Freaking out the Freaky Jew, Pontus Stagling


So I posted my latest article, which is the one prior to this one, into various Facebook groups, pages and on Twitter as I normally do. I had been fronted by certain non Swedish Jewess in the Swedish group called Folkets Sverige. A group that is at least trying to bring some normalcy to Sweden on the back of the massive attack on their country, as they took in lots of Jews after the religious holohoax was pomulgated onto the world. Now that they have gatthered their strength the world over they have begun to push their weight around and try their usual bully tactics on the world at large. As the way they had secretly done for thousands of years taking down the leaders of Tribal Nations.

Unfortunately for Pontus Stagling, link, I don’t do that Yiddish Business, as many do not do, as they well know, which is why they came from the back door. Well, now she/he or whatever it is, a devil from what I can tell, is saying that pedophilia is something that people cannot not choose to do, yet National Socialism, she says, and I’ll call her she, because I think it fancies itself as a feminist and that’s a Jewish movement for women, so, she. She says people can choose not to be National Socialist, well, yes, if I’m an actor, and true Shakespeare did say “we are all actors” which I agree with, but my script comes from inside, from logic, reasoning and emotional intelligence, as well as social intelligence.

So, she also wants me to write in Swedish, basically because English is a big problem for Jews as it’s the only language that remains incomplete, and thereofre is a language that welcomes and even encourages creativity and imagination, which as we’re seeing with Jewish pets, the immigrants, under the Jewish charity flag of “refugees” and Jews themselves, they’re struggling to keep up. Language is of the DNA and they can cry all they want, English is from England, it is the langauge of the Anglo-Celt and Anglo-Saxon Tribes, and foreign to Jews.

So, while they’ve been busy with trying tofoister on us the French Norman, the magic os the English language os right at the very heart of the language and is basically Anti-Semitic Anti-Jewish by it’s very roots, which are from both sources of groups, Celtic myth and Celtic Crhistianlity and Saxon roots, with their links to the Alps and the Christianity growing out of it.

She is also, according to her page Swedish military, oh dear what a shame. Sweden is deep in the doo doo, and unlocking the shackles of the Swedish to help the many, many Swedish people who are Anti-Jewish, then that is a worthwhile cause, no matter how boring I maybe to her opinion.

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Goodness, if looks could kill… I can almost feel the love!

This is the way I “cannot imagine”

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