Adolf Hitler is The Father of Europe

Since the National Socialist dream was realised from 1933 by democratically crushing Communism at the ballot boxes, which have now died a death by the hands of the victors of World War 2. Their victory declared by way of illegal war practices. So now we endure the fruits of their labours as they enjoy the spoils of war. One must ask the reasoning behind the hordes who fought that Communism maybe the prevailing doctrine held the world over. It’s not any type of doctrine that springs from an actual nation, as with say imperialist expansion, certainly not. It is a faux ideology of every dastardly trick in the book to appear law abiding, yet behind the scenes running through intrigue and blackmail. At least work to appear law abiding, by keeping actual law and order out of the system and act helpless to tsunamis of criminality.

Of course the internet has changed much of what occurs in day to day life, and even that anomaly came about under the National Socialist rule, which runs completely counter to the current “Silicon Valley” narrative. Don’t believe me, then click the link: Link. We only can know what we’re allowed to know, and the Stasi of East Germany, the Cheka and NKVD/KGB, have become what is now the template for so many agencies such as NSA, CIA, Mi5/6 etc. Link.

I have read various amounts of documentation concerning, both separately and jointly the history, the economic aspect, the philosophic aspect as well as other aspects of what the fascistic, if I may contain that in this umbrella term, National Socialism is. I have travelled to various parts of Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Spain, and have been many other places also to piece this all together so that I, myself, may understand what is going on around me to an acute degree. And this I am very happy to share and hope you will find reason to share it also, so, let us begin.


Hitler is of country folk stock, and if anyone knows country folk they are of the kindest and most patient people on the planet. Often ingenious and always thinking on their toes, country folk generally make up the larger portions of any population, until recent times with the onset of modernism. Link. The very bland style of modernism with steals from traditionalism elegant lines and shapes without the organic artistic expression demonstrates the “smash and grab” mentality of those who use it to build. As long as we’re not investigating the Allies allies, then we’re pretty much open targets to anything that is apparent of their malintent and criminalistic liberal ways.


What I mean is that having worked, and witnessed, as a traditional bricklayer on some of the finest towns and cities in Europe I know the differences in workload and after studying technical drawing at school, I know the difference between what is true style and what is pap. I think after the Weimar Republic disbanded through failure, then it was important for the National Socialists to gee up the ante and bring the people what they craved after being under a pillaging post World War 1. Again the time of Hitler being born plays a role here, with all the potentials of an Industrial Revolution not being realised a small boy growing up in that time period would have to ask questions about the lack of returns from such a reported glorious age. Link.

Why wouldn’t a German living near a great city like Munich, the northern most Italian city, as they told me while I was there. Why wouldn’t a German man want to follow in the footsteps of a great man and what he was doing in his country which was literally just over the Austrian borders? With such basic politics as funding roads and private industry backed by national holdings working for the betterment of the nations conditions, both economically and spiritually, we see the void exposed. Not only the voids of deliberate incompetence when it comes to genuine misspending on trivial things, while the important things go left wanting.


It’s really so easy to manage the levers when someone wants to, but as we know in this day and age there is a distinct lack of political will, unless it comes to that which is detrimental to the society. For example we’ve been told that our countries need rebuilding because of the damage of World War 2, yet all I see, and I’m certainly not alone here by a long chalk. All I see is empty and derelict buildings of fine architecture, or that they’ve already been replaced with… Israeli modernism, how apt.

This really isn’t a question of Democracy here, this is a question of absolute despotism and a type of despotism that will increase and increase as the lubricant for the destructive banking mechanism, money, get ploughed out of the home nations and into the off shore bank accounts that “just happen to be out of the jurisdictions of the major countries”. How convenient is that, where such small islands as the Cayman Islands, BVI/AVI, Macau, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man all can dictate to the massive countries like USA, Russia, China, Canada that the monies kept there will be tax free and without the means to audit. Meanwhile everyone is being pointed in the direction of North Korea being the “most evil country” when they have been stripped of all International means of trade with WTO members.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but as far as I know the former West Germany and the current Federal Republic of Germany, yes, that unconstituted State, have never known economic decline, in contrast to East Germany which was pure economic decline. This is largely testament to a genius political structure that was taken over by the Allies when they occupied it in 1945. And still do. I’m sure that the growth rate of Germany is still above 4+% and that has been something that has been carefully managed, and could have easily gone much higher and sustainably so. Yet, this is not something that was of the trend pre National Socialism, this is something very much the result of National Socialism. Think about it, the whole structure of the failed Weimar was restructured into a positive working model that continues to bare fruit of an unprecedented level, as Germany is the highest growth rate country in the whole of Europe.

None dare speak the truth, of course, because you will get your chops busted in, or at least that’s what will happen to you if you’re part of the Jewish Communist Bolshevik propaganda machine that barely even has to try to fill the air waves with dog shit that it breeds from. Of course Hitler was the great drug addict, taking opium, amphetamines, ecstacy, lsd and the like as he frequented the gay clubs of Hamburg after returning from Liverpool and wasn’t living as a starving artist in Vienna at all, where the Jewish intake of “artists” versus non Jews was again hugely disproportionate. It’s this disproportionality that turns heads to Jewish influence among the voting block. Sure, it’s ok to polish a turd, but please don’t try to sell me it as if it’s not a polished turd.

To grab a sense of the contempt, ridicule and disdain the rulers have for the voters please have a listen to this short interview from the opposition Home Secretary, Diane Abbott. Link. Considering Theresa May, the now, unelected, Prime Minister of UK, then one has to question her too, if that’s what’s she’s in opposition to.


made to pay 2

Adolf Hitler has been sold to us as a pink elephant, a huge Jewish pink elephant at that. There is nothing that he did wrong that can out balance what he did right and there’s much more to come that’s yet to be revealed I’m sure.

h was right



Link. Link.


Adolf Hitler saw the wisdom of Dearborn’s  own Henry Ford’s idea to make a motor car available to each and every working man at affordable cost and in any colour as long as it’s black, as his famous saying goes. For further reading please click this link: Link. And as for any claims that Germany attacked Poland, then you better read this and study up what you learn from it. Link.


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