Mossad’s Agent Assange is released without Charge

Oy vey! Quel surprise!



Gee, who would’ve thought Assange could be a shill? With all them thousand and thousands of years worth of leaks no even one sentence on a single thing about Israel, Mossad, 9/11, Israel did 9/11. Nothing about LIBOR, the Jew Bob Diamond, nothing. Nothing about mortgage frauds, insurance frauds, lack of policing of White collar crimes… Link.

I guess it’s business as usual then for Jewish Communists.

assange (1)



trump commi salute

I really don’t wanna go down the list again, please go through the blog for more info. Gracias.

The World’s biggest Whistleblower promotes the UN?
un jew
Thanks to Haaretz, or one of the Jew papers for this one, haha.

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