The Nordic Resistance Movement, so far.


It’s so great now that the Nordic Nations are collaborating and paving the way for the rest of world in bringing back to normality, common sense. Too far has the humour of the Zio-Marxists gone in their promoting of Anarchy, Internationalism, Globalism, Multi-National Corpocracy and those non natural disruptive and what is tantamount to downright evil ways.The Nordic countries, so long the wonderful land of Forests, Fjords, multiple islands by the thousands, symbiotic relationships with the nature, the sea, the ocean, the lakes and the land alike.

Their fragile eco-system has long be enjoyed for thousands of years, and of course they are sensitive to how their balanced and harmonious relationship with the land has made them rich, by feeding of their seasons accordingly. Most people know nothing of how the threat to Scandinavian existence is now being stared at fully in the face. And once gone, is gone forever. Everything they have done has been well thought out with good intent. They very much have my support and regardless of what the paid Zio-Marxists operative and traitorous minnions cry, they are the most beautiful of people, or why would the most evil of people’s on this planet not wish to destroy them?

You can listen to their latest update here via Red Ice channel. Link.

The Home page in Swedish is here, with other languages available. Link.

The Home page in English is here, please share. Link.

Hail Victory!

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