The Finding of Facts and the Conclusions of Law.

The above title is the exact single purpose of a court. This Lawful Maxim is the binary account of the function of a court for bringing one, or more, claims or charges depending on the nature of the aspect. A civil law court will deal with just two things, in the main, apart from the family court, which is in the civil law, but is limited to family matters, or not as the reality reflects, but we’ll get into that as we go along here. The two things are contract and tort, anything else is not civil law. It maybe common law if it has specific things, and can be heard in the common law courts, magistrates. Link. Link.


Balance, fairness and protecting the weak from the strong is the doctrine of justice and for justice to be dealt there must be equality of arms. When there is no equality of arms then shame on the court, for there can be no justice. These ancient ideas have stuck with our societies through many, many millennia and they are but ideas, yet, they are ideas of substance for posterity. Much like anyone with vision would do to something of use then keeping out the kosher lawyers would be paramount. In tracking these privateers of wordsmithery we find that they have been kicked out of in excess of 100 countries.

It does make sense that where there are people looking to endeavour to create things of beauty, then the same people will be on watch for protecting their equity in what they have created, no? Why would it be so outlandish to actively seek people who have zero appreciation of the treasure that your family lines for past generations have worked daily to protect and where possible expand for good cause. Why would it be so outlandish that in an aggressive takeover, as we saw so many times in the finance world, in the 2000’s both after the dot com bubble burst and in the run in to the financial crash of 2008, should occur in real life? Link.


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