It was never about Poland…

There’s a saying The Proof of The Pudding, is in The Eating. Now 70+ years on from the proverbial end of World War 2 the pudding that we are getting to eat is Zio-Marxist Politcally Correctness. Zio-Marxist Politically Correctness is a blend of Judaic ideology and Marxist political doctrine, and Marx was a Jew. Link. During the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, where Russia and Germany agreed they wouldn’t attack each other. The Bolsheviks under the unelected Shabbos Goy Stalin, who has a growing reputation of being Anti-Semitic. That claim is absolutely bogus, because he set up the Jewish Autonomous Oblast as a single State for Jews. Yet amazingly at the same time Jews spread all over Europe and to USA and Canada, and at least 10,000 of them arrived in Britain. Link. It’s also worthy to note that on May 2 1940 300 tons of gold from the Bank of England vaults, allegedly, left English shores bound to Montreal, Canada (See Note 2) “under threat of an invading Hitler”. Link.


Given this information now, how was it that tens of thousands of Jews managed to “escape” from the USSR, when under the “Iron Fist” of Stalin? They dispersed all over the world into key positions within foreign governmental infrastructures. It’s certainly fact that Mao’s China cut all ties with the Soviets for his Maoist Cultural Revolution just as 1 million Jews entered into Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in Northern China.


Mao and Kissinger in 1973.
Chinese Communist Leader Chairman Mao greets US Foreign Secretary Jew Henry Kissinger.

Isn’t it funny how Mao’s Little Red Book, or Lenin’s book, which was required reading in Leninist USSR, called Materialism and Empirio Criticism. Yet, in complete contrast Adolf Hitler’s foundational work for the political doctrine of a national socialism, Mein Kampf, is exactly refuted in ALL quarters as being the work of… I won’t even write it, as it is so apparent in the Jewish programming the masses have been subjected to, post World War 2. Another book by Lenin exposes the Dialectic Materialism spoken about in his other book and what Marx had brought to the table with Engels, where the meanings, literally the language itself, became the double speak that modern languaging is littered with. The book referred to above is called The Rights of Nations to Self-Determination. Bear in mind the above when taking into consideration what Lenin said about Self-Determination.

“For the complete victory of commodity production”, states Lenin, “the bourgeoisie must capture the home market, and there must be politically united territories whose population speak a single language… Therein is the economic foundation of national movements…”

Source: Link.

Moving swiftly on to the language that dominates from behind the scenes that everybody knows is the language of accounting. Yet somehow never puts it together in the jigsaw, and on top of that it is the main way of funding States.

Taxation and Accounting:

Taxation is actually a temporary measure, one that is perfect for those who can force it on others, and one they may not wish to give up so easily. Well, as we know off-shore accounting is at Disney levels of Fantasy these days. Much also is even not understood by the Tax Offices themselves, yet they plough it on the People regardless, and certainly a referendum has never been triggered to effect its instant end. The bookkeeping that foregoes the accounting exercise for the taxing is yet another black hole that is largely a thing that dare not be spoken, who enjoys talking maths? Link.

Moving swiftly on to Israel and how the convenience of this overarching system falls well into the lap of the Internationalists and puts their noses firmly in places where their noses are not required. Especially given the amount their noses like to siphon up the cash at unbelievable rates of what is tantamount to extortion, again without options to vote for or against.

What can we deduct, at this present time 11.1.17, the Holohoax Memorial Day, 27th of Jan. of any given year, looms with many Facebook and Twitter accounts being banned and/or disabled. Much can be said about the situation, but given that Putin has welcomed Jews back to Russia, and that Stalin had created the perfect place for them to inhabit. I find it rather vexing that non Israeli government around the world go to really extreme lengths to cater for the Palestine/Israel conflict.Further the Montevideo Convention, link, gives the requirements for that of a Nation to declare its status as a Nation State. Who in the past 70 years has even mentioned one iota of this, from either side?  Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States – Council on Foreign Relations. – Article 11. The territory of a state is inviolable and may not be the object of military occupation nor of other measures of force imposed by another state directly or indirectly or for any motive whatever even temporarily.

It arouses suspicions in my mind after having watched an independent documentary about the troops in Afghanistan, where when the message got through that the US Troops where to be pulled out, then out came the guns and gunfire began again.

Money is War.

In Judaism it can be said that it is a religion of peace, and as described in the 1934 movie House of Rothschild, link, where many things of historical fact are depicted. We see Mayer Amschel Rothschild in the Frankfurt Ghetto explaining to his sons that it is their duty, as Jews, to fund those who wish to go to war in order that it will bring peace. That’s an interesting take when given the money of today is debt. page 9 under the sub heading Categories and creation of money -“money is debt”. Link.

The big question I had to ask myself recently when debating a Jewess was, does Israel allow converted Jews, converted from Judaism to another religion, to have Right of Return. According to the wiki link that I looked at there had been a Supreme Court ruling in 1999 that Jews converted from another Judaism where no longer Jews. This takes us away from Judaism, Jewry or being Jewish as being a distinct race, and that it is in fact an ideology.

The significance of this I was to find out rather quickly, not only has the wiki page been changed, but now it says Messianic Jews cannot have Right of Return and they can apply only if their fathers or grandfathers were not following that ideology. So, when this Communist USSR collaborated with Britain and USA to destroy National Socialism as a contra-ideology to Judaism, we have to look back above at the quote of Lenin, who was a Jew, where it says all countries must follow the same language. Well, I put it that in this currency system that language is Accountancy. Link. Further, while Stalin may not have been a full blooded Jew, or anyone for that matter, the following of the ideology is the Judaism in fact. The term that has been used historically is Crypto-Jew, and describes such things as Sayanim, or Donmeh, or Shabbos Goy etc. These are groups of people’s following an ideology that is led by Judaism, is Judaism and cannot be separated from Judaism as long as the language is accounting in an international monetary system, which it is.

The idea of a National Socialism will conjure up that of black and white pictures naming Jews as victims of a “Holocaust” when the facts show, that the claim is gypsies, homosexuals and Negroes where all “exterminated” yet I’m at a loss where the pictures of piled up bodies of the same are depicted. Surely with the alleged insanity of the Germans would be a complete festival of pictoral art for the Germans to lust over, when contrasting with the many, many tens of thousands of their beloved leader were taken at the same time period. It’s a dogs dinner case brought by Jews to claim a horrendous sum of money on the back of that which appears to have no substance, other than their venomous anger, hared and insistence on their Noahide Law, another Judaic ideology, being carried out to fund the tragedy that the Jews administering the world currently are competently incompetently making a mess of. Link. (See Notes 3 and 4)

What can be done to shut down their assault on the world is anyone’s guess, but certainly the Jews are warning themselves about what their predatory nature will do by implosion, link, and that the past is not more than warnings to them about what they’re running away from. That is themselves, their ideology and the lies laid upon people who are blameless in fact.What gets me more is the utter lack of respect for anyone but themselves, unless they are raising their own profile with a crobarring lever of their narcissism.

What if each Nation could manage it’s own affairs? What if Jews were sent to their own place, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast without the facility of dual passports? What if the world actually took account for itself, responsibility for itself and administered the due punishment deserved on the Jews? what if people took a non attached step back to reassess the situation at hand, and considered facts in open debates, where facts mean something, and can sway the emotions to alleviate the irresponsible blame being placed where it does not belong? What if common sense prevailed?


1 Jews fled Stalinist USSR as from 1936-7, just when the remarkable events were beginning to happen for Socialism in the German Nation. No Jews, remarkable events begin to happen… hmmm

2 To get the full info on Montreal you need to get the book “400 years of Banking”. it is pictured on the link provided above.

3 Judea declared war on Germany March 24th 1933. Link.

4 Not one signed document has ever been found concerning any alleged killings by Adolf Hitler in National Socialist Germany. It appears in truth that the number of deaths in camps during the reign of Adolf Hitler as described by “Holocaust Experts” is in fact zero.




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