The Gallery That Never Was

It is always my cause with this blog to right wrongs and bring that which is kept silent to the fore, regardless of what is current in the media, here you will get articles that at least try to substantiate truth. I first made these pictures maybe a year ago and everybody could not believe that they were not real, because they are so worthy of any gallery anywhere. Yet they will never be exhibited, because this justifying of nationalist principles by virtue of a social conscience (Quote made by Adolph Hitler).

I hope you like them, and I offer them to anyone who wishes to make good use of them for a harmonious world with the intent that I have had and that is to offer some grace to where grace is warranted. This however is not merely opinion, it is that any foe, opposition or belligerent in war was historically granted due respect even in defeat. I believe that respect has far from been honoured by the “victors” where it belongs and it has been left to people better than I to carry that torch and pass it on to my humble hands here.

An Exhibition of Photographs made into Portraits of The German Chancellor, Furher of The Third Reich and Leader of the The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (help. · info), abbreviated NSDAP) the Great Man Adolph Hitler by Peter Anthony Cooney.

black sun
The above is not made by me, but I think it’s very suited to this exhibition.


chief 2


h gallery



yung h

swas gallery



h was right


I cannot for the life of me recall the name of the site I used, I shall ask my friends and if anyone can recall I’ll surely return to add it. I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation of an Art Exhibition should I be given the resources to express my artistic expression, and I hope it inspires others to use the internet for expressing themselves as it feels great. Merci et au revoir. Heil Hitler!



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