German Losses Versus Jewish Gains


It’s not as if German people don’t like to share. If you’ve ever been anywhere and met Germans they’re always very kind, clean cut and courteous. Any Jewish person I’ve been around has either been the lawyer, the accountant, the pawnbroker, the realtor/estate agent, the landlord etc, etc, etc. The Jews, unlike the Germans, are not social people, quite the contrary. They’re very pushy and sly in that theirs is always an enclave mentality wherever they go.


Can anyone honestly say they know Jews as friends from social gatherings? Has anyone gained from Jewish nepotism for being a non Jew. My own massage therapist, a lady from Swedish stock had worked as a nanny in Santa Monica in California, USA and she told me that the family, she worked for, were Jewish. They were always trying to convert her. At that time I never knew the relevance of what she was saying, but since I’ve been looking at these Jews every day. It is more revealing and more revealing still, especially in consideration that most people think Jews are “just like White People with a similar religion”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jews are like a feeder fish, but not the sort that is in any type of symbiotic relationship, again, quite the contrary. They’re more a case of feed them or die. Like a cross between a raptor and a cuckoo.


Synagogues in and around Hollywood, California, USA.


One of the biggest, assumptions, I find, that we’re all born into in this era of the internet is that countries haven’t existed exactly as we know them today. Israel is the only Nation State that has claimed right’s to ownership, because all of the occupiers had forced their way onto what was Israel and Judah. Today the Israelis claim that they have the right to settle wherever they like on land both inside and outside of the Israeli State. This is well documented and there are many videos talking to Jews in these settlement areas outside of Israel, but protected, to a point by Israel. Link.

Obviously when under occupation, as they claim, then those few thousand years that have flown by and brought about a people that inconveniently live there now, the Palestinians. All after belonging to the same Ottoman Empire that took in the Sephardic Jews after their peaceful expulsion from Spain and Portugal via the Alhambra Decrees, which have since been repealed in these last few years. With the removal of King Juan Carlos, via scandal, from office and the new government in Portugal. It’s not a giant leap to see the coordinated efforts of Jews to worm their way into other people’s homelands during the three thousand years that they’ve been without a home.

Israeli Defence Force take down Goliath with a broken arm.

As for Israel being “the only democracy in the Middle East”, well how’s democracy working out for you in your non Jewish laden country where Jews are disproportionately top heavy in power and influence on your politics? How far does your voice reach in your country, with your people? In this next link I would like you to read down to the bottom and look out for this phrase specifically, “This is something that our children will remember and I hope will lead to our continued success.”. I’d like you to compare your local environment and future project a little into the future. Where you think it is going in 5 years, 10 years and 30-50 years. Is it all self evident that your children, not child, children, will be able to remember what you perceive as normal and part of your continued success? Link.


Among the stories we hear of valiant heroes, none have been as influential on man as Odysseus that great explorer. Who in the times of the wars with Troy came back to find his land in the hands of unwanted revellers. From there he set about working to rid his country and his people of them. As he encountered many obstacles that he overcame, so he was not going to be robbed of all that he’d fought for. Now with today we see America being Ithica, and the soldiers returning home weary from battles afar only to find those same Spartans looting the place and leaving everything bare. This the mark of Sparta, or Communism. It is from where the word sparse stems. Spartans are not a jovial people, they can be very much likened to what we’re seeing now brewing in Asia, large populated lands, China, Russia and India with depleted numbers of women. These boiling pots of testosterone being given publicly paid institutions to work for and within, at cost to the tax payer.

Institutions such as the military, army, navy and air forces, academia, civil servant jobs, all nicely tucked aboard the tax funded institutions on miserly pay. Enough to keep the wolves away, as long as you don’t go putting your head above the parapet. No, woe be tide you for having an opinion, even as many wrongs as you may see, speaking out would not be advisable unless you want what Jesus got. Link, link. Good lord and heaven forbid anyonw should rustle any jimmies. What exactly is so unpopular about having a conscience? Link.


With the flames of double standards burning ever higher so the phoenix of truth is bearing it’s mighty wings, and one thing that I’ve long wished to express on this blog is the plight of something that is massively left out of the history books, documentaries and pretty much anything in the public arena. What it is, is something physically twice the size of the whole country of what we now call Germany, but not in space, or under water or anything outlandish, but next to South Africa. It was called German South West Africa and is now known as Namibia. I will summarise, but it’s been a few years since I studied the thing, but I’d like to make this article to at least touch on it.


The South West Africa Campaign was the conquest and occupation of German South West Africa (Namibia) by forces from the Union of South Africa acting on behalf of the British Imperial Government at the beginning of the First World War. Taken from here. Link.

I don’t wish to be lazy, but I think I’ve given plenty of food for thought on the subject, and I’d like to offer this quick 5 minute video to sort of wrap my thoughts up on the whole issue. And that issue is that Germany and the German people have long been deprived by a Jewish occupying government in German South West Africa, so where exactly is the fairness in the Jewish intentions? Even South Africa of today is led by the Communist ANC, and surely it is written in stone by now that Communism, which is Capitalism, is Jewish. Link. I think I’ve done what I can here to redress the balance of the argument of Jews, that their God given right to the land they call Israel is long since undermined, not by my blog, not by antisemites on the internet, or elsewhere, but by their own actions in everyday living as a Jew.

rat vermin jew

Flag_of_the_Jewish_Autonomous_Oblast open drag


drag 2

I’m hoping to do my next article on the Jews in East Asia. I’ve spent  about a year researching the topic, and here’s a little nugget of what to expect, and you should not be surprised that this outfit are literally everywhere. By their own admittance they’re available to every publicly owned university on this planet. Link.

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