The Federal Republic of Germany – The Unconstituted Satellite of an Unconstituted Israel.


Just to lay something of a foundation to help the reader see this valid argument from the perspective of international struggles I should like to outline a few things. Firstly would be the contents of the book “Conditions of the Working Class in England” by a then non Marx associated author. It describes an England of the 1840’s when places like Liverpool were handling 40% of all the world’s trade to the powerful insurance companies, the accountancy companies, the actuarial companies and the specialised law courts that were set up in there and Manchester to handle such volumes of commerce. Also he describes London’s River Thames as having literal forests of ships along the banks, and upon walking for hours and hours through London he could not find the countryside. You can read that book here: Link.

The next point in time I’d like to outline would be 1907 with the drafting of Lieber Code, link. Which of course was strongly linked to the Hague Conventions, and suspended in 1909, link.  So during these early years of the 20th century we had the assassination of President McKinley due to his continued support and therefore warranting of Free Gold , over Free Silver, as advocated by presidential rival William Bryan, link. Of course Roosevelt suspending gold, and replacing it with the US govt now liable for “All debts Public and Private” with the Gold Standard Act of 1934 which was in direct response to the newly elected German Chancellor and Reichs Furher Adolf Hitler. Link. Why would this have such relevance do I hear the dear readers ask? Please read on.

Roosevelt had put in place the New Deal which was a token gesture to the failed contraband promoting inhibition laws. They had failed because basically the Jewish Mafia, who had been kicked out of Mussolini’s Italy while he purged the country so that they may build the Bella Italia that we know and love today. Roosevelt was a Communist collaborator, whereas Hitler wasn’t, quite the opposite, he was an ardent National Socialist, something which, as a political concept the US did not have as a political party. The pressure of the 1929 crash had caused the New Deal to be put in place, even though for the most part the US rural communities felt nothing of it, yet it was the headline everyday in every periodical.

The true reason for the New Deal was tenfold, it was set to bankrupt the US further, post 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act forming the Federal Reserve Bank. It was set up to generate the illusion of jobs set against an extremely progressive and highly promising National Socialist Party politics coming out of Germany and gaining much momentum contrasted to the backdrop of Lenin’s USSR to Stalin’s USSR. There was the dichotomy, the people wished not for Communism, and got Communism, or at least fought in World War Two as the ally of Communism. Link. America was in fact very German and all eyes were on America, as were American eyes on Europe. Link. Link.

con artist jews.jpg

Finding its way from the glory of the German Empire, link, to the stink hole of Merkels toilet.




We see now Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, anywhere and everywhere that wishes to actually be sovereign being denied due to the World’s largest death cult, Judaism and the banking system adjoined to it. Not only banking, the media, the education, the sports and entertainments, the political venues, industrial venues… everything in society connected through the vicious debt based banking system. As Israel operates from a Basic Law, and not an actual Constitution, but uses the Basic Law as a Constitution, though it is not one, because it has not been ratified as the Constitution. So Israel, as with modern day Germany, are not actual states, except in the illusions and disillusions of those disillusions, or selling those illusions.

The call of the Israelis today is that the Romans occupied Israel, the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the British… everyone was always in occupation and their claim of Abraham dreamt God gave them the lands is a valid stake in those lands, which just happen to sit by the Suez canal and slap bang in the middle of three continents and a gateway to Europe for the Silk Road trade routes. No wonder it was a dream, I had the same dream myself, does this make me the next Abraham?

Unforunatelty Birobizhidan was not around at the time of the Romans, or the Byzantines, and there could be claimed no missed opportunities. drag jews3.jpg

Yet, now, if it’s posted as the alternative to the 2 State solution and scenes like this need not take place.


And Facebook could concentrate on stopping actual disturbing images, and not suggestions for world solutions. Link.


So as it stands for all the gas bagging of Merkel, Tusk, May, Farrage and other Israeli protectionist politicians including Le Pen, are all trying to create illusions that they can trade on the bonds markets under the Blue Sky Laws. These are laws that govern that as long as people have faith, and credit, in them, then there’s goods to be sold and investors to be duped. If they can keep the neat little arrangements going they can continue to fleece the masses and live the care free life of squander and plunder. This is what Hitler was really against, this is what the National Socialists were waged war upon for. It’s what we’re seeing the ludicrous behaviour from the “Nazi Hunters”, link. Link. Link.

Just bare in mind why at the moment you have to follow a regime of increasing paper trails and increasingly stringent laws that appear not to hit the escalating crime, but yet appear to trap the common folk into a never ending downward spiral of despotism where your voice counts for nothing. Where your opinion can get you sacked, and because of that evicted out of your family home. Where billionaires, millionaires and trillionaires are all partying hard, while you can barely find the means to make ends meet in this ever prospering Capitalist construct. Link. Link.


antifa israel


jew issue

As long as we suffer Jewish control, then there will never be a solution, only milking from our labour, where they rob the cream and we get the rest, basically the crap. There’s a situation of unbalance, and this is not in accordance with the way of nature. You can hide the truth, but you cannot hide from the consequences of hiding the truth.


Imagine when these are the choices in politics.



imag witho js




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