-Jewish stuff.

I’d love to see the faces on these two when it’s explained to them what a producer and a non producer is.

Imagine my surprise in seeing that the harvest of liberals are all fighting for ends to democracy, when democracy has been wholly undersold through the Jewish lantern, the TV, or Talmud Vision. The kids who have these aggressive stance on a plethora of issues that they know absolutely nothing about, but won’t debate it, because the professor will mark them down. That could mean they won’t get a job at the NHS, in the Police, as Lawyers, all serving the Jewish way. Whoever could be behind the recent NHS cyber attacks… oh my I would never be able to guess. Link.



Imagine asking the fish in a fish tank who is the boss, and they pointed at other fish. They completely discount, in this scenario, the one actually in control of the substitute environment created for them to live artificially away from their home.


Yenta yellan.jpg






The Return of the Six Millionth Yenta. Link.

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