The Big Jewish Shanghai.


I’d like to start this article with the definition of the noun naivety

  1. lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement.
    “his appalling naivety in going to the press”
    synonyms: innocence, lack of sophistication, lack of experience, ingenuousness, guilelessness, lack of guile, unworldliness, childlikeness, trustfulness, simplicity, naturalness; More

    • innocence or unsophistication.
      “the charm and naivety of the early to mid fifties”
    • a naive act.

    And I’d like you to imagine for a moment how, for example, The British Navy was built on this method of, shall we say, recruitment. If you haven’t seen the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, or “Pirates of the Caribbean” for that matter, then you possibly won’t understand the principles of it in relation to what I present as a stack of further evidence of how sophisticated criminal thinking and an innocent country minded folk are two ends of a spectrum that generally the country minded folk would not, neigh, could not imagine being a possibility.

    These night crawlers who have haunted the halls of our aristocratic families since time immemorial have how to feed vanity down to a tee. Even in today’s society we see the dump of corruption being currently put on us, and every corrupt one is linked to Israel. That alone gives the game away. The part that is poisonous to society is the breeding of that criminal minded culture within the Civil Service. The reasons for this are like a spiders web. There is a certain one orchestrating events through the policy of the civil service, this then trickles down to the corporations doing business within the jurisdiction governed by that civil service infrastructure.

    One main example would be Council Planning, what a brilliant office to Shanghai for your criminal ways when you’re a criminal. Then obviously there’s the press. The press can be, and has been, manipulated out of all proportion since time begun. In fact even the English Civil War was a war over the press, and Anti-Jewish sentiment from the good people against the criminally insane Jews.

    Imagine Jews with a tick box, this tick box is Judaism, and the more they implement parts of it that they can infuse, then the further Judaism are societies Shanghaied into it . To put things into perspective, because the night crawling Jews always operate at arms length behind the curtains, and it’s basically a parallel universe going on in national and international politics, which is basically banking. I say it’s banking because politics is supposed to be there to govern where money goes and maintain law and order in the management of it, and to draft laws applicably from time to time. The perspective is, where do you, and/or where could/should you fit in the grand scheme of what Judaism is? Or are you of the mind that Jews have fully considered your place in this world and designed their Judaism to swerve you with absolute consideration so that no Judaism is ever touching on your life’s journey? Are you really that dumb(naive/stupid)?


    Without a strict adherence to the system, the system begins to fail. People govern the system, the system is only the outcome of what people do. Basically there isn’t a system, there are people. So, all these people who are saying stop the system, change the system etc, are in fact talking about the results of other people’s actions. The system doesn’t have a mind of it’s own. The system cannot move money, nor decide for itself for the greater good. No, there is only people who are in control, and at the moment it’s a smaller amount of people. The general term is 1%, well, the population of the earth is 6 billion or so, and the Jewish population is said to be 16 million, though I’d suggest it’s nearer 3 billion with having studied Jews and Judaism for a fairly long time now.

    What makes a Jew? One definition that I’ve clung to and exposes todays Jews as being nothing but phonies, is that a Jew is one who executes a contract, nothing more. I could theorise that the term has lost it’s true meaning through time, as meanings do tend to lose their original meanings through time and again back to the saying “Whoever controls the media, controls how people think.” Like, rape, the actual definition of rape is not necessarily the sex definition, though that has become very much part of the sensationalisation in the media. Rape this and rape that. No, the other, and possibly more original definition was about outright stealing, as rape was never a thing outside of Jeweyness the good people barely knew of the concept. Link.

    In some cultures, rape was seen less as a crime against a particular girl or woman than as a crime against the head of the household or against chastity. … rape as violence (principal wrong is the application of physical violence to the body, it is a physical harm – focuses on the body, on physical pain, injury)”

    The original version is for economics, economic rape, or other forms of rape, like wage rape, anything that stripes one of his or her dignities. This is why for the guarantee of dignity to be secured, as it is alleged to be, by the Constitution, then the political will must be there, and it isn’t, it i in fact The Big Shanghai. For a view of what Shanghaing is we need to look more at the naval history. Now if it is as I’m suggesting an orchestrated event, as it was back in the day then why wouldn’t a little bit of tinkering with the concept in order to upscale it, be just the ticket for a world take over? It makes sense to me, show me how I’m wrong. Link.

    These days in todays society you sign for your own raping, that way everything is legal and above board. By being given the illusion of choice, and the other choice being no choice, then the very things that are there for you are taken away and reduced for the robbers to extort from the Nations legacy and heritage. Most of the young folk don’t have a clue, and I’ll include women largely in this bracket because they, like the invading immigrant force, are all brand new to the workplace and… well, see definition at start of article!


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  1. An interesting thing about rape is that it was used to sully a defeated nations/army/tribes bloodline, all bar the Jew whos bloodline is of the Jewess, ANY child born of a Jewess is a Jew, ergo one can not rape the Jew out of the Jew…

    One has to wonder who then started this particular degradation..

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