Critique by SR on “Forget Mandarin. Latin is the key to success” by Toby Young

SR’s comment about the following article is taken from a facebook post as a comment in reply to my posting of the article for a group to enjoy. SR’s comment struck a deep chord with me and I’d like to share, and hopefully he is supportive of my intent here.

SR’s comment: “A good article on the whole but I find it regrettable that the author concludes it with a financial argument: how much money someone has made allegedly thanks to Latin. Luring students to study Greek and Latin with prospects of financial wealth is the surest way to fail them and turn them away from the humanities. The humanities’ greatest wealth is not material, it is intellectual and spiritual.”

And the article by Toby Young you can read here: Link.

Here’s a sublime video on the use of Latin today. Link.


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