Getting Your Head on Straight in this Jewish Inversion of Reality.

Most people haven’t fully worked out just how enveloped they are within the Jewish led construct where ZOG (Zio-Marxist Occupied Governments)$$$’s have replaced the will, growth and development of human potentials, which are great and many. They measure their worth on the values given to them and not on the values by their own assessments, in consideration of the ZOG menace looking to scupper any and all plans of Self-Autonomy and/or Self-Sufficiency. It’s going to get worse.


The problem I find mostly with people who find a modicum of solace for themselves to hang onto is akin to the saying about big fish in little ponds and small fish in great oceans. Well, Jews are sharks, barracudas, spineless jellyfish, octopus like and both floaters and bottom-feeders. Obviously above land they’re cockroaches, rats, snakes and prey on the weakest of society by making the society disjointed and weak. Customarily known as the “Well-Poisoners” they boast very splinter of well thought out arguments that are designed for one purpose only, though multi-layered in it’s application.

For example, I have grown up in a place divided by sectarianism, Protestant and Roman Catholic. The land of my fathers is similar to the land of my current residence here. It’s all the same solution required to the same problem. For example, I had visited China many times all through watching and enjoying the British link to Hong Kong and the links to my home city where we have the oldest China Town outside of China with the single exception of San Francisco. And that wouldn’t have happened except for the Californian Gold Rush in the 1860’s. It does seem odd to me how the Liverpool China Town and San Francisco China Town grew within a hare’s breath of each other though.

Once I heard San Francisco described, by a Jew, Mossad’s very own Richard Bandler to be exact. He said San Francisco is the asshole of America. He actually lived there and played a major part in CIA/Stanford Institute shady dealings back in the 60’s and 70’s. So, he lived there, so of course he knows what he’s talking about as he is that full of crapola! Now thought Liverpool is being turned into that same Jewish cesspit that San Francisco has elements of, Hamburg has, Barcelona, Thailand and most recently various cities in China, such as Shenzen, Beijing and Shanghai, not to mention the off-shore laundering house of Macau, formerly Formosa.

The main point that I’m trying to hit on is the fracturing of Nations for the convenience of the Jew hiding behind the political curtains of power and pulling the strings of everything that moves by way of little lap dog politicians who basically eat Jewish chutzpah by the bucket load. The land of my fathers is Ireland, and has been a fractured nation but for a short 3 years span during the Irish Free-State, which though not fully independent at least savvy enough to navigate through the Jewish British Empire system before being sabotaged by Devilera. Basically Britonic people’s have seen all this before and know and understand the Jewish template to a tee, which is why to say Jews are wholly criminal is a simple matter of fact not by Jewish standards but by Christian and Paganistic standards. Not ungodly standards that Jews live by.

So, Anti-Jewishness, which the Jews now have manufactured into “Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial” by blowing up the King David Hotel which housed the British Palestinian Mandate Governing body of the time to chase away their “liberators” and for the rogue state of Israel. Israel can only continue eating itself as it’s cannibalistic in nature, stone-hearted and guilty by it’s own silence. Link.

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