Jews are a State within a State within a State, ad infinitum.


As long as Jews are allowed a platform, then the only single narrative that they shall be vying for is to control the narrative. Jews operate as a state within states. They also act then as apparent states within those states, to control opposition. It’s a constant state of flux to deflect, distract and misdirect all the while covertly and overtly promoting their agenda by controlling the narrative. I believe Stalin was the one set the task to data mine how to operate this idea of minorities within states, as he was the minister for minorities under Lenin.

History dictates that it is their aim to get behind the wallpaper in the corridors of power and move behind the shadows through mystery and intrigue as their vehicles. Who dare call out the 6 million without the full political weight of all the Jewish Friends of Israel from around the world who run the ship through fear, aggression and blackmail. These are the badges of honour for the Jews, and they wield them wantonly on the unsuspecting useful idiots that are manipulated through the schooling and social services to become the leaders that they are becoming. Link.

Indeed in France Macron was raped as a child by his now wife at a boarding school. The boarding schools are breeding grounds for these types of sexual deviances, as are the social service places for orphaned children. Link. I don’t get how populism can’t win in a democracy, other than a you know sabotaging the whole thing. Democracy is about majority rule, not force everyone to do what is voted to victory. Link.

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