The Darling Blubs of May


Keeping in good tradition with the UK’s comedic, if not discounting the ever present sinister undercurrents, link, that underpin UK politics, Theresa May continues to make gaff after gaff as the country’s current unelected leader in a series of Carry On British Politics type epics. From the complete selling out to such draconian Empires as Saudi, Israel and China, where is the fair distribution of wealth as a nation? Link.  There’s nothing that has stood in the way since bestiality king David Cameron removed himself from office after a humiliating defeat at the referendum to leave the Communist European Union, which apart from being top heavy in ridiculousness it also was like a diseased dinosaur, extinct and inoperable.

With calls from Sweden, Germany and France, link, link, and Turkey, link, to turn Our beloved Europe into some kind of third world toilet, then we have to monitor exactly what is May up to with elections looming. Link, link, link. Will any fair distribution ever take place? Will imports continuously be chaperoned in to Our country under the guise as beneficial to Our interest while all the while the poverty stricken, sick and homeless all are cast on the slag heap by a seemingly incompetent set of clowns performing at the circus. Certainly when it comes to signing multi trillion pounds deals everything goes swimmingly, but when the largest oil deposits are found along Our shores, not one street party is yet to be had. Link, link, link.


With the cream of the crop leading the way in the Houses of Parliament, link, and always keeping the thought in mind that their sole purpose is to provide for the wealth of the nation. Then it can only be seen that unanswered questions will continuously be raised as to what goes on in the country’s most trusted institution for Our benefit. Link. Whenever did the child mind being caught with hands in the cookie jar?





I’ll wager there’s not a man in the country who actually has any faith in the democracy were being sold when it is laid out to him for what it is, and not for what it is perceived to be from snake oil salesmen reporters. With Labour gone, link,  it can be easier to get the Tories on that boat with em, cos confidence will be shot and surely such a country as ours will do other than let Saud’s & co end us without so much as a squeak. What I can only see ahead is a strong sentiment for positive change, a correct protectionist mechanism before we’re flooded out of existence and finally and wave of this sentiment the world over to finally bring an end to unwarranted despotism. Link.

Just the tip of the iceberg eh Theresa? Link, link, link.


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