Salutations to the Great Kingdom of Norway, Hael og Sael.


May 17th is a National Holiday in the Kingdom of Norway, celebrating the signing of the Norwegian Constitution which states that ALL Norwegian citizens belong to the Norwegian Church. Hael og Sael! Obviously Norway is like all nations at the moment and is being challenged by Israel about it’s question of Sovereignty.

Most people think Israel is a land just like any other and where child mutilation is NOT part of everyday life, and is in fact revered as a speciality of the Jewish way. Here is a link to a blog explaining about how Jews have to sneak about in Norway where their crazy child mutilation ideology is carried out on the tiniest of babies who are then forced into the religion to continue on with this barbaric tradition. Link.

Obviously it’s even more despicable when in numerous cases the small babies develop herpes by catching the sexually transmitted disease from none other than the revered Rabbi himself. Here are a list of numerous cases. Link, link, link, link. Of course reviling the practice is shot down with calls of Anti-Semitism, the ace all card of the Jews, who are neither a distinct race, nor semitic. Link, link.

Let us not distract from the great day for celebration of a great kingdom. Hael og Sael!
norway (1).jpg

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