Doing government from Social Media.


The Social Media Platform Explained.

The beauty of the system that we live in today is that it is a forum leveled for all to voice their opinions. The power of media as an instrument to shape society has long been known, and indeed at the very embryo of the seed/seat of Western Civilization, those societies growing out of Classical Greek Thought, were the Public Forums. These are the places that give freedom of speech their support, and the internet is that of today.

Moving along and scaling up to the organisations such as the UN, IMF, ECB, Federal Reserve Bank and we find that these institutions all have one thing in common, and not only them, but virtually all if not all of the Public Institutions are bona fide under the yoke of the Synagogue. This is a very important piece of the maze like puzzle that we find ourselves powerless to when it comes to decisions made for us without our knowledge or consent. Possibly the most outrageous is the UN’s Agenda 2030, which basically is an assault by the International Organisations on the Sovereignty of the Nations jointly and severally. Obviously it take money to do that, and like war and drugs there seems to be an endless supply of both, until something actually worthwhile needs funding, of course. Link. Link. Link.

In the last link it’s interesting to note that what went on in America during the 50’s there, is still now being implemented there and also now in Europe. Link. The world is a great big washing machine to launder the money created in Nations, out of Nations and into the International Markets, with the aim of keeping it off-shore and never to return back to those who created it. This causes imbalances and people are continuing to have to work more, for less, while the cost of living goes up and most lately the “newcomers” have everything laid on a plate. This plate includes special protection by the Police and their rules go… All because People have forgotten to raise their voices. the internet brings this platform, and the robbers, the Jews, Freemasons, the whole crew, Shabbos Goy, are very sensitive to the light being turned on with their hands firmly caught in the cookie jar. Link.

As the UN and other International NGO’s sit inconspicuously doing their thing as a sort of trawler net system that is answerable to the Commander in Chief of the whole operation, Jacob Rothschild. All of the intel gathered is geared up to be studied with the view to having those insured, Public Liability Insurances. These policies act as the invisible hand upon the shoulder of those who wish to pursue their own business enterprise, and as seen so often, forces them out of business to lose their homes and families.Link. The power to answer back is through Social Media, as it was with posters, magazines etc, the Internet allows people, even anonymously with fake blogs or such like. Here are some platforms that can easily be used. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.

Yes, there are lots, and there’s also lots of information available on the internet to draw sources from. True, things may seem a little daunting to start out, and as a support, again, there are tutorials available, for free, or I’m sure for hire. For me, when I first started I was shown by another blogger how to access and use wordpress, I had already been using youtube, here: Link. That iis the format of the videos and I add different sources and am linked to may different other channels of interest, that you can see here: Link.


Of course the Internet is full of snakes and they’re always on hand to bite you, but not all are poisonous, at least not as much as they may display, or wish to be. The fact they are snakes is the first port of call, they’re a snake, surely that’s easy to highlight, right? Sometimes, yes, it is very easy, and sometimes they will slither along with you, known or unkown, as there are so many with fake name and such on various sites. This is why an actual blog page is a breath of fresh air, like a safe haven where you can freely express to your hearts delight.

The best thing about snakes is, finding them out and pointing the lights on them so all can see. They’re working to templates, and as you go through the internet the patterns of those templates becomes more apparent. For example, shouting down arguments by name calling is a big one snakes often fall for. they never have an actual stand up argument, so resort to name calling and acting like a spoilt child. Most of us who see the importance of this endeavour are a long time past these scared individuals who live on vanity and have gotten comfortable in their positions within the Jewish matrix. Everyone has a weak spot, and collectively with the Jews it is throwing the light on them for what they do. There’s a saying “When you see a Rabbi, the crime has already been committed.”

People who don’t study Jews and what Jews do are often voiciferous in shouting down people who do spend years studying them. Their arguments always fail, because they have nothing, they have no substance to their arguments, because they never took the time to learn what Jews do. Name calling is not winning an argument, though closing ranks is a second tactic they use. Obviously the internet is basically the virtual street, virtual from the word virtue. So, in virtue of the internet, we’re basically on the street on the internet. this is a very interesting thing, because now the audience is our target, and when we have the cold hard facts the audience is won. . This can be a crushing blow to those who win by stealth, trickery and just plain robbery. We see that culture bred where it shouldn’t be, and the alternative, or opposite, not bred where it should, or can be.

There are a lot more of us than them, they know it, and it takes Public Opinion to sway the majorities. Right now the influx of newcomers is designed to create a new voting block that can carry the likes of Trump, Putin, May, Merkel and others of that persuasion. Link.

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