More Truth about Adolph Hitler

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I have literally grown up studying Adolph Hitler by default. Most recently I have watched a video on the Smithsonian site, where having to use detective skills and build up the picture from what is required to be omitted and what is required to be admitted, I finally came to a great conclusion. I will just give a little background to myself and my study techniques so that you can decide for yourself if you consider whether my method is of a kind that is thorough enough to make the claims that I’m about to make as I concluded from the plethora of study material that I have and dovetailing into what is being broadcast by this one particular video on the Smithsonian channel, called “Hitler Riches”.

So, here is the video of myself describing what I’d learned about the history and development of Trust Law in England filmed in the grand Hornby Library within the Liverpool Central Library, and then to the disused Courthouse in the bowels of the magnificent Saint George’s Hall in Liverpool. Link.



Above is the external view of the magnificent Saint George’s Hall of Liverpool, and followed by the very grand interior which is the Main Hall of the building. My family lived less than a stone’s throw from the location and there are also such other magnificent buildings there as the County Courthouse, the Liverpool Museum and the wonderful Liverpool Museum that sit facing the City of Liverpool’s only remaining park, Saint John’s Park. I’m sure you can agree they’re impressive and give good grounding for understanding what value such beautiful architecture can bring to a city.

Well, among the two things that I’ll highlight, as I’m very much a friend of the hearing both sides of an argument and obviously the main calling would be “Hitler, the most evil man in history”, and on the flip side we have another testimony, “Hitler, the most lied about man in history”. Taking these calls into account I sat and watched through the Smithsonian video, link to follow. Well, to something of my amazement,  the English Art expert, Peter Whetton, was flying the flag of “Hitler, the most evil man in history” until a certain point. It was most interesting as the techniques of his investigations seemed very thorough, then he suddenly says that of the thousands of Paintings that Hitler had aquired, he’d paid for every single one. He says he was extremely surprised, but all of the documentation correlated with an honest purchaser of art in the art world. Even in his face their was a modicum of respect that Peter’s passion for art was in fact shared by an honest buyer. He also went on to say Hitler had painted over 2,000 paintings, I have attached two of them here.

chiefs art

chief 14

Hitler died aged 56 years of age, not old, and had endured two World Wars, for which Germany had lost, in World War 1, in conjunction with attacks stemming from the Boer Wars. I did make something of a poorly produced video which youtube forced me to take down an opera piece that actually added so much more feeling to the message of what the content of the video was attempting to portray. You can see the video here. Link.

So, I guess I need to add the link to the Smithsonian video at this point, and hopefully you are taking into account the links provided, as they help, I hope, build up the picture that is forming in my mind as the conclusion as to what National Socialism is. I’ll just quickly add that in the video there are documents that are, unfortunately not spoken of further, but you will see them should you take the time to watch the video in full. What these documents are, as I have experience with banking practices and friends have told me what certain details within banking are, as they’ve worked as tellers in high street banks. These documents, I’ll wager, are the Bills of Exchange that were struck off for the benefit of the German People. You can see quite clearly as the narrator goes through them and says something different to what I’m about to assert. You will see they are ‘struck’ this line that strikes through them is like voiding, or clearing. It means it’s done, it’s struck off. This is what Hitler was doing, he was striking off debts and more, he was building a Germany that was a living art house. A walk through gallery that would raise the conciousness of Germans by it’s sheer beauty as environmental accessories.

I have travelled the globe, and have visited many fine palaces, and yet so far the nearest I find to what I have claimed above, that the National Socialists were constructing a country underpinned by beautiful art and architecture, is Seville in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Whilst walking through the centre, even with a friend who was from there, we both took in the impressions of the parade opposite the university and indeed the architecture of the university itself. There’s a certain acoustic quality that literally sings, or talks to the heart. I’d got to Seville as inspired by Andreas Segovia. Link. I also have been learning Spanish Guitar for about 4-5 years and now I find that historically speaking the music of the genre is a living remnant of a fascist Spain, as that is when Franco did much to unify Spain, even though he’d been somewhat duped by the allies post the Spanish Civil War, which some consider the prelude to World War 2, as it was the battle against communism in Spain. Link.

As I lived in Munich, which is where the Smithsonian video is largely filmed, I noticed a peculiar thing again once viewing it and seeing in the negative, seeing what should/could be there, but isn’t, through omission or just plainly through lying. I got the impressions from the many books that I read while living in Munich, with the sole purpose to find out more about National Socialist Germany. Well, there were so many construction projects to give people the best possible environment. I do know what I’m talking about here, as the construction industry is the industry I was trained and worked in. So, to imagine that the war crime by the three Jews, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, then it now makes sense what the scorched earth policy was. It was to do away with ALL of the buildings that were constructed under the National Socialist regime.

The above is the perfect example of how to see in the negative, the fact of the matter is ALL of the German villages, that were destroyed, were rebuilt in the German style, but not under the National Socialist policy of creating an even more soul nourishing environment. I’ve also travelled all over Germany, Hamburg, Cologne and even to Hamelin in the region Soeste, near to Essen. So I have something of a flavour of what Germany is against what it was becoming and could now be, had communism bombed every single thing that represented National Socialism.

I can give a further example of my assertion. As I grew up, we had, always had, a small figurine of a small girl being chased by a little dog pulling at her skirt tales as she ran with a jelly on a plate. It was, I asked my mother, when I was very young, what it was and why was it there on the centre of the mantel. My mother explained to me that her father, my grandfather, also called Peter, had brought it back from Berlin when he was a soldier. Actually the tail of the dog is missing, but the answer I got to my next question has stuck with me all my life. I asked what did he bring it home for, wasn’t there better things? My mother, as I recall said to me “It was the only thing that he found that was intact.” Well, with that, I guess I should post the very revealing Smithsonian video that I hope displays and bolsters what I have tried to convey here, and that you can filter through the usual narrative that is so outplayed in literally all publications allowed in this continuing Post-War era. So, here’s the good man, and the good people that surrounded him to fulfil a dream sparked by a will to realise potentials. Link.





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