Questioning the Credibility of Corrupt Governments, and the RICO Act.

If we have a neighbour, who we know deals in goods from stolen homes, in my experience those people are ostracised and always eventually sent to prison for a long time.Who would deal with such unscrupulous characters and expect to keep a good reputation in the community? Bringing the ideas of corrupt governments home, home truths, to understand them at the grass roots level, then suddenly we have names to faces, faces to ideologies and political factions to contributors. If we did not have the beauty of communicating via this internet that we have, then the same corruption within governments will continue.

As sitting ducks it appears there’s no actual way out from under this scenario, but there is. People, in general, have been kept out of the loop of what exactly Courts do in society, under corrupt governments. The Courts are there for the use of the People, this is the arm of government that clarifies on the law in everyday business. – “In truth the study of law, is in fact, the study of human history.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

We all love history don’t we? I mean consider, at least the parts of history that you do love. Maybe it’s musical history, art history, war history or history in general, there are surely some elements of it that you love. At the moment anyone and everyone who picks up a pen, uses the internet, reads a newspaper, etc, is engaged in creating the history of literature. We are in the age of communication right now, and this is a growing age, unprecedented in known history and the political history together with the literal history are combining to record that the voices of the People are now triggering something of a fashion. Link.  Obviously some are more fashioned just yet, but it’s always easier to play catch up, and no one needs to be some sort of drug enhanced athlete to cheat the rules here, the truth, as they say, will out.

What is all of this jibber jabber on the web, newspapers, magazines, tv etc, for exactly. I think in any society there’s always re-enactments played out over and over again as part of the traditions. Now, obviously the modern tradition of working beyond your means and spending it all on stimulants to make you feel good, because the infrastructure is wayward. Pile on top of this the influx of unwanted refugees, and I say unwanted, because no one wants to see war in their own countries, except for corrupt governments. Before for the West, giving money to the East of Europe was the major concern, link, now that major concern has drifted to the countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, anywhere that isn’t Western.

We have our privilege, even though we don’t, and the corrupt governments have the open cheque books, the secret nods and hand shakes, the Police, the armies, the banks funding it all, do we see the game for what it is yet? I wonder if I owned the banks and I was funding all of this corrupt practice in government how I would get on? Would I get blamed? Would I care? There’s obviously a bit to be taken into consideration, but the principles of the idea are very simple to understand, as is the counter idea to it. It is true that the youth of the millenia, the millenials, have known nothing but ardent corrupt governments, with an ever growing wave of communications systems springing up all around them. From their eyes they can see much easier than maybe people who have not been brought up on the technology before.

This considerable portion of society who by choice so far have chosen not to take up using the tech are finding that more and more the tech is reaching them, and it’s a wave that isn’t going to stop any time soon. For me the tech has given me great knowledge. This knowledge has mostly been in the areas or Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law/Contract Law and somewhat Constitutional Law, which is a combination of Trust Law and Contract Law.Link. Without these strict forms of law to govern over the Public and Private matters, then we have, largely what we’re getting more of now, Chaos! Link. Link.

So when people who steal X gazillion £’s or $’s using the banking industry and get caught to be given sentences like 15 hours community service and a job at the BBC, versus someone who finds a £20 note and gains a conviction. link. The case of the one finding the £20 note sure highlights the ineptitude of the lawyers, who, and I mean lawyers at large, are taught how to raise controversy rather than how to use actual law. This is why the law is kept in house, between the lawyers and the judges, the police and the jails, the security firms and the MP’s.

The Judiciary are largely to blame here, they are the ones who are paid so highly and given the most privilege above any, yet falter by never speaking their minds, because they’re not allowed to. Link. Imagine teams of judges making themselves known, standing for truth, fair distribution of wealth, protection of local industry, education and actual social justice. You can imagine the support and encouragement they would get. Sadly, this is not the case, and worse, the Judges have no idea how to run law, because they’re involved in a corrupted version of it. Why do I say this? Well, since 1970 the RICO Act, which touches any and all jurisdictions, was created by then President of the U.S. President Nixon. The history as to why it came about is very interesting, yet it has basically halted it’s thrust and where are the judges who could be bringing these actions against the corruptors of society? And don’t tell me there are none… there is millions and millions of them. Link.

I remember watching a documentary about Bollywood movies, and a director, who’s name I wouldn’t in a million years, said, “To view movies are to view the culture of the time.”. I think he has hit the nail on the head, how many movies now are demonstrating how to bring down the mafioasii behind corrupt governments? How many are following tredns in tech to demonstrate it’s use for the good? Link. Entertainment is supposed to be for the purpose of helping. Link. I’m sure people are getting the sense of the momentum that the corrupt officials are in the throes of, and that the more you look the further down the line the momentum is than it first appeared. Do people think it’s going to stop by itself, this culture, that it is something even that one is allowed to get off from, without going living as hermits in the mountainous valleys… somewhere??? Link.

Can the gravy train be stopped before it collapses everything around us by bringing in an unlimited amount of refugees from countries that are suffering war as funded by those that are stealing it from our countries? Link. My question is, how can safe haven be offered to refugees in countries that have ever increasing problems. Problems caused by the usual suspects who are on the take, and think it funny that they have easy to prey to thrive off of in their criminality. Elastic bands have ways of snapping back, or breaking and with all the rubber cheques being thrown around, that’s a heck of a lot of stretched elasticity to keep at bay. This is before even saying how a cheque is money of itself, and that the money used in circulation is not more than counterfeit in that it is as good as any other rubber cheque, but some have privilege, others not. It depends on the Synagogue that you associate with, either by proxy or other. But either way, what is criminal is criminal, and what is not is not. Link.

Ever wonder how some people don’t go to jail? Link. The jails that just happened to be filled with men, and not women.



How Israel is China, and China is Israel.

I write this article in answer to the following article by Scott Roberts, which is laid out in full, at the time of publishing, here;

Scott Roberts
 China, A Simple Outline:

-The Jews print money at will (giving them all the power, to do with as they please.

-With that money, they purchased (stole) the entire American manufacturing industry (we create, they corrupt, subvert & destroy).

-Then, they moved it all (our entire manufacturing industry) to China (this all happened right under our noses in a relatively short span of time, yet very few are able to recognize the obvious, even to this day).

-All the while, they tax us into slavery, and sell us back OUR goods, that are now laced with lead and other toxic substances (think that was a cohencidence/accident or the fault of the Chinese slaves on the other end?). Yes, this is just another way the Jews have poisoned us (and our children), which was just an added bonus for them along the way towards destroying us.

-In the meantime, they stole OUR technologies (all they do in China is reproduce everything we invent, discover, and create), our military secrets, and fund the very RED army they will eventually use to strike the final blow in our coffin, “justified” by our false “debt” to them. They have most of the American sheeple convinced that we somehow “owe” the Chinese, as they have engaged in a relentless propaganda campaign in China as well to convince them of the same ridiculous lie.

Wow.. What a scam these Jews have pulled off. Robbing us blind, destroying our economy, stripping our entire manufacturing industry down to the bones, selling us back OUR goods (which are now inferior and laced with toxins), and convincing the Chinese slaves on the other end that we are in “debt” to them. Of course the Jews have complete control over China (they funded the Communist take-over), so all that “debt” they created on this end, goes right to them on the other side (screwing us both coming and going).

Unless of course you “think” this was all a “cohenncidence” and believe that the Chinese somehow out-smarted us, swooping in and stealing everything on their own? I’d laugh at the very notion, if only the consequences of such ignorance weren’t so detrimental to our future.

To point out the obvious: these are OUR inventions and OUR technologies, nothing originally “Chinese” about ANY of “their” products or weaponry.. (what would they threaten us with if not armed with OUR military “secrets”.. bows and arrows?).

Do you “think” (((they))) are arming them to the teeth, with weapons meant to defeat the American military, “just for the hell of it”? Their military is built to destroy America (there can be no doubting this fact) and their propaganda is meant to convince them that they have the right to do so. All you are left to ask is “why?”, and once you take a step back and view things from the very perspective I am now outlining, that motive and their ultimate intentions should become painfully obvious to you.

Will you still “believe” the official narrative as the RED Chinese army is marching down your street? I bet the Germans of the 1930′s would have never imagined that American troops would be marching on Berlin just a few years into the future. Yet the Jews manipulated the Americans into doing just that, with relative ease and without their American “Goyim”/henchmen/patriotards/executioners ever knowing they were the ones behind the scenes orchestrating the whole thing. And I suspect the Chinese slaves will be even less inhibited by their morality or any of the bonds that existed between Americans of German descent and the Germans they invaded, occupied, and slaughtered.

This has all been done with a purpose, and your failure to see what is coming in the relatively near future will only make it that much easier for them to pull off yet another mass slaughtering of “Gentiles”. World War III and the slaughtering to come in the aftermath of it will make the prior World War’s, the Holodomor, and every other Jew orchestrated war, famine, and genocide pale by comparison.

Again, they are using OUR technologies against us… to include, in the not too distant future, the military technologies that were stolen from us. “Ironic” isn’t it? Or so it would seem, to a person who is unaware of the Jewish agenda and their usual modus operandi.


My response.
The Unions fought for better working conditions, well, you can’t get better than none. How can they get worse?

Former Chinese Premier Jiang Zemin, who, as far as I’m aware gave up the Premiership to concentrate on the military. That military now is most formidable and in the latest parade citizens of Beijing were encouraged to stay at home while the parade took place, or be shot.

images (11)

I watched a documentary recently on the Jews of Shanghai, who not only ended up in America, but ended up Black and millionaires, in America. It also said during Stalins purges on Jews 1 million jews came to Harbin in the north of China. Link.

Jews of China. Link.

When I was in Beijing during the SARS epidemic everyone not from Beijing had to leave Beijing. We were guests of the Chinese Wushu head coach Grandmaster Wu Bin, who told us he had to learn in secret during the cultural revolution, or face death. We were evacuated to a disused holiday camp, but on the way we had to drive through a huge military base. I swear most of them were shoeless and their army uniforms looked like rags. Whether it was a show I don’t know, but it was in keeping with the rest of everything, ie basic as hell. Now this, as bought for with US$’s. Link.

Jean Keating insists that Roosevelt hocked the gold to China in 1933. Link.

Red carpet for Communism? Link.

Chinese Investment in Israeli Tech Soaring. Link.