Understanding Israeli worldwide flim-flam, flip-flop politics

Here’s a great example of benign political propaganda at it’s best. What’s happened is that Communist China, who are currently invading Africa, thus the mass exodus from there into Europe, America, Canada and Australia. So, in Kenya, the first rail line has opened in over 100 years. Link. This is touted as being funded by “China” which is really Israel-Communist-People’s Republic of China defacto. Well, where did the “Chinese” get the “funds”, some $3.2bn (£2.5bn), apart from outside investment. Link, link, link. China was flooded with money from the joining of the WTO in an attempt to draw the children into academia from the rural areas, basically 70% of Chinese are rural people. Now the figure of Chinese in the urban constructs is ridiculously high, and annexing Africa for raping of her resources for Israel was key to spreading Bolshevism.

Interestingly searching for links about Bolshevism as it is today is as blind an alley as it is to find the source of Jewish money that everyone uses today. There is one book, called “How Russia shaped the Modern World: From Art to Anti-Semitism and from Ballet to Bolshevism. Of all the things that Mother Russia was known for under Communist rule, is it not amazing Anti-Semitism is placed on the list. That’s yet another example of the coding system, in plain sight, that the elusive obvious Jew uses to give the nod for the chutzpah in publications published. Link. Yet another baby for the Jewish media control to handle.

Here’s yet another despicable reference to a Jewish practice, this time blood lust. Link. And if you think the Jews aren’t active in the NHS, then you need to get your skates on over to here. Link. Yes another Jewish surprise is that at this level of reporting it is not a thing that will be pushed by the Jewish media, even though I can find Jewish ran media links all day long on thee types of stories, putting the dots together conjures up all sorts of cognitive dissonance.

The media is basically like a stick to a dog, one never throws the stick without a bit of playing with the dog to get the dog interested. All these tactics fall under the umbrella term of “Operant Conditioning“. Where would we be without our Jews misleading us, and keeping us in our places? Like Putin, what a patsy that Jew is. He’s done absolutely nothing for Russia, other than carry on the legacy of Bolshevism, and will continue to do so. This is wholly reflected in Trump now too. As Trump, the flump, enacts nothing of any actual value that will make the US a Nationally sustainable country. Even though it would be grossly obvious to a four year old that the US is wholly sustainable of it’s own accord.

In it’s outward growth, the US, with Israeli firmly attached at the rear, is promoting annexation after annexation by way of media propaganda. It’s a virtual propaganda war currently being waged. Bellum Agunt. You may ask how, and it’s a good question. Go and look up some definitions of words, and have a count of the different meanings attached to words. then have a look at this video and tell me it is not a war of propaganda, among other wars. Video. We’re not living in any particularly new time, as it is the Truth that is what the war wages on. Our defence of it, and the Jewish attack on it, we need to be more aggressive in attacking the Jewish narrative. Link.

Knowing the difference between what is what, and what is not I’m hoping can open doors to understand how the crazy mind of the liberal Jews, without conscience, serve up the evils they do for their advancement on destroying our societies.

The Jewish Question v The Question of God

Unlike the Jewish Question, as put forth throughout history with the Jews utilising their means to traverse from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, after inevitably being found out for their insatiable blood lusts as vampires. So God the ever pervading essence of nature and ultimate being in state rather than in conceptuality. The minds of men being easier to manipulate en masse from places of elevated sitting behind the highest, and most trusted, echelons of society. The hosts of God assembled on Earth in the ways that nature has brought them about, and the blending of them being forced or unforced. Link. Obviously it is not difficult to know the will of God when one is observant to God’s will. It’s a no brainer, nothing is missing in God’s tapestry.

This leads us to the Jewish Quest for asserting their enjoyed dominant position as rogues, reprobates and pirates pulling all the strings, causing confusion and mistrust. Why would it be easy to know where the Jew is navigating, other than where God is pointing the finger of their navigating, which is why Jews hate God. A Jew is always looking to subvert, and substitute by surrogacy, an advantageous position to their bent and finding that they can by force, so they do. Murder, mystery and intrigue always being the favourite methods, as I’ve written before. But, what of God then, what of the flowers and the bees, the birds and the trees, the air and the water?

How did these things exist in harmony without being insured by the good old trusted insurance companies? What damage can be foreseen and forewarned about in nature, without interference by the Jew? By the interference of the Actuarial Scientists, who barely anyone knows about? Link. Imagine a life without need for insurance, would that affect the way you approach life on a daily basis? How to stop the sky from falling in. Imagine making things to the best level of quality, best functionality and with the best vision for posterity.

I myself see a place filled with love for everything, as then the liability of the ensuring of stuff would be held with the people on a day to day basis. There would be little to no laziness, as things would need to be looked after. The need for more of our own folk to look after our own things would be of great importance, and less of giving it all away, as the govt of today is doing, without our consent. As the saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” So what of our African friends, our Asian friends, why are they not jumping to our aid in securing the plight of the “refugees”? Maybe to understand our own way we need to look at the ways of others to help reflect back what our way is.

I’ll suggest our way is not an Asian way, nor an African way, in the large part at least. Obviously we all have tradition and rituals that suit our geographical positions, but what of the Jews? What of the landless hordes of Jews, who never mention the Jewish Autonomous Region where they could farm, fish, make great by their own hands and join together with the Nations in making the Earth a heavenly paradise, of course after they pay for their crimes. As is often, even always said about Jews, they are brainwashing their children to become the hideous creatures that their demonic book The Talmud prescribes. It is not that conscience is a thing that cannot be taught, it has been taught long and well and cannot be governed by others when known.

The conscience is that piece of God that dwells within. That which we can call upon to offer us sound advice in so much as knowing what is the difference between right and wrong. What if we are far wrong? Isn’t it like a muscle that needs constant working out until it has become a part of our own natures, for common sense sake? Who could question a Jew and what they have in mind? I’m sure everyone, even more than those reading this blog know the beligerence of the civil servants, as being misled by the Jews.

What if I was so bold to write a thesis of tenets whereby we could live a much more harmonious life? What value would it be in a Jew laden ppolitical spectrum, even if based on a wholly positive working model that had functioned perfectly soundly before? What of Ghandi’s passive resistance? Why are the people not utilising their number to lever by force the Will of the People on the cronies that are bringing alive the Wonderland of Alice? We are being held as Gulliver by the Liliputians, it appears, but when you have torn the ropes and look further on in the story, so you become the lilputian and the Jews as if giants. Yet, ridiculously this is all happening in the Jewish world, whirled, which has stretched forth it’s hand into the minds and souls of so many. So much so that it is forming their realities, and the continuos feeding of it breathes it life..

This is not a God given life, but rather a barnacle on the butt hole of humanity. Always blistering further when not being allowed to suck blood for it’s own existence, with scant regard for the host it has leeched onto. The defining point of difference between doing in God’s world and doing in the Jewish world, is the cost. The paying into that system whereby in God’s way, we pay by various means. We are not bound to be anything than who are naturally are, in God’s world, but that differs in the Jew world. We are mechanical parts of a death machine piling on more and more of the blood lusts of the Jews upon us as that any unwanted hemorrhoid would swell to be.

In God’s world there is grace and forgiving, in the Jewish world there are insurance agents, assessors and brokers, nothing more. I know which I choose to live in, and the Jew is getting in my way. That is the way of a Devil to stop another enjoying the presence of their God. The Jew is the Devil incarnate, but that does not remove God, but more proves God, but in the most negative way. It would be something without a Jew, that would be God in fact, and what a wonderful place Earth can be without the Jews administering every least little thing, not least a complete genociding of races to become the diminished from God Jewish slaves.

Just A White Whore in Jew Town

Not knowing anything about what’s going in my environment I decided to rebel against my heritage and tradition. I rebel with just gusto from the edgy fringe media that helps me make choices. In no way shall I see my White men as honorable men, so I’ll dress like a bull dyke and eat lady parts and maybe make love to dogs. This is my rebellion for a better world. The drugs I take are of no consequence, and the fact it’s all easy to get in society, is no reflection why I shouldn’t destroy my parents, because I am a rebel.


I’ll aspire to be the toughest bitch I can be, because I am rebelling for a better world where normalcy is not found. I will rebel with suicide and self-harm, because I cannot find another way to express and the media says that’s what people who are rebels do. I’ll go to prison instead of Church and I’ll pray to a non-God that shows me I am an aetheist, because that’s cool and fits the narrative that I’m following… REBEL! I may not know my arse from my elbow, and never done a hard days work, yet I’m rebelling, so don’t stop me, or I’ll hurt me. I know selfishness works as a weapon, so I’ll sleep with all the niggers and wiggers I can find. I’ll runaway from home and make porno’s for Jew boy’s, because I’m a rebel and that’s what rebels do.


I’ll find my own way, because tradition is unsustainable in the modern world, and you may find me dead in the trash, but I’m a rebel, it’s my culture. Don’t try to tell me it’s a path well laid out, because you’re not rebelling in the way that the waves of us are. It’s a dog eat dog world and I’ve been to university and got my education, I know Marx is right, because he’s a Jew and Jews are the ultimate rebels. I love anarchy and summing up everything in a line of cocaine, that stimulates my brain… to rebel, can’t you tell. Yet give me some heroin, mdma too, and I’ll rebel all night with 15 pakistanis before I left school.


I’ll never have children, unless they are mixed, those coffee coloured kids sure are a rebel’s kids. If I find that my nan, my mum or my dad, hasn’t paid my phone bill, then I’ll go mad. I’m pampered and spoilt, yet what do they care, nothing is right, I can feel it in the air. However I try, I always do wrong, know nothing, can doing nothing, not even a song. Everything’s crass and everything sucks, why do I never have enough buck$$$’s? Who will be my Prince Charming now, that I’ve rebelled, a miserable cow. male and female are genetically fine, yet man and woman are social constructs I find.


If I dress like a slut, and behave like a slag, then a good job I’ll get into the bag. Those who don’t the rebel yell, will fall under my deadly spell, ANTIFA is DEAD, LONG
LIVE ANTIFA, how else to get cash, it’s not like they’re all Jewish banker kids with an agenda, that’s you White Man, Black Man, Asian Man, you want to oppress me, but for the girls who want to undress me. Incredible sex I can have all night long, but till I’m 30 if I’m not dead and gone. It’s not as if I can even have even better sex if I try, with some man who loves me so much he wants to replicate me or die. It’s not my fault the world’s as it is, and it’s against that I rebel, cos I’m ahead of that quiz. No one understands me, nor wants to listen, as tattoos and piercings my body all over glisten.


Obviously I know better than everyone else, I can look out for myself with nobody’s help. You say there’s a conspiracy, well hell yeh. So why don’t you join the rebel call that definitely isn’t funded by the Jewish bankers, Rothschild, Soros et al? It’s not you who’s rebelling holding on to tradition and all, it’s me who’s ahead and going to the ball. There I’ll sniff coke, and laid by God knows who, and diseases I’ll get, but it’s common you know. C’mon let me show you the way unto death, we can all be drugged up Jewish pets.


It’s not like my life is worth anything anyway, unless I rebel, what a mark on society I make, in this hell. Don’t tell me the answers in rejecting it now, and tradition is key, and even have children somehow. I know I was right, the minute I was wrong, but don’t the Jewish bankers play both side… What, begone! I’ll never listen, I’m more arrogant than that, I’m just the price for one night of my shaven tw*t. So if you have coke, heroin too, then please just look back at the queue for the Jew. The Jew is God now, you can probably tell, and that’s why I’m as edgy as hell. No rebel, say what, I wouldn’t know how, so call me a taxi, how now brown cow.

Yentas All The Way Down

The very famous NLP book by John Grinder is called Turtles All The Way Down, and is supposed to be a metaphor of the giant turtles who know no limits when it comes to plunging the great depths of the uncharted oceans. The turtle being a metaphor of ourselves, and the oceans being a metaphorical unconscious mind. Judaism, as we know by their schooling systems that teach children Jewish supremacism and indoctrinate hate of all non-Jews by saying that every non-Jew, a Gentile, is “out to get them”. Thus confirming the hateful, fear based mechanisms of Judaism that are then grafted onto the host countries for ruling by minorityship.

kvetch 2

Every Jewish yenta is foul mouthed, brazen or non forgiving of a Christian who has an opinion. That’s fair, when judging on Jewish values, but as has been found time and time again, that Jewish Mystique just can’t help from showing it’s true nature. Link.


Imagine this, every free radical NOT slaving for the Jew, is now vulnerable as Jewish prey. Yes, there are just enough of them to feed on us, the Gentiles, so with any clean living society that has no rat problem, it is clean enough to keep rats out, because there is nothing for them to prey on. At the moment of course, the rats are ruling the ship as the crew are asleep. The women on board, and it’s said it’s always bad luck to have women on board, are not savvy enough to deal with the extent of Jewish mind manipulating tactics, as we know from Eve.


images (10)

The slimy sneaky Jews are doing their age old tricks. Tricks that we had no defences against since before the internet. It is going to take some will of our lady folk to also join together and scupper the plans of the Jew, for a better life for further generations. Link. As for the video attached on the last link, I’d just like to say that I’m not “Anti-Women” but I am Anti-Jews who are deliberately leading our women to their own demise and at their own unwitting behest. Why I’ve added it is to demonstrate the positions that people are feeling right now as we enter further into those Weimar conditions that brought about a glorious end to the usurping Jewish control.


When the rule of Anti-Semitism usurps the rules of any particular nation that hosts the Semites, then one need look no further than how Jews use every advantage to see who is at the centre of it.

barbra lerner spectre2

When I was in my late teens and found women and drink, some of the women I knew had hung out with the homos in the new homo quarter in Liverpool. I never knew anything about anything, being brought up in a traditional Catholic family of Irish/English heritage. Degeneracy and debauchery was still largely unknown and was something of the Upper Class Protestants, or rather the Freemasons, as it turned out. As it’s turning out now it’s been the Jews all along.


So, I thought I’d never been around Jews, but actually almost every film I was watching, with the invention of the dvd player, was Jewish. Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park with their Orgazmo, the whole Monty Python’s gig is all Jewish Chutzpah ridiculing Western values and civilisation. Woody Allen and Mel Brooks destroying every last piece of good in people through their twisted Jewish humour. It’s not that it may be didn’t warrant  a place in the cinema houses or on the shelves at the dvd stores, but the saturation and heavy advertising of the Jewish stuff far, far outweighed and still outwieghs any non-Jewish stuff.


I’d love to see the faces on these two when it’s explained to them what a producer and a non producer is.

Imagine my surprise in seeing that the harvest of liberals are all fighting for ends to democracy, when democracy has been wholly undersold through the Jewish lantern, the TV, or Talmud Vision. The kids who have these aggressive stance on a plethora of issues that they know absolutely nothing about, but won’t debate it, because the professor will mark them down. That could mean they won’t get a job at the NHS, in the Police, as Lawyers, all serving the Jewish way. Whoever could be behind the recent NHS cyber attacks… oh my I would never be able to guess. Link.



Imagine asking the fish in a fish tank who is the boss, and they pointed at other fish. They completely discount, in this scenario, the one actually in control of the substitute environment created for them to live artificially away from their home.


Yenta yellan.jpg






The Return of the Six Millionth Yenta. Link.

Judging Your Life By Jewish Values.


The fake Jew Pope looking as weird as ever, with Don Flump the Jew lackey currently looting America.

Did you survive the Holocausting of the Russian people in 1917? Did you survive the three Holodomors in Ukraine at the hands of Lenin and Stalin? Did you survive the Boer and Namib Wars? Did you survive the Holocaust of Germany where the Allies carpet bombed the whole place unto kingdom come? Did you survive Laos, Vietnam, Korea, the Falklands, Japan, China? How about the invasions of Kuwait/Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Grenada? With all of this holocausting going on, not to mention the drugland killing, the death and destruction brought about by diamonds and oil, central banking and arms trading. Is it any surprise that there is a line of consistency about it? One that pops up time and time again right in the heart of things when you find the time to look? And isn’t something that a drive on usury is more popular than exposing the Jewish blood lust?

barbra lerner spectre2

Basically a catch all phrase for pretty much everything as orchestrated by Israel these days.

Consider Mussolini enacted The Vatican as a single Catholic State in 1929, and Italy, and as part of the Axis Powers fell to the Allies, of Communism, in 1945, isn’t it obvious now what the Vatican has become?

VC 2a.jpg

Not only is the truth guarded by an army of lies, as yet another Jew lackey cold blooded murdering scumbag Winston Churchill declared, but the disinfo laid on top of all of that by CIA/Mi5/6/Mossad’s Unit 8200 operatives yet further distracting. Is it any wonder that those stacks and stacks of lies suddenly become top heavy by their own weight that the contrasting opposite is then much easier to read? That contrasting opposite is basically simple living, farming the land, fishing the waters and navigating the airs. Not rocket science doesn’t exactly fit here, ironically, rocket science is involved, but it’s not a closed shop rocket science that is a black hole of wasting money for the value of a few bad pictures that have been represented far better in Sci-Fi since a long time before “Space Programs”.


Queen Elizabeth II with Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin


Finding that the children are being sexualised for commercial use, homosexuality is becoming a more progressively political weapon, used much in the same way as Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism being the only term available without any clout to Anti-German, Anti-Eskimo, Anti-Pygmy or anything. Just Anti-Semitism is used by Jews as part of their Foreign Policy, as has been reported on here many times. Messing with word meaning has become a great advantage to Jews through their Holy Chutzpah, which is basic Judaism 101. It suits their DNA traits and they wish to conjure up more of it by exploding, and exploiting, waves of mixed marriages to bring about mixed children that have no strict allegiances to any particular one nation. “Division is our strength.” Mossad tenet.


So, whereas the leader of the Protestant movement, Martin Luther, abhorred Jews after defending their cause in Europe, he then went on to study their books. His book, written in German in 1543 was not translated into English until 1948/9. And there are no known versions in Spanish, or as I’m aware other Latin based languages, or in Norwegian, and I’d wager not in other Scandinavian languages. That being said, I very much doubt the book has been translated into any other languages, other than English or German. It is freely available on the net, and also there are some audio books available too. I’d read somewhere that it was sold in America under the title “On Jews and Their Lives”, but this is not the correct title, and I can’t find reference to it. The correct title is in fact “On Jews and Their Lies” this is confirmed and verified when one takes the time to read through the short 83 pages that layout from first hand experience, by a non-Jew, what Jews are doing.

lutheran js


Every single last detail now we must audit and account for. Like a printer we must check every letter in every line, every punctuation mark that it is correctly emphasising. I myself have been in a Court Case that I won, where just one letter within a particular word meant the difference between me losing the case and winning the case. This was a case against the DVLA, the equivalent body as the DMV of America. When I pointed to the letter I had received and showed the Clerk, he took it in amazement and showed it to the magistrates, who then eventually passed it onto Crown, where it was supposed to be.

It actually wasn’t supposed to be in Crown at all, except that day it was due to be heard in the Crown Court here, but the address I’d got, and was listed there also, was for it to be heard in the Magistrates. I’m explaining this small case as to how the seeming incompetence can cause strife and upheaval by the hand that rules the Courts, at their whim, and all without recompense to my time. Link. Of course, it’s all been a runaway train for centuries now, as described so eloquently by Dickens in his grossly understated Bleak House. Link.


When searching for a law firm, accountants or practically anything that is professional then Kosher, Kosher and Kosher will be administering their accounts in the background. They will be representing the interests of those companies at law. They will be running the councils, either by way of Freemasonry or just simply because people have not been bothered to be dealing in those politics, because it is saturated with Jewish activists.

antifa berlin israel

Our Christian countries now have been devalued, misrepresented, sold down the river and are now breeding liberalism into oblivion, all at the behest of the Jews. People think it is “trendy”, “edgy”, or “fashionable” to fall in line with the rhetoric that is sold as rebelliousness. But to their folly, the Jews are administering that, they want for it, it falls perfectly into that trap long set for the Europeans, who are the only people’s to kick them out consistently because of how they do business. Link. Of course the Jews will climb to the top of any nation, especially after they’ve secured it lock stock and barrel. The people come along as a bonus to be played with, and exploited to the hilt whenever possible. Link, link, link.

Considering the size of the population of the Jews, their influence far outweighs their positions of power. Whereas we may say, they are influencing this or that, in actual fact they’re outright running things as possessors. Whether you subscribe to everything they stand for is up to your own conscience, but more fool you and what care the Jews whether you do or don’t? Do you think you are going to set anything straight in the politics? Do you consider some friendly angel will fly down from heaven and grant all of your earthly wishes, especially based on a barrage of Judaism?


I suggest you think in terms of advantages and disadvantages, rather than in benefits and benevolence. Whereas cui bono means in (((English))) who benefits, in my years of using it as a baseline I have found it to be more poignant to now use it as for to who’s advantage, or disadvantage. (bear in mind the last link from wiki is heavily laden with Jewish propaganda.) In a quagmire of Jewish Chutzpah is a perfect advantage to the Jews, as you turn one way, there is Judaism, as you turn another, there it is again. it is like the island named Sarpedon, where at every turn Medusa may be waiting for you to turn you into stone.


This is real life and urgencies must be heeded. currently we are in an accelerating time that is geared toward our detriment, and to Jewish territorial gains. Unfortunately most people have a problem addressing the Jewish issue, because of Tavistock Social engineering practices in the schools, media and insurance policies that are worded in ways of advantage and disadvantage. Then it is 1000% up to those who are awake to the Jews to get as savvy as possible to share the right info, in the right way to wake people up to the coming holocaust that is inevitably coming as history dictates. Link.


The Anti Jewish William Shakespeare, the Great Bard.


Anne Hathaway, the beloved doting wife and dear mother, with William and their three children, Hamnet, Susanna and Judith

Of course one will wonder how Shakespeare can be anti Jewish without being an anti Semite. And, of course the answer is that Jews were not a Semitic people by land as at that time as they had no land of their own, but they are Semitic people by blood as now.


2nd version.jpg

He portrayed the Jews well in the Merchant of Venice, and the determining factor about that is that no harm came to Jew or Gentile. This is the true way of the European, and is an exceptional portrayal of an historic event where a Jew is trying to assert the Shetar.


Less about Jews, and more of a warning about their presence, as historically in Europe they are known as the well poisoners. Shakespeare had a point for his cause to write such beauty and it has become enshrined a treasure of English literature. His plays and sonnets are for the purpose of kindling love and romance in an England, and Europe decimated by the Black Death. His books are manuals for people to be successful and find worth in their relationships to the point of ever lasting love within a loving family unit.


How can it be that verses such as “Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?”, or “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day, for thou art more fair.”. Why would such demonstrations of affection touch us so deeply, without being so well thought through? From mere words in a play, into a mystique that was probably only seen by a few people in the Globe Theatre at the time of writing. Yet, all the while making England prosperous again, as well as better populated, and bouncing back from such horrors as the Hundred Years war, the Pilgrimage of Grace, the War of the Roses, etc, etc, etc.

No, the gift of the Englishman, Shakespeare, is a thing of such extraordinary beauty, for English People and Foreigners alike. It’s actually quite beautiful to hear the Acts spoken with an American accent, as this is probably nearer to the English accent of the time. Much has happened in England and to England since the time of Shakespeare, yet, like Luther, his words still ring with a sense of high fashion that cannot be discounted by none. Link.


Taming ofthe Shrew


I think it certainly worthy of note, that F Mathias Alexander had come to wish to be a Shakespearean actor. The man must’ve undertook quite a study of the works of Shakespeare and to warrant his travelling halfway around the world not to be one, but to teach an extremely healthy method of living that he purely, by his own account, derived from Shakespeare. What it tells to me is that there is a visceral nature to Shakespeare’s work, one that Alexander picked up, and I believe only through such arduous study would have done so. It maybe a side dish of Shakespeare to have so masterfully crafted a way to reach through the hundreds of years separating Alexander and himself, yet the message has been passed on.

I will demonstrate with some photographs what I mean about how the health aspect of his findings, which have come directly from Shakespeare’s Works.

Tis the mind2.jpg

His parents were the offspring of convicts transported to what was then called Van Diemen’s Land for offences such as theft and destroying agricultural machinery as part of the 1830 Swing Riots. Alexander also attracted several important new pupils, including the statesman Victor Bulwer-Lytton, 2nd Earl of Lytton who drew public attention to the technique in the Times Educational Supplement,[75] the initially skeptical writer Anthony Ludovici who went on to praise Alexander’s approach in a book,[76] and the industrialist Robert Dudley Best who supported the Alexander Technique, including the expansion of teaching to Birmingham, England. Link.

As this article is a tribute to William Shakespeare and I believe FM Alexander to be the greatest student of his work, then here are also a few more pictures.

Well done to William and Hail England!



At home with the Shakespeares.

Mossad’s Agent Assange is released without Charge

Oy vey! Quel surprise!



Gee, who would’ve thought Assange could be a shill? With all them thousand and thousands of years worth of leaks no even one sentence on a single thing about Israel, Mossad, 9/11, Israel did 9/11. Nothing about LIBOR, the Jew Bob Diamond, nothing. Nothing about mortgage frauds, insurance frauds, lack of policing of White collar crimes… Link.

I guess it’s business as usual then for Jewish Communists.

assange (1)



trump commi salute

I really don’t wanna go down the list again, please go through the blog for more info. Gracias.


The World’s biggest Whistleblower promotes the UN?

un jew

Thanks to Haaretz, or one of the Jew papers for this one, haha.

The “Chosen People” In The Swedish Media (Reblogged)

Here’s the link from the original source on the Zionist Report from Sept. 2016 Link.

Anyone who follows the media in Sweden can quickly realize there is an agenda being carried out en masse. This agenda, in short, is Cultural Marxism and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. And, anyone who deviates from this ‘approved narrative’ is deemed a racist, slandered, and publically shamed. An important question to ask is this: who is behind this wave of propaganda? The article below will answer many of your questions.

To illustrate this in detail, journalist Cecilia Hagen (cited on this “Chosen People” list, along with her employer — Expressen.se.) has recently called opponents of the Muslim migrant influx “human brown rats,” and called for them to be exterminated.


Pushed By the Media: “Swedicide”

“THE ‘CHOSEN PEOPLE’ IN SWEDEN,” Source: judarisverige.wordpress.com

There are about 20,000 Jews in Sweden and about as many Sami. Jews represent 0.2% of the population. The Jewish Bonnier family owns the newspapers Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, the Evening Post, Gothenburg, The (GT), Dagens Industri and even Swedish Filmindustri (SF), TV4 Group, AdLibris, Discshop.se and many other companies, particularly in the media and entertainment industries. See the entire list of Bonnier companies and brands. The Jew Peter Hjörne family owns the fast growing media group Stampen, which owns more than 25 newspapers, including Göteborgs-Posten and active in a number of other areas.



Carl-Johan Bonnier (✡)

Chairman and leading shareholder representative within the Bonnier family business.

marain kygukavfdzwiek

Marian Radetski (✡)

Professor of Economics at Luleå University. For a Jew from Poland Marian Radetzki is the Swedish language is not worth preserving. In an article in Aftonbladet, we learn that he wants to abolish the Swedish language and replace it with English.


David Schwarz

Social commentator and editor, an immigrant from Poland. With his intense and incomparable lobbying for migrants and minorities in the 1960s and onwards Jew David Schwarz takes a special position as the Swedish multiculturalism father.


Louise Epstein

Journalist and writer. Working on Swedish Radio’s editorial culture.


Maciej Zaremba

Journalist and writer.


Bo Rothstein

Professor of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg.


Leo Lagercrantz

Former managing editor at Bonnier-page Newsmill.


Isobel Hadley Kamptz

Working as a columnist at the New Magazines and is also a freelance writer. She has previously written on the Dagens Nyheter and Expressen cultural and editorials. Furthermore, she has been known as a blogger and participated in 8 TV’s Studio Virtanen together with the Jewish and Zionist Bonnier figure Leo Lagercrantz. Hadley Kamptz, who describes himself as pro- “Israeli” and previously studied Hebrew, reacts in Expressen (12 Feb 2011) David Cameron’s recent initiative on multiculturalism. She proposes a new, radical solution to the problems of multiculturalism – “tolerance”


Göran Rosenberg

Standing columnist for the Daily News. Rosenberg has argued that Jews have often propagated multiculturalism and immigration in their non-Jewish host countries because it benefits them as a group. He said that “the European Jewry’s future depends on our ability to shape a multicultural society”.


Robert Aschberg

Journalist and TV producer. Publisher of Swedish hostile Expo, formerly active in the Communist SKP. His grandfather, banker Olof Aschberg, financed the Bolsheviks in Russia and stole Christian icons.


Helle Klein

Journalist and priest in the Swedish Church.


Ricki Neuman

Journalist. Has the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet concern over racial mixing with non-Jews.


Kaj Scheuler

Journalists at the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.


Nils Schwartz



Lisa Abramowicz

General Secretary of the Swedish Israel Information. Rabid Zionist debater.


Naomi Abramowicz

Daughter Lisa Abramowicz. Has written for Swedish Israel Information.


Lars Epstein

Photographer Dagens Nyheter.


Clara Scherman

Purchasing Manager at TV4, daughter of Jan and Lena Scherman. That she swung a prestigious job on TV4, where her father was formerly the CEO is an interesting “coincidence”.


Stefan Böhm

Actor, director and theater managers.


Tomas Böhm

Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author.


Katrin Zytomierska

Bloggers with Polish-jew father. Admits that “the Jews own the Los Angeles” .


Arne Ruth

Works at Sveriges Radio 1968-1977 and as Head of Culture at Expressen 1977-1982. He was editor in chief and director of the cultural editors of Daily News from 1982 to 1998. In an interview with Arne Ruth on the Global Challenge and Expo seminar on “European nationalism” as he believes that anyone can “become Swedish”.


Pauline Neuding

Chief editor of the liberal magazine Neo and columnist at the Swedish Dagbladet editorial.


Emerich Roth

Social worker, author, lecturer and “holocaust survivor”. Known to schools around the country since the 1990s propaganda of the “Holocaust” and against “racism.” The initiator of the project Fryshusets Exit providing support to people who wish to leave nationalist groups and “develop a new identity.”


Ferenc Göndör

Author, engineer and educator. He worked for many years at the Swedish Radio as a sound engineer. He held many lectures at schools around Sweden, where he talked about his “experiences” from Auschwitz. According Göndör he received upon arrival at a concentration camp prisoner number A-6171 tattooed on his arm. He has written two books on the subject. Through the eternal nagging about Jewish suffering in Swedish schools create shame in young Swedes and make it taboo to criticize jew power.


Harry Schein

Engineer, writer, cultural figure and debater, as well as a bank director and the Swedish Film Institute’s founder and first president. Have had great political power in cultural matters.


Cecilia Hagen

Journalists at the Express.


Olof Lagercrantz

Poet, literary critic and publicist. As editor of Dagens Nyheter years 1960-1975 with primary responsibility for the culture he had a key role in the radicalization of Swedish cultural life that occurred during this time.


Magnus Uggla

Pop Star


Stefan Einhorn

Author and physician.


Ronn Elfors Lipsker

Talentless “Comedian”



Kent Ekeroth

Trained as an economist, and Zionist infiltrator in parliament for the Sweden Democrats.


Ted Ekeroth

Kent Ekeroth brother, Zionist infiltrator of the Sweden Democrats. Awarded in 2006 by the World Zionist Organization with the price Herzl Award for “exceptional efforts of Israel and Zionism.”


Avner Yonathan Ben Yisrael

Founder of the Jewish lobby organization “Swedish Jew Dialogue”. video that Swedish Jew Dialogue published on his Facebook page shows when Avner Yonathan Ben Yisrael presents a seven-point program to change the SD’s politics – to become even more projewish.


Paula Bieler

Sitting in the Women’s Association Board and is a member of the party for the Sweden Democrats. In an interview with the podcast forward field of view, she says that she is gay adoptions. Bieler says that the most important thing is that the children will be “a loving family,” not to have a mother and a father. When she talks about immigration, she refuses to use the word ethnicity, and instead of “peoplehood” she talking about “social community”. In the program, she says, although his Jewish father and how he was forced to flee from the “anti-Semitism” in Poland in 1970. She has for some time been strong disgust for the SDU .


Barbra Lerner Spectre

Jew and Zionist activist. Was born in the United States March 8, 1942, and emigrated to Israel in 1967 and is since 1999 a resident of Sweden.Chairman of Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, which was created by the Jewish Central Council. After 34 years in Israel, moved Spectre 1999 to Sweden when her husband Phil was called in to replace the rabbi in Stockholm. Spectre is also one of the initiators behind the lobby group One Sweden. In a report by the Israeli news agency IBA News October 2010 interview Spectre, who spoke of the Jews must play a central role in building a multicultural Europe:


Soraya Post

Appointed in February 2014 to the first candidate on the Feminist Initiative list for the European elections in Sweden in 2014. She was elected as a member in May 2014. The Post has not received his surname from a gypsy family, but according to his German-born Jewish father .


Dror Heimelech Fieler

European Parliamentary candidate for the Left. He is also chairman of the “Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace” in Sweden and the European organization “European Jews for a Just Peace” .


Lars Farago

Educator, jew activist and member of the Zionist organization Limmud. In a debate held Farago to a proposed appointment of nyckelharpa to the Swedish national instrument would hurt more than promoting and referred to:

“We do not want to repeat the passage of the national chauvinist documents, construct false images of a national culture that never existed.”

In a debate with the Sweden Democrats Mattias Karlsson on SVT in October 2010 expressed Farago perception that multiculturalism in Sweden have not received any support. In an article published in the newspaper Piteå-November 19, 2010 considered Farago that there is no folk or folk dance originating in Sweden only.


Henry Ascher

Member of the Communist Party (formerly KPML (r)), and set up for them in municipal elections in Gothenburg.


Ollie Wästberg (Hirsch)

Politicians (Liberal Party), journalist and diplomat. He is the coordinator for the Raoul Wallenberg -året 2012. Wästberg is Chairman of the stint (Foundation for the Internationalisation of Higher Education and Research) and the Foundation Isaak Hirsch Memorial. He is a board member of the Association for Swedes Worldwide (SVIV), Swedish-America Foundation and the real estate company AB Industrial Centre and the Etheco A / S. In just over six months in 2010-11, he was president of the Foundation Thiel Gallery. Previously, he was director of the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Consulate in New York, editor of Expressen, Secretary of State.


Erik Åsbrink

EU Finance (1996-1999) and head of Sweden’s EU membership.


Ulf Dinkelspiel

Minister for European Affairs (1991-1994) and head of Sweden’s EU membership.


Anita Gratin

European Commissioner (1995-1999) and head of Sweden’s EU membership.


Sten Heckscher

Swedish Minister (1994-1996) and head of Sweden’s EU membership.


Adam Cwerjman

Chairman of the Liberal Youth 2009-2012. Has participated in the Jewish Association Limmuds meetings.


Caroline Szyber

Member of Parliament KD since 2010. Active in the Jewish Association Limmud.


Leif Pagrosky

Member of Parliament for the Social Democrats.


Jan Eliasson

Chairman of the UN General Assembly in 2005-2006. Foreign Minister of Sweden in 2006. The Swedish ambassador in Washington from 2000 to 2005.


Ulf Adelsohn

Chairman of the Moderate Party from 1981 to 1986.


Gunnar Heckscher

Right Party party chairman from 1961 to 1965.


Alf Levy

Chairman of the Jewish Community in Stockholm.


Georg Braun

Chairman of the Jewish Community in Gothenburg.


Fred Kahn

Chairman of the Jewish Community of Malmö.


Lena Posener-Körösi

Chairman of the Jewish Central Council.

No Gottfarb

Pioneer in the Swedish refugee work. Known for his passionate commitment to the Jewish people, Israel and Jewish refugees. Helped to build up the Immigration Board and worked as an expert for the four immigration ministers. Helped found the United Israelites Collection newspaper menorah.


Daniel Sachs

Business leaders with an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. He is currently the CEO of Proventus AB, Chairman of TV4 AB, Artek Oy, BRIO AB and Nordic Broadcasting Oy. Previously, he was formerly CEO of Spray Network AB.


Robert Weil

Founder of the investment company Proventus, which finances the Swedish hostile Expo.


Gabriel Urwitz

Fd. Chairman and CEO of Gota Bank during 1989-1992. The financial crisis 1990-1994 in Sweden: * George Soros speculates on the Swedish currency, resulting in that we get an interest rate of nearly 500% over a number of days. * Gotabank crashes. The Jew Urwitz succeed in one of the worst banking collapses in modern Swedish banking history. In addition, he has been involved in the company Proventus, which finances the Swedish hostile Expo.


Mikael Kamras

One of the founders of the private equity fund Scope. Has been involved in the company Proventus, which finances the Swedish hostile Expo.Chairman of the Board Jew chronicle.


Pehr Gyllenhammar

CEO of Volvo 1971-1990, Chairman 1990-1993.


Olof Aschberg

Grandfather of Robert Aschberg. Funded the “Russian” revolution and stole valuable icons. Read more here about how jew Bolshevism was fundamentally.


Joachim Posener

Joachim Posener and his Jewish friend David Kollman cheated along the Danish and Swedish companies totaling 500 milion Swedish kronor.



Ingrid Lomfors

Trained as a historian at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Hebrew College in Boston and at the University of Gothenburg. She has mainly researched jew history and the “Holocaust”. She is married to Anders Carlberg, former president of the Jewish Community in Gothenburg. On December 18, 2014, she was named the new head of the Living History Forum by the government.

Under the slogan “Sweden together” bad government, with Stefan Löfven in the lead, the 800 people from municipalities, authorities, companies, trade unions and civil society. The meeting was that it would work out various methods to facilitate foreigners to establish themselves in Sweden.

During the Swedish hostile meeting in Münchenbryggeriet stepped Jewish historian Ingrid Lomfors up on stage to front of all audiences clarify his Powerpoint presentation that there is no concrete Swedish culture but everything is a consequence out of immigration.


German Losses Versus Jewish Gains


It’s not as if German people don’t like to share. If you’ve ever been anywhere and met Germans they’re always very kind, clean cut and courteous. Any Jewish person I’ve been around has either been the lawyer, the accountant, the pawnbroker, the realtor/estate agent, the landlord etc, etc, etc. The Jews, unlike the Germans, are not social people, quite the contrary. They’re very pushy and sly in that theirs is always an enclave mentality wherever they go.


Can anyone honestly say they know Jews as friends from social gatherings? Has anyone gained from Jewish nepotism for being a non Jew. My own massage therapist, a lady from Swedish stock had worked as a nanny in Santa Monica in California, USA and she told me that the family, she worked for, were Jewish. They were always trying to convert her. At that time I never knew the relevance of what she was saying, but since I’ve been looking at these Jews every day. It is more revealing and more revealing still, especially in consideration that most people think Jews are “just like White People with a similar religion”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jews are like a feeder fish, but not the sort that is in any type of symbiotic relationship, again, quite the contrary. They’re more a case of feed them or die. Like a cross between a raptor and a cuckoo.


Synagogues in and around Hollywood, California, USA.


One of the biggest, assumptions, I find, that we’re all born into in this era of the internet is that countries haven’t existed exactly as we know them today. Israel is the only Nation State that has claimed right’s to ownership, because all of the occupiers had forced their way onto what was Israel and Judah. Today the Israelis claim that they have the right to settle wherever they like on land both inside and outside of the Israeli State. This is well documented and there are many videos talking to Jews in these settlement areas outside of Israel, but protected, to a point by Israel. Link.

Obviously when under occupation, as they claim, then those few thousand years that have flown by and brought about a people that inconveniently live there now, the Palestinians. All after belonging to the same Ottoman Empire that took in the Sephardic Jews after their peaceful expulsion from Spain and Portugal via the Alhambra Decrees, which have since been repealed in these last few years. With the removal of King Juan Carlos, via scandal, from office and the new government in Portugal. It’s not a giant leap to see the coordinated efforts of Jews to worm their way into other people’s homelands during the three thousand years that they’ve been without a home.


Israeli Defence Force take down Goliath with a broken arm.

As for Israel being “the only democracy in the Middle East”, well how’s democracy working out for you in your non Jewish laden country where Jews are disproportionately top heavy in power and influence on your politics? How far does your voice reach in your country, with your people? In this next link I would like you to read down to the bottom and look out for this phrase specifically, “This is something that our children will remember and I hope will lead to our continued success.”. I’d like you to compare your local environment and future project a little into the future. Where you think it is going in 5 years, 10 years and 30-50 years. Is it all self evident that your children, not child, children, will be able to remember what you perceive as normal and part of your continued success? Link.


Among the stories we hear of valiant heroes, none have been as influential on man as Odysseus that great explorer. Who in the times of the wars with Troy came back to find his land in the hands of unwanted revellers. From there he set about working to rid his country and his people of them. As he encountered many obstacles that he overcame, so he was not going to be robbed of all that he’d fought for. Now with today we see America being Ithica, and the soldiers returning home weary from battles afar only to find those same Spartans looting the place and leaving everything bare. This the mark of Sparta, or Communism. It is from where the word sparse stems. Spartans are not a jovial people, they can be very much likened to what we’re seeing now brewing in Asia, large populated lands, China, Russia and India with depleted numbers of women. These boiling pots of testosterone being given publicly paid institutions to work for and within, at cost to the tax payer.

Institutions such as the military, army, navy and air forces, academia, civil servant jobs, all nicely tucked aboard the tax funded institutions on miserly pay. Enough to keep the wolves away, as long as you don’t go putting your head above the parapet. No, woe be tide you for having an opinion, even as many wrongs as you may see, speaking out would not be advisable unless you want what Jesus got. Link, link. Good lord and heaven forbid anyonw should rustle any jimmies. What exactly is so unpopular about having a conscience? Link.


With the flames of double standards burning ever higher so the phoenix of truth is bearing it’s mighty wings, and one thing that I’ve long wished to express on this blog is the plight of something that is massively left out of the history books, documentaries and pretty much anything in the public arena. What it is, is something physically twice the size of the whole country of what we now call Germany, but not in space, or under water or anything outlandish, but next to South Africa. It was called German South West Africa and is now known as Namibia. I will summarise, but it’s been a few years since I studied the thing, but I’d like to make this article to at least touch on it.


The South West Africa Campaign was the conquest and occupation of German South West Africa (Namibia) by forces from the Union of South Africa acting on behalf of the British Imperial Government at the beginning of the First World War. Taken from here. Link.

I don’t wish to be lazy, but I think I’ve given plenty of food for thought on the subject, and I’d like to offer this quick 5 minute video to sort of wrap my thoughts up on the whole issue. And that issue is that Germany and the German people have long been deprived by a Jewish occupying government in German South West Africa, so where exactly is the fairness in the Jewish intentions? Even South Africa of today is led by the Communist ANC, and surely it is written in stone by now that Communism, which is Capitalism, is Jewish. Link. I think I’ve done what I can here to redress the balance of the argument of Jews, that their God given right to the land they call Israel is long since undermined, not by my blog, not by antisemites on the internet, or elsewhere, but by their own actions in everyday living as a Jew.

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I’m hoping to do my next article on the Jews in East Asia. I’ve spent  about a year researching the topic, and here’s a little nugget of what to expect, and you should not be surprised that this outfit are literally everywhere. By their own admittance they’re available to every publicly owned university on this planet. Link.