It’s “Never” Israel.

There’s a common thread with the conspiracy types… It’s never Israel. And, ironically, it’s always Israel. What does Israel do exactly, apart from cause trouble everywhere? Do people even buy their horseshit anymore? I mean, why would they? What one discernible thing does the existence of the rogue criminal hideout of vipers give us other than human trafficking, weapons trading, drugs trading, prostitution, dodgy land transfers and money laundering, to name a few? It gives us the lie of a fabled Abraham who was promised a land to set the standard of good spirit on earth. A land of fun with good order. A beacon of light in the supposed darkness, bringing in civility in order to take us away from savagery. The Israel of today is the largest smokescreen on this planet.

There’s nothing that any people would not care to do when allowed to choose beneficial paths for their own people. It’s a simple fact, and anyone past that point of harmonious existence is in need of mental assistance. Instead, with the “shining light of the current Israel” as the central hub of the world as we know it right now, then all of what is taking place lands firmly at their doorstep. With pushy insistence comes great responsibilities and those responsibilities are not unaccountable. They are in fact wholly accountable, as we see now with the balance tipping from a Pro-Israeli rhetoric around the world to an Anti-North Korea rhetoric around the world. I may not be the world’s greatest genius, but I know a pink elephant wearing a red herring when I see one, and so should you.


Look at these clowns glibly playing through the motions as they’re criminal mindedness anchors them into the Jewish Central Banking systems massive pay deals, that are unaccountable and run numbers far and away beyond the existence of such amounts of actual cash in the world. Link.  Again, yet another common thread is the aloofness, from the grass roots to the highest echelons, these phonies simply will not answer for their crimes. They are at it day and night, there’s not a single thing they can do that isn’t a crime, they’re that entrenched into the criminal system that leeches everything it can from the unsuspecting public paying for its own demise.

I think most importantly now what is happening among the masses around the world is that people have been stringing the links of authority together and always finding that in the offices that count, there are Jews, hordes of them. All mischievously working away in unison, yet under the cover of the scope of their fine tuned machines, their offices, that are well sculpted through years of practice to bully people “nicely” into submitting into things that they never would in a million years given all of the details of how then those unconscionable agreements are swiftly got to the bonds markets for trading on the hyperfast electronic bonds markets. Link. Link.

For many years people called me insane, mad, crazy and unstable. I didn’t care for that, I didn’t know about the tag of being a “Holocaust Denier”, which incidently is Israeli Foreign Policy. Link.  No, I understood Judaism to the nth degree, largely because my Nan, bless her soul, had explained to me from a very, very early age the deeper meaning of the stories of Jesus in the New Testament, and what wickedness was put upon him. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to go through what I’ve had to go through to share this message that I work everyday, and have worked everyday for almost ten years to spread.

In two ways, both obviously and amazingly once you start on this path it’s a bouquet of barbed wire awaiting you every single morning, as you can’t find work, you can’t get a bank account, you can’t go to justice for the law. You can’t do the illusions that people have been nurtured upon in an anti-nourishing rat run that has been well thought out, but very much appears to be running out of steam to fuel it. Why would it be so finely tuned if it wasn’t real? Why are people in denial of it as a Jewish conspiracy so terrified to debate it, or even look part way down the avenues that hold all the keys to actual good honest freedom and not an All Roads lead to Israel” version?

Like the main trigger of the “Holocaust Denial” scenario, what is that? What exactly is it? Why is it so fixed in the mind of every Jew to fiercely protect that opinion, and not be able to discuss it, or talk through it without having 7 hissy fits and literally having any who shows the least bit interest in allying with that narrative being ostracised to the point as described above that’s happened to me? You know, the psychology of insecurity really is a thinly veiled mask. It’s not a rocket scientists job to understand the practical application of deceit through lies. It’s something a four year old learns when hankering after a cookie, or such treats.

So the wool has been pulled over our eyes all over the world, that’s fine, now is time to bring on the process of moving forward in ways that serve justice on the criminals and lay the foundations of a brilliant and amazing future ahead. I think it’s quite cute how a whole tribe can all fall in line with a certain narrative and have absolutely zero conscience about it whatsoever. That’s not to say swinging them from lampposts isn’t the remedy, it very much is, and that’s going to be the only way to stop the terrorist in the political offices for once and for all.

I don’t think the majority of people have managed to grasp the beauty of the outcomes of doing away with the corrupted hive mindset that is cancerous fuelled by an entertainment system that is as demonic as demonic can be. I mean think of the sense and sensibilities that spring to mind of having good order. Having good working models that assure crop supply, in every quarter. Real co-operating between the nations and perceiving each others true values to help expand conciousness and enhance a sublime quality of life for each and every. My dad has a saying, “Many a mickle makes a muckle.” and that’s all it takes, slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

Just right now that monkey really has nowhere left to hide, yet has an out, but that may involve joining in to repay what’s been stolen by their hand. Even if it was just enough to make a starting point, I really do believe they are so far into the valley of death that they have no escape. Worse, it is where they are leading people, and charging us for the benefit of their misfortunes in that they are the damned. Link.

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