Criminal Mindedness is Anti European Culture and Here is Why.


European culture begins with Homer and the stories from The Iliad and The Odyssey. This beginning of what is now called the cradle of Western civilisation is a tipping point from the bronze age. Link. The reason why it is the tipping point from one great age to another is that the content of the stories by Homer were honed to such a fine degree as to portray man in such a light that we are still very much spinning out of what the original intents of those thoughts were. In Jewdom we’re often told that chivalry is dead, it’s old fashioned, out dated or however. That we live in a modern world with every convenience. Well, I live here too, and I’m sure I’m not alone in viewing the consistent inconsistencies woven into the matrix like construct that the Jews work oh so hard to keep us all divided.

The Jewish despocracy, the covert military operation, designed to sabotage the fruits branching out and stemming from that ancient seed of Greece and Greek thought. Then here we are today and the Jews are still milking the fruits of their labours of sabotage and every non Jew and Jew alike has to work to maintain the non European Rabbinical Talmudic vision of a hell on earth governed by Natural Law, the law of dog eat dog, and not following Nature’s Way of balance and harmony through art and beauty. If those ancient questions of what is beauty and what is art still bother you, please compare the following pieces.



Of course the former is the abstract modern art and the latter the look of Ancient Greece. A place were people had the luxury of law and order and people followed the apparent logic of democracy as it was designed in a way that was corruption free and was about elevating the joyous experience of life to it’s fullest and where excellence was important thing to attain. Even daily this excellence was sought, achieved and recorded, but differently than today in this modern world of electronic overloads. It was a more simple means of understanding the human mind, the human spirit and the human body and capturing an existence that nourished and cultivated the ideas of excellence through this golden age of enlightenment.

Of course the banking system was of a different species then, as it was ran by their own people who understood the virtues of good money. Today what is foistered upon us is the evils of the illusion of money, stacked with Jewsury on top of that, which is described in Shakespeares Merchant of Venice, where Al Pacino plays the Jew. This isn’t his only role playing a Jew by the way, oh no, he also played Roy Cohn, of the McCarthy Anti Communist Trials, and who died of AIDS in San Francisco in a short film series. It’s a very interesting series as it is basically aimed at the Jewish audience and they, through their separate schooling, understand the coding laid out which is all taunting the Gentile, but taunting in such ways as to flaunt, yet safe in the knowledge that the Gentile is wholly unaware of the subversion embroiling him. Link.

I feel in many ways even the Jews don’t know what the Jews are putting forward, but that’s all on a need to know basis within Judaism. I think that the endless research that is accumulating on the web now serves as a quick fire operation into who’s who and what’s what, but as with any line of inquiry one needs to know the right answers to the right questions. It’s like colouring in a picture. If you don’t know what colours exist, or how to transfer them onto your medium for expressing, then you’re chasing ghosts against those who do know. Like cheats, the Jews have the rule book, the Talmud, and they are also keeping the non Jews, the Gentiles, away from the instructions of how to run a fair existence in a law and order based construct.

With all of this dogma cast out, and of course chasing the mighty dollar so one can afford to eat and feed his family, clothing, housing etc. It’s all adding up to man hours and the Gentiles are being burned out, or have been burned out, and now comes the Chinese wave after their Communist breeding programme peaked post the Cultural Revolutions under Chairman Mao and Henry Kissinger.

As we’ve all been brainwashed into believing into the Jewish money system, so we’re waking up to how it’s working, how it’s without sustainability for our existence as non Jews, and all the while Jews and non Jews act as guardians of their own demise through ardent comatosed ignorance. We must take stock of where we’re being led as a planet of people’s and must take stock as to whether we agree or not.


In the event we don’t agree, what is this leaving us with? Link. Link. A small snippet of gross importance is further left out of the history books concerning Germany in World War 2, and not to mention their interests in German South West Africa, but the fact that from way back as far as at least the 1490’s, and very possibly much, much earlier, sea faring had been very much in vogue. Now landlocked Germany didn’t have the luxury of an expansionism, in that neighbours were well established and Germany was really more similar to the smaller kingdoms mindsets, such as city states and principalities. These things fitted the land based living of the German people, but the countries nearer the Oceans prospered greater. England, France, Spain and Portugal being the prominent ones later on after China, Egypt/Macedonia and Rome had all had their days, as had the Vikings.

Yet, and this is most crucial for European blooded people’s to remember, that we are the descendants from those people’s. Whether it be by however means, we have descended from such civilisations that have followed a Greek ideological system for the running of the societies, and it’s obviously a well thought out thing in that the skeleton of it still exists. The poisons of it are not even the criminal mindsets such as are governed by today’s largely ludicrous laws, statutes, but that for the most part victimless crimes are the mainstay of the policing industry and that actual treasonous crime that is running rife right now, goes literally wholly unpunished, due to the criminal networks of Freemasons and Jews. Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, paedophilia and pederasty, White Collar crime, extortion, fraud, both tax and insurance fraud. Stock market fraud, insider trading, price fixing,  even industries that have been outlawed when we lived by a high moral compass, have now become norms. The pharmaceutical industry, link, organ trafficking, blood diamonds, even to the point where now artificials are being made in human form and this is just the start.

I used to wonder how the Ancient Greeks managed to have such broad imaginations for the monsters in their stories, now I’m beginning to look at things from a light of what could have existed before there great thinkers got the ball rolling to give us plenty to be getting on with. Basically the medusa is such an excellent representation of a Jewish stereotype, as are banshees, which like drugs their call will be so very strong, but they will eat you whole and spit you out.  The saying goes of responsibility that with great power comes great responsibility. Can any of us hand on heart now say that we are accepting great responsibility and if no then what can thrust us more to be the men and women we’re growing to be for future posterity?

I know for myself learning about FM Alexander has been a wonderful thing, and that his thoughts, ideas and practices are going through the same Jewish mangle as all things go through, but as yet they are failing to bring about a surrogate and his place is safe. Even though it was Jewish lawyers that killed him off in Apartheid South Africa. Yes, he’d studied the classics and wished himself to become an embodiment of what Shakespeare was trying to form through his words, and apparently was successful if you know anything of Alexander’s techniques. I often think that the Germanic Fairy stories are also great aids for understanding how the simple life can be easily upended by the evil intents of the well poisoners.

Yay, I choose for myself a way that is well crafted and lends much observance of myself, experiencing of life and gaining and sharing from what wisdoms I can gather. For example the Bards, they’re famous thing from yore is that they would have magnificent memories, as they did not use the written word, but the spoken word for their means to convey life’s teachings. Our folk lore is the key to our future as it has been handed down through the ages and still maintains a deep purity in essence. One other thing I’ve noticed that as with finance, law and the media, the Jews love the luxurious lifestyle of the board treaders. They can swan abut and share their riches in many an abundant way through their networks and hoodwinking their hosts that they are the geniuses, when in truth the basic patterns of the stories are from the classics. The Jews simply pervert and bastardise them by adding uncalled for vulgarities and profanities, then claim genius statuses.

When scrutinised, everything they make is an exercise in chutzpah for them, so they can cavort among their own kind at how easy it was to kick the sand in the faces of the unsuspecting. We’re largely not like that, we’re very much of a higher fabric than that. yet, as with this experiment here:


It is easier to bring things down to a more base level than it is to bring those that would bring it down, up. To understand mathematics is to understand certain aspects of life. To understand language would also assist in helping exercise those thinking muscles, acting the same, but as Plato said, so can we pick up on his words and seek what it is that we want in life for the good of ourselves, for the good of our friends and relatives, and also for the good of our countrymen for a better world.



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