Market Forces Moved By Whispers.

If reputations were not the most crucial thing in the market, then the happy merchant, the Jew, would not be so aggressive in protecting it as an actual asset of most important value. How else can trust be built in a world where the non Jew, the Gentile, can be so easily pipped off by a cohesive shadow mafia conjoined by it’s blood lust and terrorist (Torahrist) activities. Who else but the Nesferatu is shown creeping in the night shadows seeking vulnerable prey? Where other than in an Israeli dominated cess pool would something like this be taking place? Link.


The Jewish fixation with horror stories spills over into everything they touch, like a Midas Touch for them as everything they touch turns to gold, and leaves nothing for anyone else to enjoy or benefit from. Of course pointing that out triggers the 6 million an all eyes turn on the persecuted on behalf of “The Jew cries pain as he strikes you”. They have it down pat having been brought up on it as much as the contrast that they’ve allowed us all to be brought up in a pseudo-Marxist “Free-World”.

Commerce is King, and the happy merchants know it, and the protective mechanisms to save us from the kosh of the Kosher Nostra have been well and truly breached, but this does not mean to say we have to do business with them. The fact that we don’t, and sharing this whisper is key to their chokehold on economies, then we simply must begin to choose those avenues, at least explore the possibilities of how it can be achieved. As with every Jewish Feast it is a macabre celebration of bloodlust victories over non Jews, even at the expense of their own.

If it was a sustainable and fair system then why are so many of the subversive and corrosive elements, even if they may be piggy backed upon under the guise of something they’re now not, such as feminism. That idea of equality in the society where it is laden with Jews throughout, and of course they will then get the platforms for distributing the “fair” message. Link.

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