The Jews and You – A Comparison of Lifestyles

j matador

Whereas you may get up, take the dog for a walk, go to work and then come home to watch TV. The Jews days are very different, from high finance to pawnbroking in the back streets of the slums, they’re all connected at the Syanagogues. It’s not a matter of whether they choose to separate from Judaism, it’s a matter that with that umbilical chord they have the insurances of knowing the Jewish mafia have their back. Example here. Link. Whether it be criminality, link, or high level international politics, link. Then the Jews as a mob have it beat.

From Donald Trump, to Theresa May, from Angela Merkel to Vladimir Putin and from Sadiq Kahn to Emmanuelle Macron.

Even Macron’s “fierce” rival has a Jewish boyfriend, Philip Aliot, after three marriages.

le pen aliot

The questions of what we’re to do here now is to not be faced with the red rag of Muslims, but to look to the actual cause of the problems. And it doesn’t come without triggering many defences to the Jewish advantage, why would it? They have been leading education for so long we didn’t even know who was who until they’ve become such a global menace that to stop everything and deal with the only issue has become a matter of top priority. The way to stop  dealing with them, is to stop dealing with them, because when you are given more info about what they’re actually up to, then you can put it in your own mind in some sort of semblance and see just how vulnerable you and your loved ones really are. Link. Link. Link.

Just to give more context here’s part of the Wiki description of a novel called We, written in 1921 by a Communist activist at the time who soon changed his tune when Communism actually arrived in Russia after the cold blooded murders of both the Romanov ruling family and the Menshavik Anarchist movement of the February Revolution.

We is set in the future. D-503, a spacecraft engineer, lives in the One State, an urban nation constructed almost entirely of glass, which assists mass surveillance.” Link.

stalin ball


The maps above are screenshots of Hollywood and surrounding areas showing the Synagogues there. Here’s a link to Jewish populations in US, UK and Europe. Link. Link. Link. Link. Of course you can discount that horse shit about the Holocaust, which has become, like Judaism, a religion as well as a mafia control mechanism through industry, most notably the media industries. For actual Holocaust info go here. Link. Link.

Not Mossad. Link. Link.

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