The Homemaker: Our Generation’s Forgotten Woman

Great message.

the Feme covert


“The homemaker is the ultimate career. All other careers exist for only one purpose…to support the ultimate career.” – C.S. Lewis

Yo-ho yo-ho, the homemaker’s life for me! Why would a blossoming millennial chick want to be one? Maybe because it is the ultimate manifestation of femininity & influence. For a woman, the home is an artistic playground for any handicraft. It is a tender dwelling under her own expert supervision. By taking advantage of the modern creature comforts (thank you white men), she is allowed to be the commander-in-chief of her own realm of domesticity. She knows how to decorate & cook. She is a fabulous entertainer. She keeps the home neat & orderly & the dog, fish, & tarantula are blissfully happy everyday. I encourage you to bask in the soft, bronzing sunshine that are the elements of homemaker-ing. A woman’s life is to be celebrated apart from…

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