Israel is a Lie

“Everything you’ve ever known is a lie” that famous quote from the Jewish Cohn brothers movie The Matrix, made in Jewish Hollywood. And I say Jewish Hollywood as that is what Jewish Hollywood becomes more and more each day. From the runaways who seek their fortunes as a star in the glitzy clichéd lifestyle portrayed by Jewish Hollywood to act as bait for the disillusioned. To the drug fuelled “lifestyles” of the Jewish Hollywood puppets on a string. The whole set up is as contrived as the banker in the casino would wish it to be, hey, if the banker goes out of business, what then? No, casinos? Really?

I could take you on a trip any which way from the inception of the United States and the break away from Europe by a declaration of Independence, as a starting point, or from the arrival of the then expulsed Jews of Portugese Brazil who sailed into New Amsterdam in 1654 to trade their wares, loans.Even with the imploring of the then Governor, Peter Stuyvestant, not to allow Jews into New Amsterdam as it would be the ruin of it. Lo and behold it was more than that, it was the change over, when the British Navy arrived and simply took over and the place then became New York. Meanwhile back in Jolly old Europe, things had not been going so well over there as of course the Black Death had decimated the populations in unprecedented fashion.

In looking for a common denominator between events that, appear to me at least, to have Jews always, always, and again always at the centre of woes is some coincidence that as much as I would like to shake, the more and more evidence I find stacking up before me. I grew up not actually knowing any Jews whatsoever, yet the common word used by my childhoods friends was that it was bad to be called a Jew. That it meant stingy, or wouldn’t share their stuff, but would share yours. I could go on and on about this and that in any time or literally any country and find Jews involved in politics as the central reason to explain a simple consistent thread that follows Jews wherever they may be.

At the time of the Vietnam War there was great upheaval in the demographics as the baby boomers were booming all across America on the back of the “great victory” against the “Nazi’s”. This ratio of, what is tantamount to, a surplus in population, as we shall see, and the oh so convenient ghostly shadow of Communism hanging over every child’s head during the post war years helped to continue simple legacies that had existed all around the globe. These legacies I’ll try to outline from my understanding of things from a certain point in time that have enmeshed everything that Judaism has espoused to be as we stand now at the height of the age of communication.


It’s never funny how hordes of people die at the hand of the drug peddlers, yet at the same token the “great men” of the dot com revolution appear to have no answers. They are so great that they can somehow engineers hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars because of that mysterious way that they oh so cleverly climbed up business ladders, yet they just can’t seem to share that key ingredient that sets them apart. Why aren’t these great and wealthy people the teachers? What is it about humility that evades them so from being humble? Imagine a world without a particular hidden hand behind the scenes directing the monies as it serves the needs of those who control it.

What a calamity it would be should one of these many, many super rich billionaires swimming in money graced to them by the criminal empire of the persecuted. Imagine, just one billionaire with ideas and money to share. Not pie in the sky ideas, but workable notions of health related endeavours serving people away from the finance sector and away from the all important shareholders. Like, if I was an investor I’d be demanding these people stand down from manipulating market forces that put any pensions I have invested at risk. Where are the lines drawn? When is it that an investment advisor can be trusted to gauge the truth of the future?

Imagine this scenario. There’s a winning team, but you’re not it. So, you fix things to make it appear you are the winning team, even though you have zero traits of a winning team, and every time someone points those simple facts out, then those same people start finding difficulties in their day to day lives. Imagine you’re so great that you can’t even sit back and enjoy the spoils, because the destruction of those spoils for another’s benefit is your religion. Imagine you’re a cuckoo chick placed into another’s nest and see off the hosts that you may thrive and it feels good because you gave nothing to get all.

During the 1960’s there were a great many things happening and not least of those things was the Berkeley Revolution at Haight-Ashbury just as the Beach Boys and Charles Manson were collaborating to have their heaven on earth. Isn’t it amazing how the Viet Kong  thousands of miles away were more important to the US military than the cultural revolution taking place in their own back yards? What of the many soldiers children rebelling against the conservatism of a victorious America to be shot down from two sides, one in the Vietnam War, post the Korean War, and from the other side the Love Revolution espousing the ethos of the Frankfurt School’s Sexual Bolshevism.

Jews have been at the absolute ground zero of all of these menaces to a wholesome society, from Roy Cohn, the lawyer of Joe McCarthy who died of AIDS in San Francisco, to the lead singer of the Beach Boys Mike Love, from the shady pedophile film director and formerly alleged to be granted 50 years prison time for raping a 13 year old girl, but just managed to avert the authorities as he had done during the “holocaust”, to Steve Jobs the Jewish founder of Apple Inc. One thing I’m not seeing here is any unwarranted persecuting of any Jews, who are apparently eternally persecuted. Maybe persecution took a day off for these bozo’s? Oy vey!

I think in stringing the information together of the next two links the pattern that is emerging more prominently for me can do for you too, should you have got this far into this Jewish soup of shenanigans. This first link is how Jews in Haight-Ashbury created an icon of “Nazism” that was then splashed all over the face of America so that the “Revolutionaries” may tear it down in the name of “Love and Peace”. Link. Hopefully I haven’t dug myself too far down this rabbit hole that my words have become muffled as they surface, but bearing in mind what is proliferated in that book by Jerry Rubin and juxtapose it with the contents in this film depicting the rise of the internet kings, Steve Jobs et al and Bill Gates et al, and I’m sure you’ll agree that poor old Xerox do indeed get rather easily plundered. Link.  It does strike me a tad strange that one who would write such a book as this, link, amidst all the furore surrounding events proceeding thereafter should be so silent in the raping of Xerox to be foistered upon by our new champions of the computer world, who have nothing but LSD to trade. Also funny what’s written in the obituary of the late Sol. Link.

Now Apple Inc. has just announced it is in talks with the banks and “other payments partners” about making peer to peer payments available on their stuff. Link.

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