Jewish Justification of Chaos – The Chaosen People.

Chopping the head off of Apep the Egyptian God of Chaos .

Projecting in psychology has had it’s place on many TV shows, both reality TV and general film media. It’s a principle that basically states that people vent there frustrations on others by fabricating scenarios, arguments, debates, friction, or whatever, then using their frustrated energy against the person who they want to dominate. It’s a type of insecurity and not knowing ones own mind. Layers upon layers of accumulated projecting shown through media will take it’s toll, and along with degenerative behaviour the immunities to this will render healthy people to being sectioned into mental institutions for their own and others safety. Link.

The obvious wide canyon of contrast that some miss to realise is that those who have been less subject to the constant projecting see it as a whole move away from reality and good conduct. When this incremental mind control started was directly after World War 2 when Jews had removed the last bastion of a semblance of resistance in Europe. They obviously are bullies to the nth degree and have been doing this for such a very, very long time that they’ve honed it to a tee. Link.

With people on both sides of the war the people who the allies said they were battling for and the other side, have both been subject to the same Jewish Bolshevik kosh that is now becoming more and more apparent. Link. Link. Link. All facial tics aside, it is a droning of the same rhetoric that can only be assessed as “Psychological Projecting”. Link. Why aren’t these things being promoted by Jews in the unending benevolence?

I’ve just read an article here which is blaming the Left for antisemitism, implying the Right is already antisemitic. It also has digs at Muslims, who in the large part are semitic, at least as applicable to what the Jews wish to project. There’s even a video by a Wahhabi Jewess, who looks to any European like a Muslim, but is in fact about as Muslim as my big toe. These chameleonic Jews who have wandered the world over before it was getting very small, and I’m talking over thousands of years doing the same thing over and over, so much so they made a religion out of it. Link. Link.

They have a way of distorting reality that any Philadelphia lawyer would be proud to bring to the Kosher Courts that have manipulated the Constitutions to the very core, albeit subversively. Link. Link. Obviously having everything out in the open would solve everything, and is what conscience is all about, something sadly Jewish people do not teach within their ideology. It’s unfortunate because it undermines any of their claims that they can coexist in a tolerant manner, or any manner which meets the high ethical standards of non-Jewish ideologies. No, it is simply Jews first with them and they’re by no means afraid to throw the sacrificial lamb into the pyre for their own benefit.

Judaism is a template and it’s one that’s wearing ever so thin. Link. It’s boring when you know the truth behind the lies. Link. It’s disproportionate and down right offensive. Obviously their lawyers, as funded by their banks, which have become our banks, are hurriedly seeking new ways to maintain the illusion that they’re top of the pile. Link. There are only three races of man, Caucasoid (Europeans), Mongoloid (Asians) and Negroid (Africans), which one does the Jew belong to? Link. Link. Link. Link.


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