FBI Director on Dylan Roof.


According to the FBI Director Roof should never have been allowed to purchase the gun, as he had a drug charge, and this was enough for the transaction not to proceed. If I was Roof’s lawyer, which he hasn’t, which is also suspect if he’s been on particular drugs that compromise a sound mind, then I would be asking for the insurance details of the store. Interestingly the following article makes this discretion about the store. – Statement by FBI Director James Comey Regarding Dylann Roof Gun Purchase — FBI

April 16, the case was still listed as “status pending,” so the gun dealer exercised its lawful discretion and transferred the gun to Dylann Roof.- Link.

 It is a criminal case, so I’m not sure how the insurance would carry for that, but given the gravity of the situation and the FBI findings, then surely it brings into question the whole of the 2nd amendment rights when it comes to purchasing guns.

I say this as it is known fact that Blacks get guns illegally on the street. With an ever abundance of them for purchase by the Blacks, and now even “legal” purchases are compromised, then in killing the man, seems the most futile lesson, fake or not fake. The biggest lesson should be the management of gun purchases in the US. It seems like a ridiculous situation that only can occur when the lunatucs have taken oer the asylum. 
So it seems the FBI are the ones where the blame may lie, and the inefficient Court System to boot. Link.

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