Judging Your Life By Jewish Values.

The fake Jew Pope looking as weird as ever, with Don Flump the Jew lackey currently looting America.

Did you survive the Holocausting of the Russian people in 1917? Did you survive the three Holodomors in Ukraine at the hands of Lenin and Stalin? Did you survive the Boer and Namib Wars? Did you survive the Holocaust of Germany where the Allies carpet bombed the whole place unto kingdom come? Did you survive Laos, Vietnam, Korea, the Falklands, Japan, China? How about the invasions of Kuwait/Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Grenada? With all of this holocausting going on, not to mention the drugland killing, the death and destruction brought about by diamonds and oil, central banking and arms trading. Is it any surprise that there is a line of consistency about it? One that pops up time and time again right in the heart of things when you find the time to look? And isn’t something that a drive on usury is more popular than exposing the Jewish blood lust?

barbra lerner spectre2
Basically a catch all phrase for pretty much everything as orchestrated by Israel these days.

Consider Mussolini enacted The Vatican as a single Catholic State in 1929, and Italy, and as part of the Axis Powers fell to the Allies, of Communism, in 1945, isn’t it obvious now what the Vatican has become?

VC 2a.jpg

Not only is the truth guarded by an army of lies, as yet another Jew lackey cold blooded murdering scumbag Winston Churchill declared, but the disinfo laid on top of all of that by CIA/Mi5/6/Mossad’s Unit 8200 operatives yet further distracting. Is it any wonder that those stacks and stacks of lies suddenly become top heavy by their own weight that the contrasting opposite is then much easier to read? That contrasting opposite is basically simple living, farming the land, fishing the waters and navigating the airs. Not rocket science doesn’t exactly fit here, ironically, rocket science is involved, but it’s not a closed shop rocket science that is a black hole of wasting money for the value of a few bad pictures that have been represented far better in Sci-Fi since a long time before “Space Programs”.

Queen Elizabeth II with Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin


Finding that the children are being sexualised for commercial use, homosexuality is becoming a more progressively political weapon, used much in the same way as Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism being the only term available without any clout to Anti-German, Anti-Eskimo, Anti-Pygmy or anything. Just Anti-Semitism is used by Jews as part of their Foreign Policy, as has been reported on here many times. Messing with word meaning has become a great advantage to Jews through their Holy Chutzpah, which is basic Judaism 101. It suits their DNA traits and they wish to conjure up more of it by exploding, and exploiting, waves of mixed marriages to bring about mixed children that have no strict allegiances to any particular one nation. “Division is our strength.” Mossad tenet.


So, whereas the leader of the Protestant movement, Martin Luther, abhorred Jews after defending their cause in Europe, he then went on to study their books. His book, written in German in 1543 was not translated into English until 1948/9. And there are no known versions in Spanish, or as I’m aware other Latin based languages, or in Norwegian, and I’d wager not in other Scandinavian languages. That being said, I very much doubt the book has been translated into any other languages, other than English or German. It is freely available on the net, and also there are some audio books available too. I’d read somewhere that it was sold in America under the title “On Jews and Their Lives”, but this is not the correct title, and I can’t find reference to it. The correct title is in fact “On Jews and Their Lies” this is confirmed and verified when one takes the time to read through the short 83 pages that layout from first hand experience, by a non-Jew, what Jews are doing.

lutheran js


Every single last detail now we must audit and account for. Like a printer we must check every letter in every line, every punctuation mark that it is correctly emphasising. I myself have been in a Court Case that I won, where just one letter within a particular word meant the difference between me losing the case and winning the case. This was a case against the DVLA, the equivalent body as the DMV of America. When I pointed to the letter I had received and showed the Clerk, he took it in amazement and showed it to the magistrates, who then eventually passed it onto Crown, where it was supposed to be.

It actually wasn’t supposed to be in Crown at all, except that day it was due to be heard in the Crown Court here, but the address I’d got, and was listed there also, was for it to be heard in the Magistrates. I’m explaining this small case as to how the seeming incompetence can cause strife and upheaval by the hand that rules the Courts, at their whim, and all without recompense to my time. Link. Of course, it’s all been a runaway train for centuries now, as described so eloquently by Dickens in his grossly understated Bleak House. Link.


When searching for a law firm, accountants or practically anything that is professional then Kosher, Kosher and Kosher will be administering their accounts in the background. They will be representing the interests of those companies at law. They will be running the councils, either by way of Freemasonry or just simply because people have not been bothered to be dealing in those politics, because it is saturated with Jewish activists.

antifa berlin israel

Our Christian countries now have been devalued, misrepresented, sold down the river and are now breeding liberalism into oblivion, all at the behest of the Jews. People think it is “trendy”, “edgy”, or “fashionable” to fall in line with the rhetoric that is sold as rebelliousness. But to their folly, the Jews are administering that, they want for it, it falls perfectly into that trap long set for the Europeans, who are the only people’s to kick them out consistently because of how they do business. Link. Of course the Jews will climb to the top of any nation, especially after they’ve secured it lock stock and barrel. The people come along as a bonus to be played with, and exploited to the hilt whenever possible. Link, link, link.

Considering the size of the population of the Jews, their influence far outweighs their positions of power. Whereas we may say, they are influencing this or that, in actual fact they’re outright running things as possessors. Whether you subscribe to everything they stand for is up to your own conscience, but more fool you and what care the Jews whether you do or don’t? Do you think you are going to set anything straight in the politics? Do you consider some friendly angel will fly down from heaven and grant all of your earthly wishes, especially based on a barrage of Judaism?


I suggest you think in terms of advantages and disadvantages, rather than in benefits and benevolence. Whereas cui bono means in (((English))) who benefits, in my years of using it as a baseline I have found it to be more poignant to now use it as for to who’s advantage, or disadvantage. (bear in mind the last link from wiki is heavily laden with Jewish propaganda.) In a quagmire of Jewish Chutzpah is a perfect advantage to the Jews, as you turn one way, there is Judaism, as you turn another, there it is again. it is like the island named Sarpedon, where at every turn Medusa may be waiting for you to turn you into stone.


This is real life and urgencies must be heeded. currently we are in an accelerating time that is geared toward our detriment, and to Jewish territorial gains. Unfortunately most people have a problem addressing the Jewish issue, because of Tavistock Social engineering practices in the schools, media and insurance policies that are worded in ways of advantage and disadvantage. Then it is 1000% up to those who are awake to the Jews to get as savvy as possible to share the right info, in the right way to wake people up to the coming holocaust that is inevitably coming as history dictates. Link.


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