Cultures of Criminality Breeding with Cultures of Criminality.


The tiny world, as we’re all finding out, is a scale of balance between criminal minded folk, those who they lead and those who refuse to become that way incline based on ethics. Having travelled many a long road and met many a fine gent and lady alike, I find that the stranglehold over society is something that deserves assessing periodically, as one would service a car, or other vehicle of luxury.

Our ideas perhaps of what constitutes luxury items have become somewhat skewed by the torrent of electronic goods available to better our live, almost as if the pen itself had been invented and that inventor had met someone professing to put spoken word into a useable letter structure, like an alphabet. Boy, they must have been happy when they bumped into each other.

Like today, it’s the accountant meets the lawyers, so what concoctions would they be dreaming up between themselves in their jolly liasions when taking into account the aformentioned list of three types of people. So, one scenario maybe that they are both criminally minded, or have been led down that path and followed enthusiastically. Or they are at odds and find it difficult to share ideas and thoughts that contradict.Or, even they are both forthright and hold fast to the principles of accounting and lawyering and partake in no criminal activity, except where justice calls and justice prevails… imagine that.

Obviously your sides are splitting now with laughter of the thought of accountants and lawyers not being involved in criminal activity, but such is the sad state of affaris we find ourselves in. My question to you is what are you doingto be both accountant and lawyer unaffected by the blight of criminality that has been allowed to snowball since The Doomsday Book? Unofficialy we are lawyers and accountants, as much as we are cleaners, cooks, teachers, students and whatever else can be used as a label for things we do, that Officialdom uses for it’s Public Liabilities Insurances. Yes, Officialdom is a thing.

What can you do… for youself, for your family, your freinds, neighbours, township, fellow citizens and fellow nationals? What constitutes either of thos, and what harmony are either of you seeking to bring to balance for a better life experience and state of mind? What wrongs can easily be righted, what right’s dutifully must be protected? What are the common grounds for people to interact in ways that their equities are clearly marked and protected by those paid to protect them?

Yes, there are solutions, as there was language and a pen waiting to be married for that small event to tribulate into the monster that it is becoming by those wielding it. It’s so frustratingly basic that there is a looting going on, the list of methods is limited, but those facilitating it are an endless list and it’s not sustainable. Think Peter and the hold in the dam, it took the whole town eventually to get involved, but without Peter doing something about it, the dam would have burst, lives would have been lost and chaos reigned.

“All life can be alued by how much value is placed on death.! Jonathan Bowden speaking on Martin Heidegger.

If you liked the contents of this article and have the vision to take in what it’s pointing to, then you should very well benefit from this attached video that I highly recommend. You can find this video, which is on YouTube, by clicking this link here: Link.

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